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Thought for the Day – 13 September – Life to Me, means Christ and Death, is Gain – St John Chrysostom

Thought for the Day – 13 September – the Memorial of St John Chrysostom (347-407) Father & Doctor of the Church

Life to Me, means Christ
and Death, is Gain

Saint John Chrysostom

An excerpt from his Sermon, Before the Exile

“The waters have risen and severe storms are upon us but we do not fear drowning, for we stand firmly upon a rock.   Let the sea rage, it cannot break the rock.   Let the waves rise, they cannot sink the boat of Jesus.   What are we to fear?   Death?   Life to me means Christ, and death is gain.   Exile?   The earth and its fullness belong to the Lord.   The confiscation of goods?   We brought nothing into this world and we shall surely take nothing from it.   I have only contempt for the world’s threats, I find its blessings laughable.   I have no fear of poverty, no desire for wealth.   I am not afraid of death nor do I long to live, except for your good.   I concentrate, therefore, on the present situation and I urge you, my friends, to have confidence.the waters have risen but they cannot break the rock - st john chrysostom 13 sept 2019

Do you not hear the Lord saying – Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in their midst?   Will He be absent, then, when so many people united in love are gathered together?   I have His promise; I am surely not going to rely on my own strength!   I have what He has written – that is my staff, my security, my peaceful harbour.   Let the world be in upheaval.   I hold to His promise and read His message, that is my protecting wall and garrison.   What message?   Know that I am with you always, until the end of the world!

If Christ is with me, whom shall I fear?   Though the waves and the sea and the anger of princes are roused against me, they are less to me than a spider’s web  . Indeed, unless you, my brothers, had detained me, I would have left this very day.   For I always say: Lord, Your will be done; not what this fellow or that would have me do but what You want me to do.   That is my strong tower, my immovable rock, my staff that never gives way.   If God wants something, let it be done!   If He wants me to stay here, I am grateful. But wherever He wants me to be, I am no less grateful.

Yet where I am, there you are too and where you are, I am.   For we are a single body and the body cannot be separated from the head nor the head from the body.   Distance separates u, but love unites us and death itself cannot divide us.   For though my body die, my soul will live and be mindful of my people.

You are my fellow citizens, my fathers, my brothers, my sons, my limbs, my body.   You are my light, sweeter to me than the visible light  . For what can the rays of the sun bestow on me that is comparable to your love?   The sun’s light is useful in my earthly life but your love is fashioning a crown for me in the life to come.

It is evident, then, that if they had not seen Him risen and had proof of His power, they would not have risked so much.”

We have NOTHING to fear!

St John Chrysostom, Pray for Us!st john chrysostom pray for us.3.jpg


Quote/s of the Day – 13 September – Golden Mouth speaks

Quote/s of the Day – 13 September – the Memorial of St John Chrysostom (347-407) Father & Doctor of the Church

“Are we in poverty?   Let us give thanks.
Are we in sickness?   Let us give thanks.
Are we falsely accused?   Let us give thanks.
When we suffer affliction, let us give thanks.
This brings us near to God.

“What prayer, could be more true
before God the Father,
than that which the Son,
who is Truth,
uttered with His own lips?”what prayer could be more true - st john chrysostom his own lips 13 sept 2019

“You can call happy those who saw Him.
But, come to the altar and
you will see Him,
you will touch Him,
you will give to Him holy kisses,
you will wash Him with your tears,
you will carry Him within you
like Mary Most Holy.”you-can-call-happy-st-john-chrysostom-20-april-2018

“Since we are talking about the Body,
know that we, as many of us as partake of the Body,
as many as partake of that Blood,
we partake of something which is in no way different
or separate from that which is enthroned on high,
which is adored by the angels,
which is next to Uncorrupt Power.”sine we are talking about the body - st john chrysostom - corpus christi 3 june 2018.jpg

“Do you understand, then, how Christ
has united His bride to Himself
and what food He gives us all to eat?
By one and the same food,
we are both brought into being and nourished.
As a woman nourishes her child with her own blood and milk,
so does Christ unceasingly nourish
with His own blood those to whom
He himself has given life.’”do-you-understand-then-how-christ-has-united-his-bride-to-himself-st-john-chrysostom-22-april-2018-sunday-reflection1.jpg

” …It is ever thus; the more you envy your brother,
the greater good you confer upon him.
God, who sees all, takes the cause
of the innocent in hand and, irritated
by the injury you inflict,
deigns to raise up him whom you wish to lower
and will punish you to the full extent of your crime.
If God usually punishes those
who rejoice at the misfortunes of their enemies,
how much more will He punish those who,
excited by envy, seek to do an injury
to those who have never injured them?”

More here:

St John Chrysostom (347-407)it-is-ever-thus-the-more-you-envy-your-brother-st-john-chrysostom-13-sept-2018.jpg


One Minute Reflection – 13 September – “Then you will see clearly”

One Minute Reflection – 13 September – Friday of the Twenty third week in Ordinary Time, Year C, Gospel: Luke 6:39–42 and the Memorial of St John Chrysostom (347-407) Father & Doctor of the Church

“Then you will see clearly” … Luke 6:42

“O Lord, drive away the darkness from our minds
with the light of Your wisdom,
so that enlightened in this way
we may serve You with renewed purity.
The beginning of the sun’s passage through the sky
marks the beginning of the working-day for us mortals,
we ask You, Lord, to prepare in our minds
a place where the day that knows no end may give its light.

Grant that we may have within us, this light,
the life of the resurrection,
and that nothing may take away our delight in You.
Mark us with the sign of that day that does not begin
with the movement and the course of the sun,
by keeping our minds fixed on You.

In your sacraments we welcome You every day
and receive You in our bodies.
Make us worthy to experience within us
the resurrection for which we hope.
Be the wings for our thoughts, O Lord,
Drawing us lightly to the heights
And bearing us up to our true home.

By the grace of baptism we conceal within our bodies
the treasure of Your divine life…
Let us appreciate the great beauty that is ours
through the spiritual beauty that Your immortal will
arouses in our mortal nature…
May Your Resurrection, Jesus,
cause the spiritual man to grow in us (cf Eph 3:16)
and may the contemplation of Your mysteries
become the mirror in which we come to recognise you (1Cor 13:12).

Grant, Lord, that we may hasten to our true home,
and, like Moses on the mountain-top
seeing the promised Land, (Dt 34:1)
let us possess it even now through contemplation.”
Saint Ephrem (306-373)
Father & Doctor of the Churchluke 6 42 then you wil see clearly - o lord drive away the darkness - st ephrem 13 sept 2019.jpg

PRAYER – Lord God, strength of those who hope in You, by Your will, St John Chrysostom became renowned in the Church, for his astounding eloquence and his forbearance in persecution.   Grant that we may be enriched by his teaching and thus grow in sanctity, to follow the commandments You set forth in Your Word, Your Son who is our Saviour and Redeemer.  By the prayers of St John Chrysostom, may we attain the place You have prepared for us.   We make our prayer through Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit, one God, forever


Our Morning Offering – 13 September – Prayer Before The Crucifix

Our Morning Offering – 13 September – Friday of the Twenty third week in Ordinary Time, Year C

Catholic Time – Friday:  Day of The Passion – Jesus was scourged, mocked and crucified on a Friday.   Because of this, the Church has always set aside Fridays of days of penance and sacrifice.   Many countries still practise what has become known as “Fish Fridays” whilst in others, another form of sacrifice has been instituted.  In most places, the Stations of the Cross, are prayed on Fridays, as a standard devotion.

Prayer Before The Crucifix
By St Vincent Strambi CP (1745-1824)

Jesus, by this saving sign,
bless this listless soul of mine.
Jesus, by Your feet nailed fast,
mend the missteps of my past.
Jesus, with Your riven hands,
bend my will to love’s demands.
Jesus, in Your Heart laid bare,
warm my inner coldness there.
Jesus, by Your thorn-crowned head,
still my pride till it is dead.
Jesus, by Your muted tongue,
stay my words that hurt someone.
Jesus, by Your tired eyes,
open mine to faith’s surprise.
Jesus, by Your fading breath,
keep me faithful until death.
Yes, Lord, by this saving sign,
save this wayward soul of mine.
Amenprayer before the crucifix by st vincent strambi 13 sept 2019 a friday for catholic time

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Saint of the Day – Saint Maurilius of Angers (c 336-426)

Saint of the Day – Saint Maurilius of Angers (c 336-426) Bishop of Angers between 423 and 453. Patronages – Angers, fishermen and gardeners.

Saint Maurilius, closely associated with the early history of the church of France, was born near Milan, of an illustrious Christian family, around the year 336.   He was later drawn to Tours by the virtues of Saint Martin (died 397), who had built a monastery in Milan, where he had undertaken to form young men to virtue and sacred studies. Maurilius was among them but when the Arians drove Saint Martin, a stranger in Italy, from the city, he lost his beloved master.   He remained for a time as cantor for Saint Ambrose, bishop of Milan and Father and Doctor of the Church but after the death of his father renounced his patrimony and went to Tours to rejoin Saint Martin, there the Apostle of Gaul ordained him a priest.MAURILIUS-BISHOP-OF-ANGERS.jpg

He devoted himself to the salvation of souls, his zeal led him to a site near Angers where, by his prayers, he brought down fire from heaven on a pagan temple and afterwards built a church of at the same site.   Alongside it, he had a monastery constructed and soon many souls came to dwell in the shadow of the cross, thus forming the city of Chalonne.   When the Bishop of Angers died, Maurilius was chosen by Saint Martin to succeed him.   On the day of his consecration, a dove entered the church and came to rest on his head.

A few years later, a strange episode occurred.   During the consecration of a Mass celebrated by the Bishop, a dying child was brought in great haste to the church, to receive Confirmation.  St Marilius, not thinking that the lad was in danger, continued Mass but during this time the child died.   Maurilius was so grieved by this that he fled without advising anyone and embarked for England, where in great humility he took employment as the gardener of a nobleman.

His community and diocese at Angers were inconsolable and sought him out so diligently that they discovered his retreat.   He refused, however, to return as Bishop, stating that he could not do so because during his voyage he had lost at sea the keys to the Cathedral and had vowed not to return until he found them.   But see, said the messengers, what we have here, during our crossing a fish was cast up by a wave onto the deck of the ship and in its stomach we found these keys!   Maurilius obeyed the Will of Heaven.   When he returned, he asked to be taken to the tomb of the child and with tears streaming from his eyes asked God to restore him to life.   The resurrected child was given the name of René for this reason, which in French means reborn and he eventually became the successor to Maurilius as Bishop of Angers.img-Saint-Maurilio-of-Rouen.jpg

The remainder of his life the Saint passed in his habitual austerity and in great zeal for the salvation of souls.   When he had reached his ninetieth year, God revealed to him the hour of his departure.   Preparing himself with the greatest solicitude, he ordered his grave to be dug and after a short illness, gave up his soul to his Creator.   At his funeral, besides other miracles which took place, two persons who had been blind from birth received their sight and a man who had been paralysed thirty-one years, regained the use of his limbs, on kissing the coffin in which the relics of the Saint reposed.   Well worth considering are the words which the holy man spoke shortly before his death to those around him: “Ponder well,” said he, “that your souls are bought at a great price: the precious blood of Jesus Christ.”

In the seventh century, devotion to St Maurilius grew.   A biography of him was written by Magnobodus and, in 873, his body was transferred to the Cathedral of Angers, which had already been dedicated to St Maurice.   Two hundred years later, St Maurilius was frequently mentioned together with St Maurice as the patron saints of the Cathedral. Nevertheless, on 16 August 1239, the remains of St Maurilius were placed in a new urn but they were scattered in 1791, when the Cathedral was vandalised during the French Revolution.   Only a few small parts were recovered and they are now kept at the Cathedral.

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In Vouziers, in the Ardennes region of France, the Église Saint-Maurille (Church of St. Maurilius). was dedicated to him in the twelfth century.

In art, he is represented as a bishop with a fish holding a key or a garden spade.   He can be seen in one of the stained glass windows of the south side of the choir of the Cathedral of Angers and also, in the tapestries of Angers from the 15th and 16th Centuries, see below.tapestris st mauriliustapestris fish st maurilius

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Memorials of the Saints – 13 September

St John Chrysostom (347-407) “Golden Mouthed” Father & Doctor of the Church (Memorial)
Full biography here:
AND – Listening to Pope Benedict XVI’s Catechesis,
General Audience, 19 September 2007

Dedication of the Basilicas of Jerusalem: Commemoration of the dedications of the basilicas built on Mount Calvary and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

St Aigulf
St Amatus
St Amatus of Sion
St Barsenorius
Bl Claude Dumonet
St Columbinus of Lure
St Emiliano of Valence
St Evantius of Autun
St Gordian of Pontus
Bl Hedwig of Hreford
St Julian of Ankyra
St Ligorius
St Litorius of Tours
St Macrobius
St Marcellinus of Carthage
Bl María López de Rivas Martínez
St Maurilius of Angers (c 336 426)
St Nectarius of Autun

St Notburga (c 1265-1313)
St Philip of Rome
St Venerius of Tino

Martyrs of Ireland:
• Blessed Edward Stapleton
• Blessed Elizabeth Kearney
• Blessed James Saul
• Blessed Margaret of Cashel
• Blessed Richard Barry
• Blessed Richard Butler
• Blessed Theobald Stapleton
• Blessed Thomas Morrissey
• Blessed William Boyton

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War including the Martyrs of Pozo de Cantavieja – 11 beati:
• Blessed Bienvenido Villalón Acebrón
• Blessed Emilio Antequera Lupiáñez
• Blessed Florencio Arnáiz Cejudo
• Blessed Francisco Rodríguez Martínez
• Blessed Joaquín Gisbert Aguilera
• Blessed José Álvarez-Benavides de La Torre
• Blessed José Cano García
• Blessed José Román García González
• Blessed Juan Capel Segura
• Blessed Juan Ibáñez Martín
• Blessed Luis Eduardo López Gascón
• Blessed Manuel Alvarez y Alvarez
• Blessed Manuel Martínez Giménez
• Blessed Pío Navarro Moreno
• Blessed Ramiro Argüelles Hevia
• Blessed Sabino Ayastuy Errasti
• Blessed Teófilo Montes Calvo