Journeying with Newman – The Thanksgiving Novena – Day Nine

Journeying with Newman
The Thanksgiving Novena for, with and to
the beloved and blessed John Henry Newman

Day Nine – 12 October

Model of Friendship

That we are helped to cultivate the gift of charity.

“The love of our private friends
is the only preparatory exercise
for the love of all men.”

From his writings
Blessed John Henry Newman (1801-1890)the love of our private friends - john henry newman 12 oct 2019.jpg

Please pray one decade of the Rosary (any you choose) for this Intention and add the following Prayer:

O God our heavenly Father,
we offer You heartfelt thanks
for the life and holiness of John Henry Newman.
In him You give us,
an inspiring example of priest and teacher,
heroic and humble, in his labour
for the salvation of souls
and the pursuit of holiness.
Through his intercession,
we ask You to lead us,
by the kindly light of the Holy Spirit
and so grant us peace and joy,
in the one fold of the Redeemer.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.
Amenday nine the newman novena - 12 oct 2019.jpg


Thought for the Day – 12 October – Mary, who gives Comfort and Strength

Thought for the Day – 12 October – The Memorial of Blessed Jan Beyzym SJ (1850–1912), “Apostle of the Lepers of Madasgascar”

Mary, who gives Comfort and Strength
By Fr Mieczysław Bednarz SJ

Our Holy Mother was his strength and comfort.   All his sufferings were dedicated to Her and to the Polish Province of Father’s order.   Our Lady was his lifelong and reliable help in all his deeds and sufferings.   St Joseph, alongside with Mary, was a model of patience for Father Beyzym.   When he had been waiting for long years for the decision with regard to his Sakhalin mission, Father saw the necessity to accept God’s will and follow St Joseph, who had been waiting in Egypt for the Angel’s word telling him to return to the land of Israel.

Father Beyzym’s life, especially the years he devoted to the work for the lepers (Father never complained about that and about them) were full of disappointments, troubles, obstacles and obstruction.   If there were not for his gift of patience, Father would not carry such a burden.

Only the spirit of faith, the vision of faith in the continual praying for the help of God and His Holy Mother, only the power of the Eucharist and the strength of the compassion for the miserable, gave Father the power to endure to the end.   During his last illness he was admired for his patience and courageousness.   “By your patience possess your souls” (Luke 21,19), – was one of the mottoes of Father Beyzym’s life.   And he lived up to it.

Humbly and gratefully Father attributed everything to the Blessed Mother, because, as he used to say, he was a complete failure.   She ruled and directed and he was only a tool in Her hands.   There was no heroism in his work for the lepers.   “Our Holy Mother sent me to take care of them.   So, here I am and there is that”.
Humble, small, poor, understanding his badness, always trustful, free of pride and despair, immersed in the mercy of God and Our Holy Mother’s care, he prayed, worked and coped with thousands of difficulties and problems.   This was Father Beyzym – small in his unconscious greatness.   Great was his love – humble and serving to the very end.

Why do you Hurry?
By Father Stanislaw Ziemianski SJ

Why do you hurry Father Beyzym
To the hostile and far away land
Why do you guide your steps of a pilgrim,
Where need and leprosy are hand in hand?

I hurry to save my brothers in Christ,
Unblessed and miserable outcasts.
I go to save my brothers in Christ,
Lepers, desolate hearts!

Why do you sail to Madagascar?
The island is unexplored and wild.
There lepers cramped in their huts
Live in the straits of body and mind.

I hurry to save my brothers in Christ…

Aren’t you afraid you contract the illness,
And you would suffer your chicklings fate?
Deny yourself for the lepers what made you,
Whose voice you heard outcrying for help?

I hurry to save my brothers in Christ…

Holy Mother, Pray for Us!holy-mary-mother-of-god-pray-for-us-sinners-4-may-2018.jpg

Prayer for the Canonisation of Blessed Jan Beyzym
The Apostle of the Lepers of Madasgar

Father of mercy and God of all comfort!
Through the agency of Your Servant Jan Beyzym
You bestowed mercy and consolation
On the most miserable of the miserable,
On the forlorn and outcast,
On the separated off the human society
With the wall of fear and scorn.

By Your mercy in him
And his intercession
Make us the instrument of Your Providence,
Kindness and consolation for all,
Who need it.

And if it is not against Your will,
Deign to include him among Your Saints,
And graciously grant us,
What we sincerely ask You for
With the desire for Your glory
And our benefit.

Through Christ, Our Lord.

Blessed Jan Beyzym, Pray for us!bl jan beyzym pray for us no 2 12 oct 2019.jpg


Quote of the Day – 12 October – ‘We must always aim at a greater gain.’

Quote of the Day – 12 October – The Memorial of Blessed Jan Beyzym SJ (1850–1912), “Apostle of the Lepers of Madasgascar”

“What you do for the least of my creatures,
that you do unto me.
We must be like the merchants of this earth –
we must always aim at a greater gain.'”

Blessed Jan Beyzym (1850–1912)we must be like the merchants of this earth - bl jan beyzym - 12 oct 2019.jpg


One Minute Reflection – 12 October – ..’What the saints have understood and lived’

One Minute Reflection – 12 October – Saturday of the Twenty Seventh week in Ordinary Time, Year C, Gospel: Luke 11:27–28 and the Memorial of Blessed Jan Beyzym SJ (1850–1912), “Apostle of the Lepers of Madasgascar”

But he said, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it!” … Luke 11:28

REFLECTION – “Jesus was speaking to the crowd.   Some of them did not understand and were debating and a woman said:  “Blessed is she who has been your mother and bore you!”   A woman who shouts that out, it’s marvellous, things like that!   Ordinary people in the authentic, how profound!   This is the moment when Jesus will say:  “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it!”   He wants to move away from that family environment – today one would speak of one’s “circle”.   In mountainous districts or the countryside, family bonds are very close, they form a kind of little tribe.   Jesus distances himself from that.
Someone said to Him: “Your mother and your brothers are waiting outside — Who is my mother?   Who are my brothers?   Those who do the will of God” (cf. Lk 8:20-21) — He establishes a society that is transnatural, not founded on shared sensibilities, social conditions of class and origin.   No, it’s another thing altogether.   To this woman He will say:  “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it!”   But the woman had listened to the word of God since she had said to Him:   “Blessed is she who has been your mother!” (Lk 8:19-21; 11:27-28).   It is not blame that Jesus directs at her, on the contrary, it is a confirmation, saying:   ‘Blessed are you for having understood that there is something greater than familial relationships, something which adds to familial relationships what they are capable of bearing of light when they are received but which are of another order.’
Well then!   See what has been proclaimed to us, what the saints have understood and which they have lived.” ... Cardinal Charles Journet (1891-1975) Theologian – Conferences given at Geneva between 1972 and 1974 on St. John’s gospel.luke 11 28 blessed rather are those - card charles journet - blessed are you for having understood 12 oct 2019.jpg

PRAYER – “O my God, whatever is nearer to me than You, things of this earth and things more naturally pleasing to me, will be sure to interrupt the sight of You, unless Your grace interfere. Keep You my eyes, my ears, my heart, from any such miserable tyranny. Keep my whole being fixed on You. Let me never lose sight of You and while I gaze on You, let my love of You grow more and more every day.” … Bl John Henry Newman (1801-1890)   May we run the race in obedience and love of the Will of our God, as Blessed Jan Beyzym did, always seeking Your Face in those who are the least and whose prayers we beg.   Through Christ our Lord, with the Holy Spirit, God forever, jan beyzym pray for us 12 oct 2019.jpg

raise my heart by bl john henry newman 4 sept 2019.jpg


Our Morning Offering – 12 October – O Mother of Jesus and my Mother

Our Morning Offering – 12 October – Saturday of the Twenty Seventh week in Ordinary Time, Year C – a Marian Saturday

O Mother of Jesus and my Mother
By Bl John Henry Newman (1801-1890)

O Mother of Jesus and my Mother,
let me dwell with you, cling to you
and love you with ever-increasing love.
I promise the honour,
love and trust of a child.
Give me a mother’s protection,
for I need your watchful care.
You know better than any other
the thoughts and desires of the Sacred Heart.
Keep constantly before my mind
the same thoughts,
the same desires,
that my heart may be filled with zeal
for the interests of the Sacred Heart
of your Divine Son.
Instil in me a love of all that is noble,
that I may no longer be easily turned to selfishness.
Help me, dearest Mother,
to acquire the virtues that God wants of me,
to forget myself always,
to work solely for Him,
without fear of sacrifice.
I shall always rely on your help
to be what Jesus wants me to be.
I am His; I am yours, my good Mother!
Give me each day your holy and maternal blessing
until my last evening on earth,
when your Immaculate Heart
will present me to the heart of Jesus in heaven,
there to love and bless you
and your divine Son for all eternity.
Ameno mother of jesus ad my mother - 12 oct 2019 john henry newman .jpg

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Saint of the Day – 12 October – Blessed Jan Beyzym SJ (1850–1912) “The Apostle of the Lepers of Madagascar”

Saint of the Day – 12 October – Blessed Jan Beyzym SJ (1850–1912) Priest, Professed Jesuit,Missionary, Teacher, Apostle of the Holy Eucharist, of the Blessed Virgin, of Prayer – Patronages – Missionaries, Against leprosy, Teacher.

Bl John (Jan) Beyzym was born in what is now Ukraine, at Beyzymy Wielkie on 15 May 1850 and died on 2 October 1912, in Fianarantsoa, Madagascar, “The Apostle of the Lepers of Madagascar.”

Fr Beyzym was the first priest to live among the victims of Hansen’s disease in the entire history of the mission of Madagascar.BL 1210-beyzym_1

Teaching apostolate:
After his secondary school studies, he entered the Jesuit novitiate on 10 December 1872 at Stara Wies.   On 26 July 1881 he was ordained in Kraków.

For 17 years, Fr Beyzym worked as an educator among young people in the Jesuit Colleges at Tarnopol and Chyrów.    During this time he was also discerning the second call he received from God which was to serve in the difficult mission among the lepers in Madagascar.   In 1898, when he was 48, he left for Madagascar to begin the apostolate.   “I know very well” he wrote to the Fr General Louis Martin in Rome in 1897, “what leprosy is and what I must expect but all this does not frighten me, on the contrary, it attracts me.”O. Beyzym z tredowatymi.jpg

Mission among the lepers in Madagascar:
On arriving in the Red Island (Madagascar) he was posted to the leprosarium of Ambahivoraka near Antananarivo, where 150 sick people lived in almost total abandonment in the desert, far from healthy people.    They lived in crumbling shacks which were divided into small windowless rooms without flooring or furniture.   They received no medication and lived, day by day, without any help.   They often died of hunger rather than of sickness.O. Beyzym karmi tredowatego.jpg

After two weeks in the hospice, Fr Beyzym wrote in 1899 to Rodolphe de Scorraille, Head of the Province of Champagne and its missions, a letter to present the indescribable conditions he found, admitting that he asked the Good Lord to help him bring relief to this misery and that he wept in private at the sufferings of these unhappy people.

However, he did not shrink from the reality.   He devoted all his   strength, his talents as an organiser and, above all, his heart to the sick.   He lived among them to bear witness to the fact that they were human beings and that they must be saved.

He collected money and tried helping them in any way he could. At the time there was no effective medication for Hansen’s disease.   However, Fr Beyzym noticed that healthy food and adequate hygiene limited the contagion and that these two conditions together prevented the disease from progressing.

An eyewitness, Fr P Sau, wrote of Fr Beyzym that during his life, “painfully surprised at the sight of the extreme poverty of Ambahivoraka, he called on the charity of his Polish compatriots and soon was able to increase his children’s ration of rice.   The improvement of the diet reduced the number of burials from 57 a week to 5 a year”   (La Mission de Madagascar a vol d’oiseau, pp. 62-63).Przy umierajacym

Another eye witness, Fr A Niobey, wrote about Fr Beyzym’s devotion to the body and soul of the sick:   “His devotion to his lepers was unequalled.   He possessed nothing but he gave the little he could dispose of unhestitatingly.   His answer to every objection was always:   “What you do for the least of my creatures, that you do unto me.   We must be like the merchants of this earth, we must always aim at a greater gain'” (Letter, 3 June 1913).

He answered the provincial who asked him about working conditions among the sick – “One must be in constant union with God and pray without respite.   One must get used little by little to the stench, for here we don’t breathe the scent of flowers but the putrefaction of bodies generated by leprosy.”    (Letter, 18 April 1901)bl jan beyzym art

However, this “ease” did not come at once.   Fr Beyzym admitted that at first he felt repulsion at the sight of the victims.   Several times he even fainted.

His burning goal was to build a hospital where the lepers would be taken care of and protected from the moral permissiveness that prevailed in the state-run hospices.   In 1903 he left Ambahivoraka to go to build a hospital at Marana near Fianarantsoa. Speaking of the inauguration of the hospital on 16 August 1911, Fr J Lielet, a medical doctor, said “Fr Beyzym’s leposarium had finally been opened…. The construction and equipping of this vast hospital in a country where everything is lacking was a colossal undertaking but he completed the task.    Arriving there penniless, he found ways of collecting thousands of francs in Europe (principally in Poland, Austria and Germany) for such a distant project, his trust in God’s help was unshakeable.   Providence has almost performed miracles for him” (Chine, Ceylan, Madagascar, 1912, p. 94).   He hoped that it would provide more human conditions of life for the victims of Hansen’s disease.

The hospital still exists today and radiates love, hope and justice – the virtues which made its construction possible.   Since 1964 new little houses very close to the hospital have been built for the families of the sick people.

Inner life, soul of his apostolate:
Fr Beyzym’s inner life was marked by a profound bond with Christ and the Eucharist. The Mass was the centre of his life, he deplored the fact that the little church near the mission did not even have a permanent Tabernacle and that during the rainy season the water dripped down onto the altar during Mass.   He was greatly devoted to Mary and attributed his successes to Mary seeing himself as her instrument.   He was a man of action and an untiring worker but also a man of prayer – He attributed to prayer an essential role in the apostolic life, underlining its importance to achieve sanctity.    Fr Beyzym was a contemplative in action in the style of St Ignatius.   He had daily problems and battled against a thousand worries and sufferings but was above all a man of prayer. Prayer was the source of his strength.   Not having much time for quiet prayer, he prayed everywhere all the time.   He often repeated that his prayer was not worth much and that he had trouble praying.    This was why he asked the Carmelite nuns to pray for him. … Vatican.vaoltarzyk-bl

Beyzym died on 2 October 1912, his health had declined and he suffered both arteriosclerosis and sores which confined him to bed. His remains were exhumed and relocated back to his native Poland on 8 December 1993 at a Jesuit church.  He was Beatified on 18 August 2002, at Błonie Park, Kraków, Poland by Pope John Paul jan body - O. Beyzym po smierci


Our Lady Aparecida and Memorials of the Saints – 12 October

Our Lady Aparecida:   Also known as – Our Lady Who Appeared (1717)

About this miraculous Marian Title:

St Amelius of Mortara
St Amicus of Mortara
St Cyprian
St Domnina of Anazarbus
St Edisto
St Edistius of Ravenna
St Edwin of Northumbria (586-616)

St Evagrius the Martyr
St Felix
St Pope Felix IV
St Fiace
St Herlindis
Blessed Jan Beyzym SJ (1850–1912)
St Juan Osiense
St Maximilian of Celeia
St Meinards
St Monas of Milan
St Pantalus of Basle
St Priscian the Martyr
St Relindis
Bl Roman Sitko
St Salvinus of Verona
Bl Thomas Bullaker
St Wilfred (c 633-709)
St Wilfred’s Life:

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War:
• Blessed Bartolomé Caparrós García
• Blessed Eufrasio of the Child Jesus
• Blessed José González Huguet
• Blessed Pedro Salcedo Puchades
• Blessed Rafael Lluch Garín