Notre-Dame de la Treille / Our Lady of the Trellis, Lille, Nord, Flandres, France, 1234 and Memorials of the Saints – 14 June

Notre-Dame de la Treille / Our Lady of the Trellis, Lille, Nord, Flandres, France, 1234 – 14 June:

Three series of miraculous events are associated with the Statue, occurring in 1234, from 1519 to 1527 and from 1634 to 1638.
The miracle of 1234 was the healing of the 53 disabled patients who resorted to her intercession and were cured upon praying before the Statue of Our Lady of the Trellis, installed behind a latticework fence in St Peter’s Collegiate Church in Lille, France.
The miracles in the 16th century were varied and included deliverance from demonic possession, hernias, blindness, paralysis and plague.
In 1254, a Confraternity of Our Lady of the Treille was canonically established by Pope Alexander IV and since 1259, an annual procession in honour of Our Lady of the Treille was held – a practice which continued until the French Revolution and since then resumed and is continued today.
In 1634, Jean Le Vasseur, Mayor of Lille, Consecrated the City to Our Lady of the Treille.
In 1667, Louis XIV, who had just taken Flanders, took an oath to respect the freedoms of Lille before the Statue.
A procession held annually on the second Sunday after Pentecost commemorates the miracles. Saved during the destruction of St Peter’s Church in the French Revolution, the Statue moved afterwards to St Catherine’s Church.
Devotion to Our Lady of the Trellis revived in the mid-1800s and a grand neo-Gothic Church arose in her honour, where the Statue was installed in 1872 and canonically crowned in 1874.
After the theft of the original in 1959, sculptor Marie Madeleine Weerts carved the image now displayed in Lille’s Catholic Cathedral, the Basilica of Notre-Dame de la Treille.

The statue is described by Father Charles Bernard, Parish Priest of the Church of St Catherine, as a sSatue of stone “a little more than two and a half feet high; she has a scepter in her right hand and from her left. she supports the Baby Jesus on her knees.” He mentions the trellis of gilded wood surrounding the Statue and its pedestal, and specifies that the old trellis made of gilded iron was lost in 1792 during the destruction of the Collegiate Church of St. Peter. He speculates that this trellis is what gave the Statue its name, although it is more likely that the name came from Treola, a place existing in the 9th century in what is now Lille.

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