Second Thought for the Day – 19 March – Do Not Forget St Joseph!

Second Thought for the Day – 19 March – St Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary

One of the long-standing Follower/Benefactor on Breathing Catholic, who lives in Canada, shared the following with me on St Joseph’s day last yearmany of you will remember that, at that time, I had recently moved from the area in the story to where I live now – AND had never heard about Fr O’Hare there:

Do Not Forget St Joseph!

Father O’Hare, a Missionary in South Africa, relates the following story:

“During my residence of twelve years in Africa, I had charge of a territory as large as all England. From time to time I visited my scattered flock. On one of these tours I lost my way and wandered about, without having any idea whence I came or whither I was going.

No trace of a human being could be seen. It was in the dry season and my thirsty ponies could hardly draw my cart. Eventually I arrived in an unknown valley wherein was located the farm of a Boer Afrikaner. The land was scorched by the heat of the sun but I saw a pond near the house. I presented myself to the farmer, told him my story and requested permission to water my horses. This he permitted.

Then I told him that I was a Catholic Priest. I noticed that he was a Calvinist. ‘Oh,’ said he, ‘that is fortunate – for, in the rear of the house there lies a workman; he is a Catholic. Perhaps you can go to see him.’

I hurried there and found a poor boy with death written on his forehead. When I told him that I was the Catholic Priest from the District of Oudtshoorn, 150 miles away, the sunken and pale man raised himself in his bed and cried out with emotion in a tone of genuine thanks: ‘Oh, St Joseph! I knew you would send me a Priest before my death, who would assist me in my last hour’.

What is that about St. Joseph? I asked inquisitively.

Then the dying man told me the following story: “When I was yet a boy at home, my good and pious mother taught me to say every day, ‘Oh, St. Joseph obtain for me the grace of a happy death.‘ From that day on, I never omitted that prayer a single day. I made my first Holy Communion when ten years old, served Holy Mass until my fifteenth birthday and entered the army when I was twenty-one. The Zulu war brought me to Africa. Before leaving Ireland I went to take leave of my poor old mother in my uniform. When we parted she added: ‘Do not forget the little prayer to St Joseph.’

“The Zulu war ended and my service expired; I received my honourable discharge and stayed in the Colony. The nearest Priest to me lived in Capetown, 500 miles distant. After a time I came to this Dutch farmer and have been here for years . Not long ago, I heard that a Priest was at Oudtshoorn, 150 miles away and although sickly, I went there that I might again approach the Sacraments, go to Confession and receive Holy Communion.” When I arrived at the presbytery, I was told that you had already left on your tour. ‘Yesterday I arrived back here, sick unto death and now you see, today St Joseph sends me a priest!’

I remained overnight with him, prepared him, heard his Confession and the next morning gave him the Holy Viaticum and shortly afterwards anointed him and gave him the last blessing.

A little while later he died and the last prayer that fell from his lips was: ‘St Joseph, obtain for me the grace of a happy death!


Thought for the Day – 19 March – St Joseph

Thought for the Day – 19 March – Meditations with
Antonio Cardinal Bacci (1881-1971)

St Joseph

“Let us turn to St Joseph in times of necessity.
He is very powerful because his blessed Spouse will refuse him nothing and the Son of God loves him with the love which a son has for a father.
He worked for Jesus and Mary all his life and endured hardship, danger and exile for their sake.
He loved them as nobody else in the world ever loved them.

It is impossible, that he could be denied the favours for which he asks and which we should request him to obtain for us.

Let us go to him trustingly but, let us remember, that the surest way of being heard by him, is to imitate his wonderful virtues, especially his humility, his spirit of prayer, his purity and his calm desire always, to do God’s will.”

Antonio Cardinal Bacci


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Our Lenten Journey with the Great Fathers on the Feast of St Joseph Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary – 19 March

Our Lenten Journey with the Great Fathers on the Feast of St Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary – 19 March

“Happy the man who fears the Lord, who greatly delights in His commands.” – Psalm 111:1-3

Behold, an angel of the Lord
appeared to him in a dream and said,
“Joseph, son of David,
fear not to take to you, Mary
your wife, for that which is begotten in her
is of the holy Spirit.”

Matthew 1:20

HOW THEN DID the Angel assure Joseph? Hear and marvel at the wisdom of these words: “Joseph, son of David, do not fear to take Mary your wife.” The angel instantly puts him in mind of David, from whose seed the Anointed One would spring. He did not allow him to be confused by the exalted title of his forefather, or remind him that the promise was made to the whole race. Rather, he addresses him personally as “Joseph, Son of David.” … By saying “fear not,” he indicates that Joseph had been afraid, lest he might give offence to God by retaining an adulteress under the law. If it had not been for this, he would not have even thought of casting her out. The Angel came from God to bring forward and set before him clearly, what he thought to do and what he felt in his mind.

THE ANGEL did not only mention her by name but also simply called her “your wife.” He would not have called her so, if she had been unfaithful. Even as espoused, he speaks of her as “your wife,” just as Scripture commonly calls betrothed husbands sons-in-law, even before marriage.

BUT WHAT IS MEANT by “[Do not fear] to take Mary your wife”? It means to retain her in his house. For he was intending to put her away. It is as if the angelic voice prompted: “Retain her just as if she has been committed to you by God, not by her parents alone. God is committing her, not for marriage but to dwell with you. By my voice, He is committing her to you.” Just as Christ would later commit Mary to his disciple, so now he commits her to Joseph.” – St John Chrysostom (347-407) Father amd Doctor (The Gospel of Matthew, Homily 4)

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Quote/s of the Day – 19 March – St Joseph,

Quote/s of the Day – 19 March – St Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary

I cannot call to mind
that I have ever asked him,
at any time for anything,
which he has not granted
and I am filled with amazement
when I consider the great favours
which God has given me,
through this blessed Saint;
the dangers from which he has delivered me,
both of body and of soul!”

St Teresa of Avila (1515-1582)
Doctor of the Church

“… You can see how low and humbled
he was brought,
more than can be said or imagined…
he went to his own country
and town of Bethlehem
and none but he, was turned away
from all those inns…
Notice how the Angel turns him about
with both hands.
He tells him he has to go to Egypt
and he goes, he orders him to return
and he returns.
God wants him to be always poor…
and he submits to it with love
and not only for a while,
for he was poor his whole life long

St Francis de Sales (1567-1622)
Doctor of the Church

Blessed Joseph, Remember Us
By St Bernadine of Siena (1380-1444)

Blessed Joseph,
remember us,
intercede with the help of your prayers
to your adopted Son
and may you likewise,
make the blessed Virgin,
your Spouse,
to be favourable towards us,
for she is the Mother of Him,
who, with the Father
and the Holy Spirit,
lives and reigns
world without end.


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One Minute Reflection – 19 March – “Joseph, son of David ” – Matthew 1:20

One Minute Reflection – 19 March – St Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Ecclesiasticus 45:1-6, Matthew 1:18-21

“Joseph, son of David ” – Matthew 1:20

REFLECTION – “There is no doubt that Joseph was a very holy and trustworthy man, since the Mother of the Saviour was to be his wife. He was the “faithful and prudent servant” (Mt 24:45), for God established him to be His Mother’s support, the foster father of His flesh and the assistant for His plan of salvation.

We must recall, that he was of the House of David. He was son of David, not only by bonds of the flesh but even more, because of his faith, holiness and piety. God found in him, a second David, to whom He could confidently entrust His plans, even the most hidden. He revealed to him, as to another David, the mysteries of His Wisdom and disclosed to him, what no teacher in the world, could know. He allowed him to see and listen, to things that so many kings and prophets had wished to see and hear but which,, in spite of their desire, they had not been able to see or to hear (Mt 13:7), even more,, He made him carry and guide, embrace, nurture and protect Him. Both Mary and Joseph belonged to David’s race; in Mary was fulfilled the promise once made by the Lord to David, while Joseph was the witness of this fulfilment.” – St Bernard (1090-1153) (Surname de Fontaine) Priest, Cistercian Monk, The Last Father and Doctor Mellifluus (Mellifluous Doctor) (Homily on the “Missus est”, 2, 16).

PRAYER – May the merits of Your most holy Mother’s spouse help us, we beseech You, O Lord, that through his intercession, we may receive what we cannot obtain by our own efforts. Who lives and reigns with God the Father, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, world without end. Amen (Collect).

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Our Morning Offering – 19 March – Hail, Holy Joseph, Hail!

Our Morning Offering –19 March – St Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Hail, Holy Joseph, Hail!
By Father Frederick William Faber CO (1814-1863)

Hail, holy Joseph, hail!
Chaste spouse of Mary hail!
Pure as the lily flow’r
In Eden’s peaceful vale.
Hail, holy Joseph, hail!
Prince of the house of God!
May His best graces be
By thy sweet hands bestowed.

Hail, holy Joseph, hail!
Comrade of Angels, hail!
Cheer thou the hearts that faint,
And guide the steps that fail.
Hail, holy Joseph, hail!
God’s choice wert thou alone!
To thee the Word made flesh,
Was subject as a Son.

Hail, holy Joseph, hail!
Teach us our flesh to tame
And, Mary, keep the hearts
That love thy husband’s name.
Mother of Jesus! bless,
And bless, ye Saints on high,
All meek and simple souls
That to Saint Joseph cry.

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Saint of the Day – 19 March – Blessed Andrea Gallerani (Died 1251)

Saint of the Day – 19 March – Blessed Andrea Gallerani (Died 1251) Layman, Penitent, Founder of a Lay Apostolate known as “The Friars of Mercy” (Frati della Misericordia). Born in the 13th century in Siena, Italy and died on 19 March 1251 in Siena of natural causes. Patronage – Parma, Italy, Also known as – Andrew Gallerani, Andrew de’Gallerani, Andre d’Gallerani. Additional Memorial – 20 June (Siena, Italy).

The Roman Martyrology states: “In Siena, Blessed Andrea Gallerani, who visited and consoled the sick and afflicted with care and gathered the Brothers of Mercy, so that, as lay people without vows, they would serve the poor and the sick.”

Andrea of ​​the noble Sienese Gallerani family, was born in Siena in the 13th century and as a young man, as a Soldier, for unknown reasons, killed a man; the justice of the Ghibelline Municipality of Siena condemned him to exile from the City. It is not known when but as soon as he was able to return to Siena, regretting his perhaps impulsive crime, he devoted himself completely to the service of the sick and the needy.

Having possessions and precious goods, he destined them to the foundation, or he refinanced a public hospital, called della Misericordia, gathering around him a group of fellow citizens, who, following his example, dedicated themselves to charitable and assistance works and ,at the same time, conducted a life of poverty.
They were called “Friars of Mercy”, which, however, was not a true religious order but only a charitable apostolate whose individual members followed a standard of spiritual life, according to their own wishes.

It was the characteristic of the Franciscan or Dominican Tertiaries. After the death of the blessed Andrea, the Friars, partially transformed into a religious Order in 1201 and was suppressed in 1571 and thereafter, took on a precedence in Siena over the lay apostolate, so it was claimed that Gallerani belonged to this Order, which he had not.

Already in life he enjoyed the fame of holiness, a fame that increased considerably after his death, which took place in Siena on 19 March 1251, so much so, that in 1274, the Bishop of the City, granted a special indulgence to those who visited his tomb on Holy Monday which was placed in the Church of the Order of Preachers.

Later, by order of Pope St Pius V (1504-1572), this indulgence was postponed to the Monday after Easter, as it is still in force today. A special Association named after him also arose in Siena, which united the nobles of the City as members.

The cult of Andrea was confirmed on 13 May 1798 by Pope Pius VI.


St Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Memorials of the Saints – 19 March

St Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary – 19 March:

St Joseph!

St Adrian of Maastricht
St Alkmund of Northumbria
St Amantius of Wintershoven
Blessed Andrea Gallerani (Died 1251) Layman, Penitent.
St Apollonius of Braga
St Auxilius of Ireland
Bl Clement of Dunblane
St Colocer of Saint-Brieuc
St Corbasius of Quimperlé
St Cuthbert of Brittany
St Gemus

Blessed Isnard de Chiampo OP (Died 1244) Priest of the Order of Preachers, known as the “Apostle of Pavia,” Confessor, Miracle-worker,
His Life:

Bl Jan Turchan
St John the Syrian of Pinna
St Lactali of Freshford
St Landoald of Maastricht
St Leontinus of Braga
St Leontinus of Saintes

Blessed Marcel Callo (1921-1945) Martyr of Nazi persecution of Catholics, Layman.

Bl Mark of Montegallo
St Pancharius of Nicomedia

Blessed Sibyllina Biscossi OP (1287-1367) Blind Dominican Virgin and Recluse, Penitent, Miracle-worker. Her body is incorrupt.
Her Life:

Martyrs of Sorrento: A group of three sisters and a brother who were Martyred together. We have little more than their names – Mark, Quartilla, Quintilla and Quintius. They were martyred in Sorrento, Italy, date unknown.

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War:
• Blessed Alberto Linares de La Pinta
• Blessed Jaume Trilla Lastra