Beata Vergine Addolorata / The Blessed Virgin of Sorrows, Campocavallo, Osimo, Italy and Memorials of the Saints – 16 June

Beata Vergine Addolorata / The Blessed Virgin of Sorrows, Campocavallo, Osimo, Ancona, Marche, Italy (1892) 16 June, The first Sunday of August., 15 September (Feast o Our Lady of Sorrows), The last Sunday of September AND special Devotions thrughout May: 16 June

In the 1870s, a small country Chapel was built three miles from Osimo, a Town just inland from the Adriatic near the world-famous Shrine of Loreto. Don Giovanni Sorbellini, appointed in 1883 to say holy day Masses at the Campocavallo Chapel, hung in it an oleograph of the Pietà he had bought from a travelling salesman.

The Miraculous image is an oleograph, a particular type of print that imitates oil painting, measures 38cm x 52cm and portrays the Virgin holding the lifeless body of Jesus in her arms, just taken down from the Cross.
On the ground some instruments of the passion are depicted and in the background the City of Jerusalem. Our Lady has her gaze turned to heaven in action, not of resigned pain, but of complete uniformity of her will to that of God.

On 16 June 1892, a few families who stayed to pray after Mass saw the eyes of the Sorrowful Virgin move and blink and tears dropped onto her cheeks. Everyone then shouted: “Our Lady is crying!” . News of theMiracle travelled rapidly and widely.

On 7 July a blind woman regained her sight whilst at prayer before the image. The same year, Don Sorbellini began building the present magnificent Sanctuary, consecrated in 1905.  For at least 10 years, in truth, there are many miracles and testimonies of those who saw the movement and tears and even today!

It’s the focus of the Festa del Covo, a Nativity-themed harvest festival the first Sunday of August, and the Festa dell’Addolorata the third Sunday of September, the date of the Consecration of the Church and Crowning of Mary. The Feast of the first Miracle is celebrated today, 16 June and of course, the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows is celebrated o 15 September.

St Actinea of Volterra
St Aitheachan of Colpe
St Amandus of Beaumont
Bl Antoine Auriel
St Aurelian of Arles
St Aureus of Mainz

St Benno of Meissen (1010-1106) Bishop of Meissen, Germany, Confessor

St Berthaldus
St Ceccardus of Luni
St Cettin of Oran
St Colman McRhoi
St Crescentius of Antioch
St Cunigunde of Rapperswil
St Curig of Wales
St Cyriacus of Iconium

Blessed Donizetti Tavares de Lima (1882-1961) Priest, Apostle of the poor, the elderly and the sick, miracle-worker, known to bilocate.
A prophecy related to Vatican II:
“No, no, Archbishop! We won’t see this disgrace (prophesying that they both would die soon) but it will come! This was not just a dream, nor a nightmare! The darkness will fall over this world! I beg you: don’t let them destroy the Altars!”
An amazing life:

St Elidan
St Felix of San Felice
St Ferreolus of Besançon
St Ferrutio of Besançon
Bl Gaspare Burgherre
St Graecina of Volterra
St Ismael of Wales
St John Francis Régis SJ (1597-1640) Priest, Confessor

St Julitta of Iconium
St Justina of Mainz

St Lutgarde of Aywières (1182-1246) The first known woman stigmatic of the Church and one of the first promoters of devotion to the Sacred Heart
Her Life:

St Maurus of San Felice
St Palerio of Telese
St Similian of Nantes
Bl Thomas Redyng
St Tycho of Amathus

Martyrs of Africa: A group of five Christians martyred together. We know nothing else but the names – Cyriacus, Diogenes, Marcia, Mica, Valeria. They were martyred in an unknown location in Africa, date unknown.

Martyrs of Làng Cóc: A group of five Christian laymen, four farmers and a doctor, from the same village in the apostolic vicariate of Central Tonkin (in modern Vietnam). During the persecutions of emperor Tu Duc, they were each ordered to stomp on a cross to show their contempt for Christianity; they each refused. Imprisoned, tortured and martyred.
• Anrê Tuong
• Ðaminh Nguyen
• Ðaminh Nguyen Ðuc Mao
• Ðaminh Nhi
• Vinh Son Tuong
The were beheaded on 16 June 1862 in Làng Cóc, Nam Ðinh, Vietnam and canonised on 19 June 1988 by St Pope John Paul II.



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