Thought for the Day – 12 October – Mary, who gives Comfort and Strength

Thought for the Day – 12 October – The Memorial of Blessed Jan Beyzym SJ (1850–1912), “Apostle of the Lepers of Madasgascar”

Mary, who gives Comfort and Strength
By Fr Mieczysław Bednarz SJ

Our Holy Mother was his strength and comfort.   All his sufferings were dedicated to Her and to the Polish Province of Father’s order.   Our Lady was his lifelong and reliable help in all his deeds and sufferings.   St Joseph, alongside with Mary, was a model of patience for Father Beyzym.   When he had been waiting for long years for the decision with regard to his Sakhalin mission, Father saw the necessity to accept God’s will and follow St Joseph, who had been waiting in Egypt for the Angel’s word telling him to return to the land of Israel.

Father Beyzym’s life, especially the years he devoted to the work for the lepers (Father never complained about that and about them) were full of disappointments, troubles, obstacles and obstruction.   If there were not for his gift of patience, Father would not carry such a burden.

Only the spirit of faith, the vision of faith in the continual praying for the help of God and His Holy Mother, only the power of the Eucharist and the strength of the compassion for the miserable, gave Father the power to endure to the end.   During his last illness he was admired for his patience and courageousness.   “By your patience possess your souls” (Luke 21,19), – was one of the mottoes of Father Beyzym’s life.   And he lived up to it.

Humbly and gratefully Father attributed everything to the Blessed Mother, because, as he used to say, he was a complete failure.   She ruled and directed and he was only a tool in Her hands.   There was no heroism in his work for the lepers.   “Our Holy Mother sent me to take care of them.   So, here I am and there is that”.
Humble, small, poor, understanding his badness, always trustful, free of pride and despair, immersed in the mercy of God and Our Holy Mother’s care, he prayed, worked and coped with thousands of difficulties and problems.   This was Father Beyzym – small in his unconscious greatness.   Great was his love – humble and serving to the very end.

Why do you Hurry?
By Father Stanislaw Ziemianski SJ

Why do you hurry Father Beyzym
To the hostile and far away land
Why do you guide your steps of a pilgrim,
Where need and leprosy are hand in hand?

I hurry to save my brothers in Christ,
Unblessed and miserable outcasts.
I go to save my brothers in Christ,
Lepers, desolate hearts!

Why do you sail to Madagascar?
The island is unexplored and wild.
There lepers cramped in their huts
Live in the straits of body and mind.

I hurry to save my brothers in Christ…

Aren’t you afraid you contract the illness,
And you would suffer your chicklings fate?
Deny yourself for the lepers what made you,
Whose voice you heard outcrying for help?

I hurry to save my brothers in Christ…

Holy Mother, Pray for Us!holy-mary-mother-of-god-pray-for-us-sinners-4-may-2018.jpg

Prayer for the Canonisation of Blessed Jan Beyzym
The Apostle of the Lepers of Madasgar

Father of mercy and God of all comfort!
Through the agency of Your Servant Jan Beyzym
You bestowed mercy and consolation
On the most miserable of the miserable,
On the forlorn and outcast,
On the separated off the human society
With the wall of fear and scorn.

By Your mercy in him
And his intercession
Make us the instrument of Your Providence,
Kindness and consolation for all,
Who need it.

And if it is not against Your will,
Deign to include him among Your Saints,
And graciously grant us,
What we sincerely ask You for
With the desire for Your glory
And our benefit.

Through Christ, Our Lord.

Blessed Jan Beyzym, Pray for us!bl jan beyzym pray for us no 2 12 oct 2019.jpg



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