Thought for the Day – 27 September – Serving the Poor is to be Our First Preference

Thought for the Day – 27 September – The Memorial of St Vincent de Paul C.M. (1581-1660)

Serving the Poor is to be Our First Preference

Saint Vincent de Paul
Priest and Founder

An excerpt from a Writing by St Vincent de Paul

Even though the poor are often rough and unrefined, we must not judge them from external appearances nor from the mental gifts they seem to have received.   On the contrary, if you consider the poor in the light of faith, then you will observe that they are taking the place of the Son of God who chose to be poor.   Although, in His passion He almost lost the appearance of a man and was considered a fool by the Gentiles and a stumbling block by the Jews, He showed them that His mission was to preach to the poor: He sent me to preach the good news to the poor.   We also ought to have this same spirit and imitate Christ’s actions, that is, we must take care of the poor, console them, help them, support their cause.

Since Christ willed to be born poor, He chose for Himself, disciples who were poor.   He made Himself the servant of the poor and shared their poverty.   He went so far as to say, that He would consider every deed which either helps or harms the poor, as done for or against Himself.   Since God surely loves the poor, He also loves those who love the poor. For when one person holds another dear, He also includes in His affection, anyone who loves or serves the one He loves.   That is why we hope, that God will love us for the sake of the poor.   So when we visit the poor and needy, we try to understand the poor and weak.   We sympathise with them so fully, that we can echo Paul’s words:  I have become all things to all men.   Therefore, we must try to be stirred by our neighbours’ worries and distress.   We must beg God to pour into our hearts sentiments of pity and compassion and to fill them again and again, with these dispositions.

It is our duty to prefer the service of the poor to everything else and to offer such service as quickly as possible.   If a needy person requires medicine or other help during prayer time, do whatever has to be done with peace of mind.   Offer the deed to God as your prayer.   Do not become upset or feel guilty because you interrupted your prayer to serve the poor.   God is not neglected if you leave Him for such service.   One of God’s works is merely interrupted, so that another can be carried out.   So when you leave prayer to serve some poor person, remember, that this very service is performed for God.   Charity is certainly greater than any rule.   Moreover, all rules must lead to charity.   Since she is a noble mistress, we must do whatever she commands.   With renewed devotion, then, we must serve the poor, especially outcasts and beggars.   They have been given to us as our masters and is certainly greater than any rule - st vincent de paul 27 spet 2019.jpg

St Vincent de Paul, Pray for Us!st vincent de paul pray for us.2.jpg


Quote/s of the Day – 27 September – St Vincent de Paul

Quote/s of the Day – 27 September – The Memorial of St Vincent de Paul C.M. (1581-1660)

“However great, the work
that God may achieve
by an individual,
he must not indulge
in self-satisfaction.
He ought, rather,
to be all the more humbled,
seeing himself merely as a tool,
which God has made use of.”however great the work - st vincent de paul 27 sept 2019.jpg

“Humility and charity
are the two master-chords –
one, the lowest,
the other, the highest,
all the others are dependent on them.
Therefore, it is necessary, above all,
to maintain ourselves in these two virtues,
for observe well, that the preservation
of the whole edifice,
depends on the foundation and the roof. “humility and charity - st vincent de paul - the two master chords - 27 sept 2019.jpg

“We have never, so much cause for consolation,
as when we find ourselves oppressed, by sufferings and trials,
for these make us like Christ our Lord
and this resemblance, is, the true mark, of our predestination.”

More here:

St Vincent de Paul (1581-1660)we have never so much cause for consolation - st vincent de paul 27 sept 2019.jpg


One Minute Reflection – 27 September – ‘The required faith embraces the act it includes – Discipleship ..’

One Minute Reflection – 27 September – Friday of the Twenty Fifth week in Ordinary Tim, Year C, Gospel: Luke 9:18–22 and the Memorial of St Vincent de Paul (1581-1660)

“The Son of man must suffer many things and be rejected by the elders and chief priests and scribes and be killed and on the third day be raised.”... Luke 9:22luke 9 22 the son of man must suffer many things - 27 sept 2019

REFLECTION – “The scene found n the Gospel reading forms a climax of the Synoptic Gospels.   It constitutes the watershed in Jesus’ life.   To this point, in accord with the mission given Him by the Father, He has acted messianically and has aroused a sense of who He is, especially in His disciples.   Because the shift that takes place in this scene is so important, Luke places it in the context of a prayer of Jesus in solitude.   By asking His disciples about His identity, He takes the opportunity to reveal the core of His mission.
Yet, the people’s perception of who He is, is so imperfect, that He cannot use it as a point of departure.   Peter’s statement, “you are the Messiah of God” hits the target, yet Peter’s image of the Messiah remains an Old Testament and contemporary one – the Messiah as Israel’s liberator.   That is why Jesus forbids them to use the title and, more profoundly, that is why He lays out clearly, what is the true task of the Messiah – to be rejected, to die, to rise again.   So that this will not be received as some sort of incomprehensible, mythological event, He immediately explains it’s implications for anyone who wishes to be His disciple – “Take up your cross daily” and “follow” the Messiah in this way.
The required faith embraces the act it includes – discipleship – but not by scheming to gain something – rather, by unconditional loss:  “Whoever loses his life for my sake … ” … Cardinal Han Urs von Bathasar (1905-1988)you are the messiah of god luke 9 20 - yet peter's image hans urs von balthasar 27 sept 2019.jpg

PRAYER – Lord God, You hold out the Light of Your Word to those who do not know You. Strengthen in our hearts, the faith You have given us and the Credo we profess, so that no trials may quench the fire Your Spirit has kindled in us.   May the intercession of St Vincent de Paul, grant us the grace of following the way of the Cross, to stand beneath it with our Mother, the Mother of God, Ave Maria!   We make our prayer through Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit, one God forever, sepy 2017.jpg

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Our Morning Offering – 27 September – Lord, Teach me How to Pray

Our Morning Offering – 27 September – The Memorial of St Vincent de Paul (1581-1660)

Lord, Teach me How to Pray
By St Vincent de Paul

Oh Lord,
You selected the poor
and simple people to be Your Apostles.
Look upon Your poor servant
kneeling before You now.
I recognise that I am simple and poor too.
Dear Lord, please teach me how to pray
as You taught Your disciples
upon their humble request.
If it pleases You in Your goodness
to grant me that grace,
I shall be able to pray well
and much better
than I could ever could hope for
if left to my own efforts.
Lord, I trust that You will bless me
with the fulfilment of this request.
Amenlord teach me how to pray - st vincent de paul - 27 sept 2019.jpg

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Saint of the Day – 27 September – Blessed Lorenzo of Ripafratta OP (c 1373-1456)

Saint of the Day – 27 September – Blessed Lorenzo of Ripafratta OP (c 1373-1456) Dominican Priest and Friar, Penitent, Vicar General, Teacher, Reformer, brilliant Preacher and Spiritual director – known as “the Ark of Science” – born in c 1373 in Ripafratta, Italy and died in 1456 in Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy of natural causes.Blessed-Lorenzo-of-Ripafratta

Lorenzo was born into a noble Italian family, who had a military history and a duty to protect the outer defences of the city of Pisa, Italy.   Lorenzo, however, was drawn to the religious life, began studying for the priesthoo, and while a deacon, he joined the Dominicans at the convent of Saint Catherine in Pisa in 1396.

He worked for reform of the Dominicans and encouraged his brother friars in their studies, prayer life and devotion to the Rule.   Lorenzo served as novice master, spiritual director and preacher and taught theology – his novices and students include Saint Antonius of Florence, Blessed Peter Cappuci, Blessed Fra Angelico and the artist Fra Benedetto.

In 1396, he was appointed prior, a position in which he excelled.   His zeal and love for th Order led him to almost easily inspire all his fellow Dominicans to work towards the reform of the order.   He was a novice and theology teacher at the convent of Cortona.  Without fear of being infected, he helped the sick during the plague that struck the cities of Pistoia and Fabriano.

Because of his wisdom, the people called him the Ark of Science.   He set an example to his congregation brothers and parishioners with his life of prayer, fasting, penance and devotion.   He suffered a leg injury, which painfully accompanied him for the rest of his life.   By the example of his silent and patient suffering – which he offered to God, the admiration and affection of the religious and the people increased.   Loved by his community, he died in Pistoia, where his body is still venerated.

Father Lorenzo served for 60 years, lived a simple, ascetic life and was particularly devoted to the sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation.

He died on 27 September 1456 and was buried at the Dominican church in Pistoia.  Many miracles were reported at his tomb.   He was Beatified in 1851 by Pope Pius IX, via the confirmation of his cultus.blessed-lorenzo-della-pieta

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Memorials of the Saints – 27 September

St Vincent de Paul CM (1581-1660) (Memorial)
Biography here:

St Adheritus
St Adolphus of Cordoba
St Antonio de Torres
St Barrog the Hermit
St Bonfilius of Foligno
St Ceraunus of Paris
St Chiara of the Resurrection
St Delphine
St Deodatus of Sora
St Elzear
St Epicharis
St Fidentius of Todi
St Florentinus the Hermit
St Gaius of Milan
St Hilary the Hermit
St Hiltrude of Liessies
Bl Jean-Baptiste Laborie du Vivier
St John of Cordoba
Blessed Lorenzo of Ripafratta OP (c 1373-1456)
St Marcellus of Saint Gall
St Terence of Todi

Martyrs of Aegea – (3 saints)

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War:
• Blessed Crescencia Valls Espí
• Blessed Herminia Martínez Amigó de Martínez
• Blessed José Fenollosa Alcaina
• Blessed Maria Carme Fradera Ferragutcasas
• Blessed Maria Magdalena Fradera Ferragutcasas
• Blessed Maria Rosa Fradera Ferragutcasas