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The Holy Father’s Prayer Intention for MAY 2020

The Holy Father’s
Prayer Intention
MAY 2020

For Deacons

We pray that deacons,
faithful in their service
to the Word and the poor,
may be an invigorating symbol
for the entire Church.

the holy father's prayer intention may 2020


Thought for the Day – 1 May – The Month of Mary

Thought for the Day – 1 May – Meditations with Antonio Cardinal Bacci (1881-1971)

The Month of Mary

“It is often said, that May is the most beautiful month of the year.
The flowers are in full bloom, the weather is mild and the first fruits of the soil are beginning to reward man’s labour.
It is fitting that we should dedicate to Mary, the most beautiful month of the year, for she is the most beautiful of God’s creatures.

We should offer this month to Mary, by increasing our love for her.
We should love her with a filial love, for she loves us with the heart of a mother.
If we contemplate her beauty and goodness, we shall be inflamed with love for her.
It will be a tender love, such as we have for our earthly mother and, at the same time, a respectful and worshipful love, such as we ought to have for the Mother of God.
Our offering of the month of May to Mary, should result in a twofold resolution:
the resolution to make good our failings and to advance in holiness.
This, is the only way, in which we can prove the sincerity of our affection, by deeds rather than by words.
It is certain that we have many faults of character.
Let us examine ourselves in front of Our Lady’s Altar, by comparing our weakness with her magnificence of soul.
When we have discovered our failings, let us be courageous in eradicating them.
We can offer this sacrifice to Mary, with love and generosity, no matter how hard it may be.

We can spend everyday of this month, digging out those weeds in the garden of our soul, which, our passions and the influence of the devil have helped to flourish.
Let us plant and bring to perfection in their place, the flowers of Christian virtue.
In this way, we shall make the month of May, very pleasing to Mary.

Antonio Cardinal Bacci



Quote of the Day – 1 May – Mary’s Month

Quote of the Day – 1 May – Friday of the Third Week of Easter

Mary’s Month
By Fr Dennis John Burns (1920-2009)

Blue skies,
Blue waters, blue as Mary’s eyes
God scatters with a lavish hand,
On every land.
Still night,
Made lovely with soft, silver light,
God wraps about the world when day
Has slipped away.
Each field
Holds up a golden-flowered shield
Against the shining shafts of sun,
Yet each is won.
Bright rain
God spills to bring to earth again
New freshness. Then like sudden tears
It disappears.
Green trees,
The vagabonding summer breeze,
The golden days and silver nights
His will unites
In one.
And when His work of love is done,
His will decrees a holiday,
The month of May.
And why?
That she, as pure as summer sky,
Who found within an earth-born Boy
What earth contained of joy and pain
Might find her full content of joy
On earth again.mary's month by fr dennis burns 1 may 2020


Rejoice! It’s 1 May and the Month of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Rejoice! It’s 1 May and the Month of the Blessed Virgin Mary

“God wills that all his gifts should come to us through Mary”

St Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153) Mellifluous Doctor

“This is the month in which, in the churches and individual homes,
the most affectionate and fervent homage of prayers and devotions
from the hearts of Christians are raised to Mary.
It is also the month in which from His throne, descend upon us,
the most generous and abundant gifts of the Divine Mercy.”

Saint Pope Paul VI, The Month of Mary,1967

may the month of the blessed virgin mary 1 may 2020


One Minute Reflection – 1 May – ‘This bread is eternal, this stream flows without end.’

One Minute Reflection – 1 May – Friday of the Third Week of Easter, Readings: Acts 9:1-20, Psalm 117:1-2, John 6:52-59 and the Memorial of St Peregine Laziosi OSM (1260-1345)

“For my flesh is true food and my blood is true drink.” … John 6:55

REFLECTION – “Beloved brethren, quench your thirst at the waters of that divine spring we want to tell you about, quench it but don’t extinguish it, drink but don’t become satisfied.   The living spring, the source of life calls us and says:  “Let anyone who thirsts come to me and drink” (Jn 7:37).   Understand what it is you are drinking.   Let the prophet tell you and let the source itself tell you:  “Listen to the word of the Lord, they have forsaken me the source of living water” (Jer 2:13).   So the Lord our God Himself, Jesus Christ, is He who is that source of life and that is why He invites us, to come to Him so that we might drink Him.   Whoever loves Him, drinks Him, whoever feeds on the Word of God, drinks Him. …   Drink, therefore, from this source that others have forsaken.

That we might eat of this bread and drink from this spring (…) He refers to Himself as “the living bread that gives life to the world” (cf. Jn 6:51) which we are to eat. …  See from where this spring flows! see from where this bread comes down!   For one and the same Person is both Bread and Spring, the Only-begotten Son, our God, Christ the Lord, for whom we should ceaselessly hunger.

It is our love that gives Him as food to us, our desire that makes us eat Him and when we have been satisfied, we desire Him still.   Let us go to Him as to a fountain and drink of Him in our overflowing love, let us drink Him always with ever-new desire, finding our joy in the sweetness of His love.   The Lord is gentle and good.   We eat and drink Him without ceasing to hunger and thirst for Him, for we cannot exhaust this food and drink. We eat of this bread yet do not run out of it, we drink at this spring yet it does not run dry.   This bread is eternal, this stream flows without end.” … St Columbanus (563-615) – Spiritual instructions 12, 2, 3john 6 55 - fopr my flesh is true food - he refers to himself - st colombanus 1 may 2020

PRAYER – Almighty God, You sent Your Son and we have now come to know the grace of His Resurrection.   Through Him we live and move and have our being. As we follow Him, He walks with us and leads us to You.   Grant we pray, that His mother and ours, may guide our way to Him and may the prayers of St Peregrine, who followed closely behind the Lord, be a solace in our trials.   Through Christ our Lord, with the Holy Spirit, God now and forever, amen.sancta-maria-mary-most-holy-pray-for-us-10-may-2018 and 1 may 2020

st peregrine laziosi pray for us 1 may 2020

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Our Morning Offering – 1 May – Hail, O Mary, Mother of God

Our Morning Offering – 1 May – “Mary’s Month” and Friday of the Third Week of Easter

Hail, O Mary, Mother of God
By St Cyril of Alexandria (376-444)
Father & Doctor of the Church

Hail, O Mary, Mother of God,
Virgin and Mother!
Morning Star, perfect vessel.
Hail, O Mary, Mother of God,
Holy Temple in which god Himself was conceived.
Hail, O Mary, Mother of God,
Chaste and pure dove.
Hail, O Mary, Mother of God,
Who enclosed the One who cannot be encompassed
in your sacred womb.
Hail, O Mary, Mother of God,
From you flowed the true light, Jesus Christ, our Lord.
Hail, O Mary, Mother of God,
Through you the Conqueror
and triumphant Vanquisher of hell came to us.
Hail, O Mary, Mother of God,
Through you, the glory of the Resurrection blossoms.
Hail, O Mary, Mother of God,
You have saved every faithful Christian.
Hail, O Mary, Mother of God,
Pray for us sinners now
and at the hour of our death.
Amenhail-o-mary-mother-of-god-st-cyril-of-alex-10-may-2019 (1)


Saint of the Day – 1 May – Saint Peregrine Laziosi OSM (1260-1345) the “Angel of Good Counsel.” Today is the 675th anniversary of his death.

Saint of the Day – 1 May – Saint Peregrine Laziosi OSM (1260-1345) known as the “Angel of Good Counsel,” Priest of the Servite Order (The Order of Servants of Mary ), Apostle of the poor and the sick, Miracle-worker, Spiritual Advisor – born in 1260 at Forli, Italy and died on 1 May 1345 at Forli, Italy of natural causes, aged 85.  Today is the 675th anniversary of his death.   Patronages – against cancer, against breast cancer, against open sores, against skin diseases, AIDS patients, sick people, Diocese of Forli-Bertinoro, Italy, City of Forli, Italy.   St Peregrine’s body is Incorrupt. st peregrine-1- header 675 years anniversary of death 1345-2020

Peregrine Laziosi was born in Forli, Italy, the only son of well-to-do parents.   In his teens he joined the enemies of the Pope in his hometown and soon became a ringleader of rebels.

Pope Martin IV had placed Forli under a spiritual interdict which closed churches in the city, hoping to bring its citizens to their senses.   That failing, he sent St Philip Benizi, of the Order of Servites (Servants of Mary), as his personal Ambassador to try to bring peace to the angry rebels.

No welcome mat was spread for the Papal Delegate.   While addressing crowds of malcontents one day, he was dragged off the rostrum, beaten with clubs and pelted with rocks.   Peregrine knocked him down with a vicious blow to the face.   Moments after, stricken with remorse, the youth cast himself at the feet of the bruised and bleeding Priest and asked for his forgiveness, which was granted with a peregrine holy card

Peregrine became a staunch champion of Philip Benizi.   He heeded Philip’s suggestion and often prayed in Our Lady’s chapel in the Cathedral.   While kneeling there, he had a vision of the Blessed Mother holding in her hands a black habit like the one the Servites wore.   “Go to Siena,” Mary told the astonished Peregrine. “There you will find devout men who call themselves my servants.   Attach yourself to them.”

The Servites gave him a warm welcome  . He was clothed ceremoniously in the religious habit by Philip Benizi himself.

Daily he sought to become a more fervent religious man.   To atone for past misdeeds he treated himself harshly and worked hard for the poor and afflicted.   One of the special penances he imposed on himself was to stand whenever it was not necessary to sit. When tired he would support himself on a choir stall.ST PEREGRINE ICON SML

After being Ordained a Priest, he was sent back to Forlì, where he founded a new Servite house there and became well known for his preaching and holiness as well as his devotion to the sick and poor.   He miraculously multiplied grain and wine during a severe shortage in his area.   People took to calling him the “Angel of Good Counsel,” so grateful were they for his wise advice so freely given.

At the age of 60, he developed an infection in his right leg.   It was so painful that he finally agreed with the surgeon who wanted to amputate.   The night before the scheduled surgery, Peregrine spent hours in prayer before a fresco of the Crucifixion in the chapter room.   Then he fell into a deep trance-like sleep and seemed to see Christ descend from the Cross and touch his leg.   The thrill of it woke him up.   In the dim moonlight he saw that his leg, carefully bandaged a few hours earlier, was completely healed.St-Peregrine-XXX

The following day, the doctor arrived to perform the amputation and finding no sign of the cancer, news spread of the miraculous cure throughout the town.   This only increased the regard Forlineses’ for Peregrine.   When they were sick they appealed to his prayers.   Some were cured when he whispered “Jesus” into their ears.   The Church has since appointed him Patron of persons with cancer, or any incurable disease.ST PEREGRINE FRAMED

Peregrine died on 1 May 1345 of a fever, aged 85.   An extraordinary number of people from the town and countryside honoured his death.   Some of the sick who came to his funeral, were healed immediately, through his intercession.

His body rests in the Servite church of Forlì, the Basilica of Saint Pellegrino Laziosi.   Pope Paul V declared him Blessed in 1609 and Pope Benedict XIII Canonised him in 1726.Findlay window St Peregrine

The lesson of Peregrine’s life is not that God worked a miracle but that a faithful servant placed himself, unconditionally, in the hands of God.   Peregrine’s trust in God, therefore, serves as a model for those dealing with sickness.   Thousands of clients especially those who have been cured by his intercession, pay him special honour today, his Feast, each year.

Prayer to St Peregrine
for his Intercession

St Peregrine, we come to you confidently
to implore your aid with God in our necessity.
You were converted instantly from a worldly life
by the good example of one holy person.
You were cured instantaneously of cancer by God’s grace
and your unceasing prayer.
In your gracious kindness,
please ask the Lord to heal us also in body, mind and soul.
May we then imitate you in doing His work
with renewed vigour and strength.
Amenprayer to st peregrine for his intercession 1 may 2020



Feast of Madonna of Giubino and Memorials of the Saints – 1 May

St Joseph the Worker (Optional Memorial)
About this Memorial:

AND here:

Madonna of Giubino:
Read about this Marian Feast here:


St Aceolus of Amiens
St Acius of Amiens
St Aldebrandus of Fossombrone
St Amator of Auxerre
St Ambrose of Ferentino
St Andeolus of Smyrna
Bl Arigius of Gap
St Arnold of Hiltensweiler
St Asaph of Llanelwy
St Augustine Schöffler
St Benedict of Szkalka
St Bertha of Avenay
St Bertha of Kent
St Brieuc of Brittany
St Ceallach of Killala
St Cominus of Catania
Evermarus of Rousson
Bl Felim O’Hara
St Grata of Bergamo
St Isidora of Egypt
St Jeremiah the Prophet
St John-Louis Bonnard
Bl Klymentii Sheptytskyi
St Marculf
St Orentius of Auch
St Orentius of Loret
St Patientia of Loret
St Peregrine Laziosi OSM (1260-1345)
Bl Petronilla of Moncel
St Richard Pampuri OH (1897-1930) aged 33

St Romanus of Baghdad
St Sigismund of Burgundy
St Theodard of Narbonne
St Thorette
St Torquatus of Guadix
Bl Vivald of Gimignano

Martyrs of Amiens:

Martyrs of Loret:

Martyrs of Vietnam:
Augustine Schöffler
John-Louis Bonnard