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Saint of the Day – 21 June – St Aloysius Gonzaga SJ (1568-1591) “The Angel of Purity”

Saint of the Day – 21 June – St Aloysius Gonzaga SJ (1568-1591) Confessor, Seminarian of the Society of Jesus, Mystic, Marian devotee, born of a noble family as Prince Luigi. Known as “The Angel of Purity.”

The Roman Martyrology reads: “At Rome, St Aloysius de Gonzaga, of the Society of Jesus, most renowned for his contempt of his Princely dignity and the innocence of his life.”

St Aloysius de Gonzaga (Excerpt)
By Fr Virgilio Cepari SJ (1564-1631)

St Aloysius, unlike so many of his illustrious family, has not left behind him, the glory of a great Captain, or of a man of letters, or of a ruler or statesman. Perhaps we may gather from this brief life, that thanks to the laws of inheritance, or to the gifts specially bestowed upon him, had longer years and occasion been given to him, he would have made his mark in the world. Talents he had and they were very notable whenever circumstances called them into play. Father Budrioli, a contemporary of our Saint, records in his Memoirs of St Aloysius ,that it was the conviction of all the Fathers in the Roman College and, there were men of European fame amongst them, that young Gonzaga had been given to the Society of Jesus, by a special Providence, to be one day its General, a post for which his prudence, sound judgement and extraordinary ability in matters of business, seemed even then, to have marked him out.

But St Aloysius had a heart too great to be contented with earthly grandeur. Nothing seemed of value to him, except what is prized by God and what, like Him, is everlasting To our Saint, the highest science was the science of Saints, to conquer oneself, the greatest victory, to serve God was to reign.! His motto was: Quid hoc ad aeternitatem? What is this to eternity? Guided by this thought, the young Prince, though living in the midst of a profligate world, with its charms and seductions on every side, took in hand the difficult task of making himself a Saint. And in the short space that he lived, he reached such a height of sanctity, that Holy Church, not content with raising him to her Altars, honoured him with the title of “The Angel of Purity”and gave him as model and Patron to the youth of the future.

What commemoration more fitting or more profitable than, by the faithful picture of his life, to reproduce him, whose whole being, whose every word and deed, whose each joy and sorrow, every aspiration and success were a constant forward march towards that ideal of perfection, which attracted him from childhood!

Fr Virgilio Cepar was a contemporary of the Saint, an ocular witness of most of the facts he narrates; he was his fellow-student and lived with him for several years, during which time, he met him everyday and was honoured with his most entire confidence.
And what Cepari himself had not seen and heard, he learned from the lips of those who had witnessed all that he narrates, the mother and brother of St Aloysius, his tutors, servants, his relatives and acquaintances, his masters, superiors in religion, his Confessor.
Fr Cepari visited every place, except those in Spain, where the Saint had stayed for any length of time and took down on the spot, the most exact information, as can be learnt from the statements of the sworn witnesses. No other writer of the life of St Aloysius has done the same.

To download “The Life of St Aloysius Gonzaga”, click on the link below.

Download “The Life of St Aloysius Gonzaga



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