Quote/s of the Day – 27 December – Beloved of the Lord

Quote/s of the Day – 27 December – Feast of St John the Evangelist and the Third Day of the Christmas Octave

“John’s God-illumined mind,
conceived the incomparable height of divine wisdom,
when he reclined on the Redeemer’s breast,
during the holy Last Supper meal (Jn 13:25).
And because “all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Col 2:3)
are within the heart of Jesus, it is from there, that he drew
and from there, that he greatly enriched our wretchedness,
as people who are poor and generously distributed these goods,
taken from their source, for the salvation of the whole world.
And because this blessed John speaks about God
in a marvellous way, that cannot be compared to that of anyone else,
it is only right that the Greeks as well as the Latins
have given him the name of “Theologian”.
Mary is “Theotokos” because she has truly given birth to God;
John is “Theologos” because he saw in an indescribable way,
that the Word of God, was with the Father
before the beginning of time and was God (Jn 1:1)
and because, too, he spoke about this, with extraordinary depth.”

St Peter Damian (1007-1072) Doctor of the Churchjohns-god-illumined-mind-st-peter-damian-27-dec-2018 and 2019.jpg

“If Moses, after having conversed
with God in the cloud,
came from the Divine interview
with rays of miraculous light encircling his head,
how radiant must have been the face of St John,
which had rested on the very Heart of Jesus,
in Whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom
and knowledge [Col. ii 3]
how sublime his writings!
how Divine his teaching!”if moses after having conversed with god - abbott gueranger on ST JOHN 27 dec 2019.jpg

“Then too, as Son and Guardian of Mary,
thou hast to present us to thine own and our Mother.
Ask her to give us, somewhat of the tender love,
wherewith she watches over the Crib of her Divine Son,
to see in us, the Brothers of that Child she bore
and to admit us, to a share of the maternal affection,
she had for thee, the favoured confidant
of the secrets of her Jesus.”

Abbot Prosper Guéranger OSB (1805-1875)then too, as son and guardian of mary - st john - by abbott guerange - 27 dec 2019.jpg


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4 thoughts on “Quote/s of the Day – 27 December – Beloved of the Lord

  1. Thank you, Anna! I must confess though that the images of John’s affection for our Lord piss me off (sorry for that) … as we tend to forget that the last supper was obviously taken lying down (roman style) reclining on the left arm so that the next person on the right was near our bosom but CERTAINLY NOT as depicted by these artists!

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