Thought for the Day – 28 March – The Passion of Our Lord

Thought for the Day – 28 March – Meditations with Antonio Cardinal Bacci (1881-1971)

The Passion of Our Lord

Meditation on the Passion of Jesus” writes St Albert the Great, “is more profitable than fasting on bread and water or than scourging ourselves.

This is because, when we meditate with love and gratitude on the Passion of our Redeemer, we have the experience of being transformed and set aglow with charity.
We realise the truth of St Paul’s words, “The sufferings of the present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory to come, that will be revealed in us” (Rom 8:18)).

Let us cast ourselves, therefore, into the merciful arms of God and be prepared to suffer everything, even death, for the love of Jesus.”

Antonio Cardinal Bacci


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Monday of the Fourth Week of Lent – 28 March – Our Lenten Journey with the Great Fathers – ‘ … Thus it is the Lord Who builds the house, it is the Lord Jesus Who builds His own dwelling. …’

Monday of the Fourth Week of Lent – 28 March – Our Lenten Journey with the Great Fathers – 3 Kings 3:16-28, John 2:13-25

Be my rock of refuge, O God, a stronghold to give me safety.” – Psalm 30:3

Destroy this temple
and in three days
I will raise it up.

John 2:19

“THE TEMPLE that Solomon built to the Lord was a type and figure of the future Church, as well as, of the Body of the Lord. For this reason Christ says in the Gospel: Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up again. For just as Solomon built the ancient temple, so the true Solomon, the true Peacemaker, Our Lord Jesus Christ, built a temple for Himself. Now Solomon means peacemaker; Jesus, however, is the true Peacemaker, of Whom Saint Paul says: He is our peace, uniting the two into one. The true Peacemaker brought together, in Himself, two walls coming from different angles and Himself became the cornerstone. One wall was formed of the circumcised believers and the other of the uncircumcised gentiles who had faith. And of these two peoples, He made one Church, with Himself as the cornerstone and, therefore, the true Peacemaker.

AND SO, WHEN SOLOMON the King of Israel, the son of David and Bathsheba, built his temple, he acted as a figure of Christ, the true Solomon and Peacemaker. But I do not think it was Solomon of old, the type of Christ, who really built God’s dwelling. As the beginning of the psalm tells us: Unless the Lord build the house, in vain have the builders laboured on it. Thus it is the Lord Who builds the house, it is the Lord Jesus Who builds His own dwelling. Many may toil on its building,but unless He builds it, in vain have the builders laboured on it.

AND WHO ARE THOSE who labour on it? ll those who preach God’s word in the Church, who are ministers of His Sacraments . All of us now rush, work and build and before us, other men rushed, worked and built; still, unless the Lord build the house, in vain have the builders laboured on it. The Apostles and Paul specifically, saw some of them fail and said: You observe the days, the years, the months and the seasons; I fear that I may have toiled for you to no purpose. For realising that he was the result of the Lord’s building from within, he was sorrowful because he had toiled for them to no avail. Hence, we are the ones who speak from without but He builds from within. We notice the fact that you are listening but He alone knows what you are thinking, for He sees our thoughts. He is the One Who builds, admonishes, instills fear, opens the mind and bends the perceptions to the act of belief. Yet we too, His ministers, labour and are, as it were, His Workmen.” – St Augustine (354-430) Bishop and Great Western Father and Doctor of the Church (An excerpt from a Discourse on the Psalms).


Quote/s of the Day – 28 March – St John of Capistrano

Quote/s of the Day – 28 March – The Memorial of St John of Capistrano OFM (1386-1456)

Remove from your lives
the filth and uncleanness of vice.
Your upright lives must make you
the salt of the earth for yourselves
and for the rest of humankind

“Those who are called
to the table of the Lord
must glow with the brightness
that comes from the good example
of a praiseworthy and blameless life.
They must learn
from the eminent Teacher, Jesus Christ. .
“You are the light of the world”
(see Matthew 5:14).
Now a light does not illumine itself
but instead, it diffuses its rays
and shines all around upon everything
that comes
into its view.

St John of Capistrano OFM (1386-1456)


One Minute Reflection – 28 March – “Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up.” – John 2:19

One Minute Reflection – 28 March – Monday of the |Fourth Week of Lent – 3 Kings 3:16-28, John 2:13-25 and The Memorial of St John of Capistrano OFM (1386-1456)

“Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up.” – John 2:19

REFLECTION – “… In my view, both the temple and Jesus’ Body are a symbol of the Church… The temple will be rebuilt and the Body will rise on the third day… For the third day will rise in a new heaven and a new earth (2 Pet 3,13) when the dry bones, that is to say, the whole house of Israel (Ezek 37,11), will stand up on the great Day of the Lord and death will be vanquished…

Just as the Body of Jesus, subject to our vulnerable human condition, was fastened to the Cross and buried and then raised up, so the whole Body of Christ’s faithful was “fastened to the cross with him” and “now no longer lives” (Gal 2,19). For, like Paul, not one of them glories in anything any longer but in the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ, which made of Him, One Crucified for the world and made of the world, one crucified for Him (Gal 6,14)… “For we were buried with Christ,” Paul says and adds, as if he had received some pledge of the resurrection: “And have been raised to life again with Him” (Rom 6:4-9) Everyone is walking in a new life, therefore but this new life is not yet the happy and perfect resurrection… If anyone is now placed in the tomb, one day he will rise again.” – Origen (c 185-253) Priest and Theologian, Father (Commentary on St John 10,20).

PRAYER – O God, Who, through blessed John, made Your faithful people conquer the enemies of the Cross by the power of the Most Holy Name of Jesus, grant, we beseech You, that by his intercession we may avoid the snares of our spiritual enemies and may be found worthy to receive from You the crown of justice.
Through Jesus Christ, Thy Son our Lord, Who lives and reigns with Thee, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end. Amen (Collect).

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Our Morning Offering – 28 March – Thy Holy Will

Our Morning Offering – 28 March – Monday of the Fourth Week of Lent

Thy Holy Will
By St Teresa of Jesus of Avila (1515-1582)
Doctor of the Church

grant that I may always
allow myself to be guided by Thee,
always follow Thy plans
and perfectly accomplish Thy Holy Will.
Grant that in all things,
great and small,
today and all the days of my life,
I may do,
whatever Thou may require of me.
Help me to respond
to the slightest prompting
of Thy grace,
so that I may be Thy trustworthy instrument,
for Thy honour.
May Thy Will be done in time
and eternity –
by me, in me and through me.

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Saint of the Day – 28 March – Saint Guntramnus (Died 597)

Saint of the Day – 28 March – Saint Guntramnus (Died 597) King of the Kingdom of Orléans and Burgundy from 561 until his death in 592, Confessor, Apostle of the needs of the Church and of the poor and sick, Penitent. Born in c 532 in Soissons, France and died on 28 March 592 (aged 59–60) at Chalon-sur-Saône, France. Patronages – of divorced people, guardians, reformed murderers. Also known as – Contran, Gontram, Gontran, Gontrano, Gontranno, Gunthrammus, Gunthramnus, Guntram, Guntrammo.

The Roman Martyrology reads: “At Chalons in France, the demise of St Gontran King, who devoted himself to exercises of piety, renounced the pomps of the world and bestowed his trasures on the Church and the poor.”

Guntramnus was the son of King Clotaire and grandson of Clovis I and St Clotilda but was raised without the Faith. Being the second son, while his brothers Charibert reigned at Paris and Sigebert in Austrasia, residing at Metz, he was crowned King of Orleans and Burgundy in 561, making Challons on the Saone, his Capital. When compelled to take up arms against his ambitious brothers and the Lombards, he made no other use of his victories, under the conduct of a brave general called Mommol, than to give peace to his dominions.

He protected his nephews against the practices of the wicked Dowager Queen, Brunehault of Sigebert and Fredegonde of Chilperic, the firebrands of France. He divorced his wife, Mercatrude; some time later she became seriously ill and when her physician could not cure her, he had the doctor murdered. These crimes are laid to his charge but upon his conversion to Christianity, he was so overcome with remorse for the acts of his prior life,that by tears of repentance., he sought to rmake reparation for his sins.

He governed his Kingdom, studying rather to promote the temporal happiness of others than his own, a stranger to the passions of pride, jealousy and ambition and making piety the only rule of his policy.

The prosperity of his reign, both in peace and war, condemns those who think that human policy cannot be modelled by the maxims of the Gospel, whereas nothing can render a government more flourishing.

He always treated the Priests of the Church with respect and veneration, regarding them as his fathers and honouring and consulting them as his masters. He was the protector of the oppressed and the tender parent of his subjects, whom he treated as his children. He poured out his treasures among them with a holy profusion, especially in the time of a pestilence and famine. He gave the greatest attention to the care of the sick.

He fasted, prayed, wept and offered himself to God night and day, as a victim ready to be sacrificed on the altar of his justice, to avert his indignation, which he believed he himself had provoked and drawn down upon his innocent people.

He was a severe punisher of crimes in his officers and others and, by many wholesome regulations, restrained the barbarous licentiousness of his troops but no man was more ready to forgive offences against his own person. He contented himself with imprisoning a man who, through the instigation of Queen Fredegonde, had attempted to stab him and he spared another assassin sent by the same wicked woman because he had taken shelter in a Church.

This good King died on the 28th of March, in 592, having reigned thirty-one years and some months. He was buried in the Church of Saint Marcellus, which he had founded.

The Huguenots scattered his relics in the sixteenth century, only his skull escaped their fury and is now kept there in a silver case.


Monday of the Fourth Week of Lent, Nuestra Senora de Castelbruedo / Our Lady of Castelbruedo, Catalonia, Spain and Memoials of the Saints – 28 March

Monday of the Fourth Week of Lent +2022

Nuestra Senora de Castelbruedo / Our Lady of Castelbruedo, Catalonia, Spain – 28 March:

St John of Capistrano OFM (1386-1456) Friar of the Friars Minor, Priest, Confessor and Preacher. Famous as a preacher, theologian and inquisitor, trained lawyer, he earned himself the nickname ‘the Soldier Saint’ when in 1456 at age 70 he led a crusade against the invading Ottoman Empire at the siege of Belgrade.
Feast Day moved from 28 March in 1969.

St Alkelda of Middleham

Blessed Antonio Patrizi OSA (c 1280-1311) Priest, Friar of the Order of St Augustine, Prior, Hermit.
His Life:

St Castor of Tarsus
Bl Christopher Wharton

Blessed Conon of Naso (1139-1236) Monk, Hermit and Abbot of the order of St Basil of Caesarea, Miracle-worker.
His Life:

St Cyril the Deacon
Bl Dedë Maçaj
St Donal O’NeylaC
St Dorotheus of Tarsus
St Gundelindis of Niedermünster
St Guntramnus (c 532-592) King, Confessor
St Hesychius of Jerusalem
St Hilarion of Pelecete
Bl Jean-Baptiste Malo
Bl Jeanne Marie de Maille
St Proterius of Alexandria
Bl Renée-Marie Feillatreau épouse Dumont
St Rogatus the Martyr
St Successus the Martyr
St Tutilo of Saint-Gall

Blessed Venturino of Bergamo OP (1304-1346) Priest, Friar of the Order of Preachers of St Dominic, Preacher, Missionary Preacher of the Crusades, Writer.