La Reina del Rosario de Banos de Agua Santa / Queen of the Holy Rosary, also known as the Virgin of the Holy Waters, Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador (1570) and Memorials of the Saints – 13 December

La Reina del Rosario de Banos de Agua Santa / Queen of the Holy Rosary, also known as the Virgin of the Holy Waters, Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador (1570) 13 December:

This is or is similar to, the Statue which stands at the Holy Waters

A few years before the founding of Quito, Dominican Missionaries travelled throughout the Ecuadorian Province of Tungurahua, bringing the Faith to the people. A bamboo Chapel was erected at Baños de Agua Santa ( Bath) wherein was venerated the Blessed Virgin of Montserrat.
One night the Sacristan of the Church saw a small Statue of the Virgin accompanied by two beautiful Angels hovering in the air then coming down to the foot of a waterfall that flowed from the mountain. This event was repeated several times, causing the people gathered in the Chapel, to beseech the Blessed Virgin to clearly manifest her intentions. The following night the Virgin appeared asking for the erection of a Church at the spring, promising to cure the sick who bathe with faith, in those waters.

A new Church was built as Our Lady asked but the Statue of the Virgin of Montserrat had disappeared before it could be transferred to the new Church. A mule came to the Town Square carrying a box containing a beautiful Statue of Our Lady of the Rosary. When this was unclaimed by anyone, it was seen as a gift from Our Lady and the image of “La Reina del Rosario de Agua Santa” was lovingly placed in the Church.
The present Basilica was completed in 1929. A brief of Pope Pius XII in 1957 declared the Virgin of Banos de Agua Santa “Principal Patroness of the missions of eastern Ecuador.” On 13 December 1959, the Cardinal Archbishop of Quito, Carlos M de la Torre, solemnly crowned the Statue of the Virgin in the presence of President of the Republic, Dr Camilo Ponce, who offered to the Mother of God, the Presidential baton invoking her as the Patron of Ecuador.

Many miracles and cures were granted by Our Lady of the Rosary of Agua Santa and numerous times, the Church has provided a sanctuary when the volcano Tungurahua hsd erupted. On one occasion, a horrendous eruption began while many were gathered to honour Our Lady. Lava was flowing toward the Church. The people raised the Statue of Our Lady of Agua Santa on high and processed to the Town Square. There, Our Lady lifted her hand silencing the roaring volcano and and diverting the flow of lava.
In 1916, a nearby farmhouse was burned completely to the ground, except for a picture of Our Lady of the Rosary of Agua Santa.

St Lucy (of Syracuse) – St Lucy/Lucia of Syracuse (c 283-304) Virgin and Martyr
Patron of the blind, eye disorders, martyrs, Perugia, Italy, Malta; epidemics; salesmen, Syracuse, Italy, throat infections, writers, against fire, against poverty, against spiritual blindness, peasants, penitent prostitutes, poor people, sick children, authors, cutlers, farmers, glass blowers, glass makers, glaziers, labourers, lawyer, maid servants, notaries, ophthalmologists, opticians, porters, printers, saddler, sailors, salesmen, seamstresses, stained glass workers, tailors, upholsterers, weavers and 10 further towns and cities.
St Lucy’s Life and Death:

St Antiochus of Sulci

Blessed Antonio Grassi Cong. Orat. (1592 – 1671) Priest of the Oratorians of St Philip Neri, Confessor, Spiritual advisor, Counsellor, Mediator, Miracle Worker, Apostle of the poor and the sick.
Blessed Antonio’s biography:

St Aristone
St Arsenius of Latro
St Aubert of Arras
Bl Bartholomew of Tuscany
St Edburgh of Lyminge
St Einhildis of Hohenburg
Bl Elizabeth Rose
St Jodocus

Blessed Giovanni Marinoni CR (1490-1562) Priest of the Theatines of St Cajetan (1480-1547) (The Congregation of the Clerics Regular of the Divine Providence), renowned Preacher and spiritual director.

St Martino de Pomar
St Odilia of Alsace (c 660-720) Virgin Abbess
St Roswinda
St Tassio of Bavaria
St Wifred

Blessed Mercedarian Knights – (7 beati): A group of Mercedarian knights who fought the enemies of the Catholic faith in the first century of the Order.
• Blessed Bernardo de Podio
• Blessed Giacomo de Copons
• Blessed Giovanni de Bruquera
• Blessed Guglielmo de Sa
• Blessed Pietro Boguer
• Blessed Pietro Ricart
• Blessed Raimondo de Frexa

Martyrs of Jeongju – (6 saints): Six Christian laymen who were imprisoned, tortured and martyred together in the persecutions in Korea. They were beheaded on 13 December 1866 in Supjeong-i, Jeongju, Chungcheong-do, South Korea
and Canonised on 6 May 1984 by St Pope John Paul II.
• Bartholomaeus Chong Mun-Ho
• Iosephus Han Won-So
• Peter Cho Hwa-so
• Petrus Son Son-Ji
• Petrus Yi Myong-So
• Petrus Chong Won-Ji

Martyrs of Sebaste – (5 saints): A group of Christians martyred together in the persecutions of Diocletian. We know little more than their names – Auxentius, Eustratius, Eugene, Mardarius and Orestes. They were martyred in c 302 at Sebaste, Armenia (in modern Turkey) and their relics are enshrined at the church of Saint Apollinaris in Rome, Italy.


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