Saint of the Day – 3 April – Blessed Gandulphus of Binasco OFM (c 1200-1260)

Saint of the Day – 3 April – Blessed Gandulphus of Binasco OFM (c 1200-1260) Priest and Friar of the Friars Minor of St Francis, renowned Preacher mainly in Sicily, Hermit, Miracle-worker . He was one of those who entered the Order while the Seraphic Father was still alive and the life he led was one of great self-abnegation. Born in c 1200 at Binasco, Lombardy, Italy and died on Holy Saturday 3 April 1260 at the San Nicolò Hospital in Polizzi Generosa, Sicily, Italy of natural causes. Patronage – Polizzi Generosa, Italy (chosen by citizens and confirmed in 1320). Also known as – Gandulphus Sacchi, Gandulphus of Polizzi, Generosa, Gandulphus of Polizzo, Gandolf, Gandolfo, Gandulf. Additional Memorial – relics processed in Polizzi Generosa, Italy on the 3rd Sunday of September.

Gandulphus was born to the nobility, a member of the wealthy and powerful Sacchi family in Binasco (near Milan). He joined the Franciscans while Saint Francis was still alive and made his final vows and was Ordained to the Priesthood in c 1224.

In 1256, he founded the Franciscan convent at Termini Imerese, Italy.

Gandulphus spent the majority of his life in Sicily, preaching the Gospel throughout the region. Many miracles were worked by his intercession. In 1260, a young mute man was cured outside Polizzi Generosa, Italy, which led to his preaching having great effect on the local people, so much so, that after his death, the people requested that he become the Patron Saint of their City, which was granted and confirmed in 1320.

Gandulphus became alarmed at hearing himself highly commended, which induced him to embrace the solitary life, lest he should be tempted to vainglory. With one companion, Brother Pascal, he left the Friary at Palermo and set out for the wild district in which he had determined to settle. Afterwards, from time to time, he would emerge from his retreat to evangelise the people of the neighbouring districts, upon whom his discourses and miracles made a profound impression. Once while he was preaching at Polizzi, the sparrows chattered so loudly that the congregation could not hear the sermon. Gandulphus appealed to the birds to be quiet and we are told that they kept silence until the conclusion of the sermon. On that occasion the holy man told the people that he was addressing them for the last time and in fact, immediately upon his return to the hospital of St Nicholas, where he was staying, he was seized with fever,and died on Holy Saturday as he had foretold, in 1260.

When his body was enshrined, the watchers declared that during the night there had flown into the Church a number of swallows, who had separated into groups and had sung, in alternating choirs, a Te Deum of their own.

Gandulphus’ preaching and miracles ,had such a profound effect on the Sicilians who still, to this day, have a great veneration for him. His relics were re-enshrined in a marble ark in 1482 and then translated in 1549 in a Reliquary covered in silver leaf. On 10 March 1881 Pope Leo XIII confirmed his cultus.



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