Madonna della Rovere, Roble San Bartolomeo al Mare, Italy and Memorials of the Saints – 10 May

Monday of the Sixth Week of Easter +2021

Madonna della Rovere, Roble San Bartolomeo al Mare, Italy (1671) – 19 May (Additional Memorial 18 April):

“The Madonna della Rovere is an ancient devotion from an image that was found in a village called Oak. There were two apparitions of the Virgin Mary and several miracles in the seventeenth century.
San Bartolomeo al Mare is a Town in the Province of Imperia, Liguria region in northwest Italy. The ancient and vast territory in the medieval village of Oak is located between the Towns of Cervo and Diano. In the pre-Roman era it was called “Lucus Bormani” where “Lucus” means “sacred forest,”,”Bor” to “source” and “man,” whereby the “Lucus Bormani” means “ sacred grove dedicated to the god Borman “the god of springs, cruel and bloodthirsty. The Romans also devoted to the jungle forests, Diana, goddess of the hunt, so the Town of Diano called “Pagus Dianius”.
The five oak trees that still surround the Shrine of Robre are the last remnants of the ancient forest. It is said that the Statue was found in an oak but perhaps more true is that the Statue was made of oak timber.

Perato Giacinto di Rollo, aged 50, on the night of 3 April 1671, after working all day in the fields, called his wife, saying his arm was hurt. The left arm was dead, insensible to pinching and medical punctures. After several attempts at restoring his arm, it remained insensitive.
A few days later, on 18 April, with his arm in a sling, Perato took his donkey to graze in the area of the Town of Armea. Below is his miraculous tale:
“A few hours before noon, a few steps ahead of me, I saw a woman dressed in turquoise shining like the sun … She told me that I should trust the Madonna to help me . “

On 19 April 1671, Giacinto, riding on his donkey, went to the Shrine of Our Lady of the Oak, with his wife and Don Damián Tagliaferro.
During the Mass, at the moment of Consecration, his eyes glazed over and he fell to the ground unconscious. When after three quarters of an hour he awoke and with the support of his wife, rose slowly, his arm functioned again. He was completely healed. This miracle has been recorded under oath by seven people, including a doctor, a lawyer and six priests. The documents are stored in the Curia of the Diocese of Albenga.

On 10 May 1671 Our Lady appeared to cure a peasant and asked him to build a Chapel in the place where she had appeared. The Church was built immediately, the faithful and clergy of the surrounding areas all being piously devoted to Our Lady.” (The above has been translated from Italian).

St John of Avila (1499-1569) “Apostle of Andalusia”– Doctor of the Church, known as “Father Master Avila”
About St John:

St Joseph de Veuster SS.CC. (1840-1889) – St Damian of Molokai “The Martyr of Molokai,” Priest of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Missionary – known as “Martyr of Molokai”, “Martyr of Charity”, “Apostle to the Lepers” – Patron of lepers. (Optional Memorial)
St Damian’s life:

Robert Louis Stevenson and St Damian:

St Alphius of Lentini
Bl Amalarius of Metz
Bl Antonio of Norcia
St Aurelian of Limoges
Bl Beatrix d’Este the Elder
St Blanda of Rome
St Calepodius of Rome
St Catald of Taranto (Died c 685) Bishop
St Comgall of Bangor
St Cyrinus of Lentini
St Dioscorides of Smyrna

Blessed Enrico Rebuschini MI (1860-1938) Priest of the Camillians [Clerics Regular, Ministers to the Sick, also known as the “Hospitallers” the Order founded by St Camillus de Lellis’ (1550-1614)]
His Story:
(The video shows great images of Italy).

St Epimachus of Rome
St Felix of Rome
Bl Giusto Santgelp
St Gordian the Judge

Blessed Ivan Merz MI (1896-1928) Layman, Teacher, Professor, Apostle of the Blessed Sacrament and of prayer, Founder of Youth Movements in Croatia

Bl Nicholas Albergati
St Palmatius of Rome
St Philadelphus of Lentini
St Quartus of Capua
St Quintus of Capua
St Simplicius of Rome
St Solange of Bourges
St Thecla
Bl William of Pontnoise



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