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Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort’s Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary – Second Week – Day Twenty Five – 10 November

Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort’s Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary – Second Week – Day Twenty Five – 10 November

Second Week

Day 25 of 33

From True Devotion To the Blessed Virgin Mary, Nos. 213-225
Wonderful Effects of this Devotion

213. My dear friend, be sure that if you remain faithful to the interior and exterior practices of this devotion which I will point out, the following effects will be produced in your soul:

1. Knowledge of our unworthiness
By the light which the Holy Spirit will give you through Mary, His faithful spouse, you will perceive the evil inclinations of your fallen nature and how incapable you are of any good.   Finally, the humble Virgin Mary will share her humility with you so that, although you regard yourself with distaste and desire to be disregarded by others, you will not look down slightingly upon anyone.

2. A share in Mary’s faith
214. Mary will share her faith with you.   Her faith on earth was stronger than that of all the patriarchs, prophets, apostles and saints.

3. The gift of pure love
215. The Mother of fair love will rid your heart of all scruples and inordinate servile fear.

4. Great confidence in God and in Mary
216. Our Blessed Lady will fill you with unbounded confidence in God and in herself – Because you will no longer approach Jesus by yourself but always through Mary, your loving Mother.

5. Communication of the spirit of Mary
217. The soul of Mary will be communicated to you to glorify the Lord.   Her spirit will take the place of yours to rejoice in God, her Saviour but only if you are faithful to the practices of this devotion.

6. Transformation into the likeness of Jesus
218. If Mary, the Tree of Life, is well cultivated in our soul by fidelity to this devotion, she will in due time bring forth her fruit which is none other than Jesus.

7. The greater glory of Christ
222. If you live this devotion sincerely, you will give more glory to Jesus in a month than in many years of a more demanding devotion.

Recite:  Litany of the Holy Spirit, Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Ave Maris Stella:

St Louis de Montfort’s Prayer to Mary: and the RosaryDAY TWENTY-FIVE SECOND WEEK- TOTAL CONSECRATION - ST LOUIS DE MONTFORT10 NOV 2018


Thought for the Day – 10 November – Christian, Remember Your Dignity by St Pope Leo the Great

Thought for the Day – 10 November – Christian, Remember Your Dignity by St Pope Leo the Great

Today we celebrate the feast day of Pope Saint Leo the Great (c 400-461).   St Leo is referred to by many names, including “Doctor of Doctrine” and “Doctor of Unity of the Church.”   He is the first pope to be referred to by the title “Great” and the first pope made Doctor of the Church.   His writings, unifying doctrine and peacemaking, continue to inspire and instruct us today in the ways of the faith.   Below, an excerpt from a homily, encouraging Christians to take heed of the joy of Christ and exhorts them to live in freedom and dignity of the Incarnation!

Christian, Remember Your Dignity!

Dearly beloved, today our Saviour is born, let us rejoice.   Sadness should have no place on the birthday of life.   The fear of death has been swallowed up; life brings us joy with the promise of eternal happiness.
No one is shut out from this joy, all share the same reason for rejoicing.   Our Lord, victor over sin and death, finding no man free from sin, came to free us all.   Let the saint rejoice as he sees the palm of victory at hand.   Let the sinner be glad as he receives the offer of forgiveness.   Let the pagan take courage as he is summoned to life.
In the fullness of time, chosen in the unfathomable depths of God’s wisdom, the Son of God took for Himself our common humanity in order to reconcile it with its creator.   He came to overthrow the devil, the origin of death, in that very nature by which He had overthrown mankind.
And so at the birth of our Lord the angels sing in joy – Glory to God in the highest and they proclaim peace to men of good will as they see the heavenly Jerusalem being built from all the nations of the world.   When the angels on high are so exultant at this marvellous work of God’s goodness, what joy should it not bring to the lowly hearts of men?
Beloved, let us give thanks to God the Father, through His Son, in the Holy Spirit, because in His great love for us He took pity on us and when we were dead in our sins He brought us to life with Christ, so that in Him we might be a new creation.   Let us throw off our old nature and all its ways and, as we have come to birth in Christ, let us renounce the works of the flesh.
Christian, remember your dignity and now that you share in God’s own nature, do not return by sin to your former base condition   Bear in mind who is your head and of whose body you are a member.   Do not forget that you have been rescued from the power of darkness and brought into the light of God’s kingdom.
Through the sacrament of baptism you have become a temple of the Holy Spirit.   Do not drive away so great a guest by evil conduct and become again a slave to the devil, for your liberty was bought by the blood of Christ.

St Pope Leo the Great, Pray for Us!st pope leo the great pray for us 10 nov 2018


Quote/s of the Day – 10 November – The Memorial of St Pope Leo the Great (c 400-461) Doctor of the Church and St Andrew Avellino CR (1521 – 1608)

Quote/s of the Day – 10 November – The Memorial of St Pope Leo the Great (c 400-461) Doctor of the Church and St Andrew Avellino CR (1521 – 1608)

“By Baptism we are made flesh of the Crucified.”

“The cross of Christ is the true ground
and chief cause of Christian hope.”

“Let no one be ashamed of the cross
by which Christ has redeemed the world.
None of us must be afraid to suffer
for the sake of justice or doubt the
fulfilment of the promises,
for it is through toil that we come to rest
and through death that we pass to life.”by-baptism-st-leo-the-great-quotes-on-the-cross-10-nov-2018

“Our sharing in the Body and Blood of Christ
has no other purpose than to transform us
into that which we receive.”our sharing int he body and blood - st pope leo the great 10 nov 2018

“He that sees another in error
and endeavours not to correct it,
testifies himself to be in error.”he that sees another in error and endavours NOT - st pope leo the great - 10 nov 2018

“The birthday of the Lord
is the birthday of peace.”the birthday of the lord is the birthday of peace - st pope leo the great - 10 nov 2018

“Beyond our grasp,
He chose to come within our grasp.
Existing before time began,
He began to exist at a moment in time.”

St Pope Leo the Great (c 400-461) Doctor of the Churchbeyond our grasp - st pope leo the great - 10 nov 2018

“One cannot separate
the most Holy Eucharist
from the Passion of Jesus.”

St Andrew Avellino (1521 – 1608)one cannot separate - st andrew avellino - 10 nov 2018


One Minute Reflection – 10 November – Today’s Gospel: Luke 16:9–15- Commentary by St Clement of Alexandria

One Minute Reflection – 10 November – Today’s Gospel: Luke 16:9–15 – Saturday of the Thirty First Week in Ordinary Time, Year B and The Memorial of St Leo the Great (c 400-461) Doctor of the Church and St Andrew Avellino CR (1521 – 1608)

“I tell you, make friends for yourselves with dishonest wealth, so that when it fails, you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings.”...Luke 16:9

REFLECTION – “Consider, then, the splendid reward for your liberality – an everlasting habitation!   O excellent trade!   O divine commerce!   You purchase immortality for money and, by donating the empty things of the world, receive in exchange an eternal mansion in heaven!   So then, you rich who have wisdom, apply yourselves to this business… Why let yourselves be transfixed by diamonds and emeralds, by houses that fire devours, time destroys, or earthquakes throw down?   Aspire for nothing other than to dwell in the heavens and reign with God.   A mere man, a beggar will gain you this kingdom… The Lord did not say:  “Give, be generous and bountiful, help your brothers” but: “Make friends for yourselves”.   Friendship comes about not by one gift but by long intimacy.   For neither faith, nor charity nor patience are the work of one day but “he who endures to the end shall be saved.” (Mt 10:22)...St Clement of Alexandria (150- 215)i tell you make friends for yourselves luke 16 9 - so then you rich who have wisdom st clement of alexandria 10 nov 2018

PRAYER – Lord God, You built Your Church on the firm foundation of the Apostle Peter and You promised that the gates of hell would never overcome it.   So too, may we trust in Your power, that by our faith we may receive the grace to withstand the enemy who will not prevail against us.   May we always serve You in our brother and may your Holy Spirit grant us the grace of fortitude to withstand our temptations and thus gain eternal life, supported by the prayers of St Pope Leo the Great and St Andrew Avellino, keep us ever faithful to Your love. Amenst pope leo the great pray for us - 10 nov 2018


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Our Morning Offering – 10 November – Mary, Mother of Grace By St Athanasius

Our Morning Offering – 10 November – Saturday of the Thirty First Week in Ordinary Time, Year B

Mary, Mother of Grace
By St Athanasius (297-373) Father & Doctor of the Church

It becomes you to be mindful of us,
as you stand near Him
who granted you all graces,
for you are the Mother of God
and our Queen.
Help us for the sake of the King,
the Lord God and Master
who was born of you.
For this reason,
you are called full of grace.
Remember us, most holy Virgin,
and bestow on us gifts
from the riches of your graces,
Virgin full of graces.
Amen MARY, MOTHER OF GRACE - ST ATHANASIUS - it becomes you to be mindful of us - 15 may 2018

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Saint of the Day – 10 November – St Andrew Avellino CR (1521 – 1608)

Saint of the Day – 10 November – St Andrew Avellino CR (1521 – 1608) Theatine Priest (Cong of the Clerics Regular of Divine Providence founded by St Cajetan 1480-1547), Canon and Civil Lawyer, Reformer, Founder of many new Theatine houses, Preacher, Spiritual Advisor, Confessor – born in 1521 at Castronuovo, Sicily as Lorenzo (called Lancelotto by his mother) and died on 10 November 1608 at Naples, Italy of a stroke. Patronages – against apoplexy or strokes, against sudden death, for a holy death, Badolato, Naples, Sicily, Italy.Antonino Cinniardi, Saint Andrew Avellino Intercedes for Piazza

After a holy youth devoted to serious studies of philosophy and the humanities in Venice, Lancelot Avellino was ordained priest by the bishop of Naples.   He was assigned to the chaplaincy of a community of nuns, sadly in need of reform, his intrepid courage and perseverance finally overcame many difficulties and regular observance was restored in the monastery.   Certain irritated libertines, however, decided to do away with him and, waiting for him when he was about to leave a church, felled him with three sword thrusts.   He lost much blood but his wounds healed perfectly without leaving any trace. The viceroy of Naples was ready to employ all his authority to punish the authors of this sacrilege but the holy priest, not desiring the death of sinners but rather their conversion and their salvation, declined to pursue them.   One of them, however, died soon afterwards, assassinated by a man who wished to avenge a dishonour to his house.avellino

He was still practising law, which he had studied in Naples, one day a slight untruth escaped him in the defence of a client and he conceived such regret for his fault that he vowed to practice law no longer.   In 1556, at the age of thirty-six, he entered the Theatine Order, taking the name of Andrew out of love for the cross.   After a pilgrimage to Rome to the tombs of the Apostles, he returned to Naples and was named master of novices in his Community.  Andreas_Avellino

After holding this office for ten years, he was elected superior.   His zeal for strict religious discipline and for the purity of the clergy, as well as his deep humility and sincere piety, induced the General of his Order to entrust him with the foundation of two new Theatine houses, one at Milan and the other at Piacenza.   By his efforts, many more Theatine houses rose up in various dioceses of Italy.   As superior of some of these new foundations, he was so successful in converting sinners and heretics by his prudence in the direction of souls and by his eloquent preaching that numerous disciples thronged around him, eager to be under his spiritual guidance.   One of the most noteworthy of his disciples was Lorenzo Scupoli, the author of The Spiritual Combat.   St Charles Borromeo was an intimate friend of Avellino and sought his advice in the most important affairs of the Church.   He also requested Avellino to establish a new Theatine house in Milan.

Though indefatigable in preaching, hearing confessions and visiting the sick, Avellino still had time to write some ascetical works.   His letters were published in 1731 at Naples in two volumes and his other ascetical works were published three years later in five volumes.Saint Andrew Avellino

On 10 November 1608, when beginning the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, he was stricken with apoplexy and, after receiving the Holy Viaticum, died at the age of 88.   In 1624, only 16 years after his death, he was Beatified by Pope Urban VIII and in 1712 was Canonised by Pope Clement XI.  His remains lie buried in the Church of St Paul at Naples.death of st andrew


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Memorials of the Saints – 10 November

St Pope Leo the Great (c 400 – 461) Father & Doctor of the Church (Memorial) – Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said that Leo’s papacy “…was undoubtedly one of the most important in the Church’s history.”


St Aedh Mac Bricc
St Andrew Avellino (1521 – 1608) Theatine Priest

St Anianus the Deacon
St Baudolino
St Demetrius of Antioch
St Elaeth the King
St Eustosius of Antioch
St Grellen
St Guerembaldus
St Hadelin of Sees
Bl Joaquín Piña Piazuelo
St John of Ratzenburg
St Joseph the Martyr
St Justus of Canterbury
St Leo of Melun
St Monitor of Orleans
St Narses of Subagord
St Nonnus of Heliopolis
St Orestes of Cappadocia
St Probus of Ravenna
St Theoctiste of Lesbos
St Tryphaena of Iconium
St Tryphosa of Iconium

Martyred Sisters Adorers – 23 beati: 23 nuns, all members of the Sisters Adorers, Handmaids of Charity and of the Blessed Sacrament who were martyred together in the Spanish Civil War.
• Blessed Aurea González
• Blessed Belarmina Pérez Martínez
• Blessed Cecilia Iglesias del Campo
• Blessed Concepción Vázquez Areas
• Blessed Dionisia Rodríguez De Anta
• Blessed Emilia Echevarría Fernández
• Blessed Felipa Gutierrez Garay
• Blessed Francisca Pérez de Labeaga García
• Blessed Josepa Boix Rieras
• Blessed Lucía González García
• Blessed Luisa Pérez Adriá
• Blessed Magdalena Pérez
• Blessed Manuela Arriola Uranda
• Blessed María Dolores Hernández San Torcuato
• Blessed María Dolores Monzón Rosales
• Blessed María García Ferreiro
• Blessed Maria Mercè Tuñi Ustech
• Blessed María Zenona Aranzábal de Barrutia
• Blessed Prima de Ipiña Malzárraga
• Blessed Purificación Martínez Vera
• Blessed Rosa López Brochier
• Blessed Sinforosa Díaz Fernández
• Blessed Teresa Vives Missé
They were martyred on 10 November 1936 in Madrid, Spain and Beatified on 28 October 2007 by Pope Benedict XVI.

Martyrs of Agde – 3 saints: A group of Christians who were tortured and martyred together in the persecutions of Diocletian. The only about them to survive are the names – Florentia, Modestus and Tiberius. Martyred c 303 in Agde, France.