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One Minute Reflection – 8 August – “Upon this rock…”

One Minute Reflection – 8 August – Thursday of the Eighteenth week in Ordinary Time, Year C – Today’s Gospel: Matthew 16:13–23 and The Memorial of St Dominic (1170-1221)

“Upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of the netherworld, shall not prevail against it” … Matthew 16:18upon-this-rock-and the gates of the netherworld matthew-16-18 - 8 aug 2019.jpg

REFLECTION – “This was the perplexity of believers in the old time, as we read in the Psalms and Prophets, viz. that the wicked should prosper, while God’s servants seemed to fail and so, in Gospel times.   Not that the Church has not this peculiar prerogative with it, which no other religious body has, that as it began with Christ’s first coming, so it will never fail till He comes again.

Nevertheless, for a time, in the course of single generations, nay, I may say, in every age and at all times, it seems to be failing and its enemies to be prevailing.   It is the peculiarity of the warfare between the Church and the world, that the world seems ever gaining on the Church, yet the Church is really, ever gaining on the world… Kingdoms rise and fall, nations expand and contract, dynasties begin and end, princes are born and die, confederacies are made and unmade and parties and companies and crafts and guilds and establishments and philosophies and sects and heresies.   They have their day but the Church is eternal, yet in their day they seem of much account…

Much there is to try our faith at this moment, who cannot see the future and, therefore, cannot see the short duration of what shows proudly and successfully now.   We at this day, see a number of philosophies, sects and parties, thriving and extending and the Church seems poor and helpless…  Let us pray God to teach us – we need His teaching, we are very blind.   The Apostles on one occasion said to Christ, when His words tried them, “Increase our faith” (Lk 17:5).   Let us come to Him honestly, we cannot help ourselves, we do not know ourselves, we need His grace.   Whatever perplexity the world gives us… let us come to Him with pure and sincere minds, imploring Him to reveal to us what we know not, to incline our hearts when they are stubborn and to make us love and obey Him honestly while we seek.” … Blessed John Henry Newman (1801-1890)
Cardinal, Founder of the Oratory in England, Theologian – Sermons on Subjects of the Day, no.6, “ Faith and Experience ”nevertheless for a time in the course of - bl john henry newman on the church the rock 8 aug 2019.jpg

PRAYER – Lord God, may holy Mother Church be our guide at all times.   May we never stray from the teachings of the Bride of Your divine Son and may she remain always in Your care.   May the prayers of Saint Dominic assist us in our day and may his zeal be our inspiration to always fight the good fight.   Through Christ our Lord and Saviour, with You and the Holy Spirit, one God for always and forever, dominic pray for us 8 aug 2019.jpg



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