Thought for the Day – 8 April – The Betrayal of Judas

Thought for the Day – 8 April – Meditations with Antonio Cardinal Bacci (1881-1971)

The Betrayal of Judas

“It is quite certain, that Judas did not commit this sacrilegious act of betrayal on the spur of the moment.
Evil, like goodness, is arrived at step-by-step.
Perhaps it was some motive of self-interest, rather than of pure love, which led Judas to become one of Jesus; Apostles.
Covetousness, “the root of all evils,” (Cf 1 Tim 6:10) seems to have been his dominant passion.
As the Gospel tells us, he kep the money offerings which those who had been converted, gave to Jesus for His support and for that of His Apostles.
Judas did not know how to suppress his dominant passion at times.
On one occasion, he complained about Mary Magdalen, when she anointed the feet of Jesus with precious ointment.
The passion grew and he became a thief, “He was a thief and holding the purse used to take what was put in it” (Jn 12:6).
In spite of the extraordinary grace he had received, he fell into sin.
Finally, he was guilty of the betrayal, of the sacrilegious communion at the last supper and of the kiss of hypocrisy in Gethsemane.

The example of Judas is a lesson to us.
It is disastrous to begin to yield to our passions and to fall into evil habits.
The Holy Spirit warns us that anyone who makes little account of small things, will fall into bigger (Cf Ecclus 19:11).

Let us remember, that even a tiny spark can set off a conflagration.
Likewise, a single mortal sin can lead us to Hell!

Antonio Cardinal Bacci




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2 thoughts on “Thought for the Day – 8 April – The Betrayal of Judas

  1. Judas is known as Judas Matreiyas the one who betrayed us as well as Jesus Christ. The spirit of the Matreiya originated in ancient Hindu India where Buddhism was born. This spirit was carried back to Israel after the first exile because the Jews refused to abandon the Torah. The pagans there curse them and this evil spirit came upon Judas Iscaroit to become the Matreiya to stop Jesus Christ’s passion to save humanity from sin and eternal damnation. It backfired and Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Later the Gospel of Judas continued this eternal Betrayal to reveal Judas Matreiyas as Lord Matreiya to deceive the world today as the world’s greatest teacher from the revelations of Benjamin Creme.

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    1. Fascinating – basically a different version of Revelation. Satan/anti-christ – the Father of Lies who is the Prince of the World – very clear to see in our times of evil, lies and immense worldwide deception.
      It is the greatest pity to see the massive number of the human race who are barely human now – those who have sold their souls. They are everywhere, all around us.


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