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Thought for the Day – 17 August – To be full of God

Thought for the Day – 17 August – The Memorial of St Hyacinth OP (1185-1257) – “Apostle of Poland” “Apostle of the North”

The life of this thirteenth century “Apostle of the North,” known for his zeal for souls, makes him a great patron for our modern times, so much in need of young hearts fearlessly leaving all to proclaim the Gospel.   Zeal such as that of S. Hyacinth is the driving force of the Order of Preachers.

If we consider the Greek etymology of the word “enthusiasm,” which means “to be full of God,” Hyacinth comes across as a figure unconditional in his enthusiasm for preaching the Good News.   Born of noble parents in Poland around 1185, he was educated in Cracow.   On a trip to Rome in 1218, he met St Dominic, from whom both Hyacinth and his cousin, Ceslaus, received the habit of the Friars Preachers.   A painting at the Dominican Church of Santa Sabina in Rome depicts this event with Ceslaus lying prostrate on the floor and Hyacinth being clothed by St Dominic in the white robe of “the athletes of the faith.”   Within a few months of his reception of the habit, Hyacinth embarked on his first mission, sent by St Dominic to preach and establish the Order in Poland.

After unceasing labours and vast journeys, Hyacinth spent his last few months of life in a monastery he had founded in Cracow.   Although worn out and weakened by illness and fever, he kept watch in the service of God until his death by celebrating Mass on the Feast of the Assumption.   He was anointed at the foot of the altar on 15 August 1257 and died the same day.   Canonised over 300 years later, he was the seventh Dominican to be raised to sainthood.

How can we relate to this saint today and call on him to watch over re-evangelisation efforts carried out by the followers of Christ around the world?   The answer lies in Hyacinth’s fidelity to the charism of St Dominic.   This Polish Dominican responded without hesitation to the personal call of Christ, re-echoed centuries later by St John Paul II in the words, duc in altum (cast out into the deep).   Hyacinth followed Christ with all the idealism and fervour of his youth  . With trust, Hyacinth put the little he had into the hands of the Lord, who blessed and multiplied his offering, feeding the thousands who were converted, baptised, re-evangelised or inspired to join the Order of Preachers.

The flame that set the heart of this “Polish St Dominic” on fire to preach the Truth is still burning. T  hat flame is the Person of Jesus Christ, searching for those who will give their lives for the Gospel in this “springtime of evangelisation.”   In 1957 the Polish Dominican Provincial remarked that strong devotion to St Hyacinth was always followed by renewed activity and spiritual fervour among the Polish Dominicans, while a weakening in this filial dependence on his intercession invariably resulted in a far less energetic spirit among the brethren.   From his place on the Bernini colonnade at St Peter’s, Hyacinth urges us to assume our place in the glorious mission to spread the Kingdom of God.

St Hyacinth of Poland pray for Poland, the Church and for us all!st hyacinth of poland pray for us



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