One Minute Reflection – 17 May – “I am in my Father and you in me and I in you.” John 14:20

One Minute Reflection – 17 May – Sixth Sunday of Easter, Readings: Acts 8:5-8, 14-17, Psalm 66:1-7, 16, 20, 1 Peter 3:15-18, John 14:15-21 and the Memorial of Blessed Antonia Messina (1919-1935) Virgin and Martyr

“I am in my Father and you in me and I in you.” ... John 14:20i am i my father and you in me and i in you john 14 20 17 may 2020

REFLECTION – “Cloth of scarlet or purple is a very precious and royal fabric, not because of the wool but because of the colour.   The actions of good Christians are of such great value, that heaven is given to us for them.   However, … it is not because they come from us and are the wool of our hearts.   Rather, it is because they are dyed with the blood of the Son of God.   I mean, that the Saviour sanctifies our actions by the merits of His blood.   A branch of the vine, united and joined to the stock, produces fruit, not by it’s own power but empowered by the stock.   Now we are untied by charity to our Redeemer, as members to the head (Eph 4:15-16).   That is why our fruits and good works, drawing their value from Him, merit life everlasting.

… We, ourselves, are branches that are dry, unprofitable and unfruitful.   We are not competent of ourselves to claim anything as coming from us, our competence is from God, who has made us competent to be ministers (2 Cor 3:5-6) and able to do His will. Therefore, as soon as sacred love engraves on our hearts the name of our Saviour, our great Shepherd (1 Pet 2:25), we begin to bear delicious fruits for life everlasting.” …. St Francis de Sales (1567-1622) Doctor of Charityas soon a sacred love engraves on our hearts the name ofour saviour - st francis de sales 17 may 2020

PRAYER – Almighty, ever-living God, bring us to the joy of Your heavenly city, so that we, Your little flock, may follow where Christ, our Good Shepherd, has gone before us, by the power of His Resurrection.   May our hearts overflow with the joy of His eternal presence, that in Him and through Him and with Him, we may attain the happiness of life eternal.   May the prayers of the Blessed Virgin, guide us and may Blessed Antonia Messina too grant us her intercession, that we may always follow our Shepherd in faithful love.   We make our prayer through Christ, our Lord, with the Holy Spirit, God now and for all eternity, amen.faithful mother mary pray for us now and at the hour of our death amen 26 oct 2019

blessed antonia messina pray for us 17 may 2020

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Saint of the Day – 17 May – Blessed Antonia Messina (1919-1935) Virgin and Martyr

Saint of the Day – 17 May – Blessed Antonia Messina (1919-1935) Virgin and Martyr, Laywoman – born on 21 June 1919 in Orgosolo, Sardinia, Italy and died on 17 May 1935, Ovadduthai, Orgosolo, Nuoro, Italy as a result of her injuries sustained during an attack with the purpose of raping her.   She attempted to fend off the would-be rapist and suffered 74 strikes with a stone before she died.   Patronages – Nuoro, Orgosolo, Rape victims, Martyrs. young Catholic antonia mesina info header

Antonia was born in Sardinia, the second-born of ten children.   She was forced to leave elementary school, only after taking four years of classes, in order to take over the household duties from her mother, Grazia.   She often called Antonia “the Flower of My Life.”bl antonia face

Her mother developed a heart condition that precluded her from continuing to perform her domestic chores.   Grazia claimed that Antonia “never once went against me.”   Antonia was obedient and hard working.   She willingly and diligently performed her duties and took on responsibilities, as if she were already an adult.   For instance, she cooked, baked, cleaned, washed clothes, cared for the children, carried water into the house and gathered wood for baking.

When she was ten years old, she joined a youth group called “Catholic Action.”   She thought it was a beautiful experience and said that it “helps one to be good.”   She was well-liked by her peers and encouraged others to join Catholic Action (even on the day of her death) because they received spiritual benefits from good works and received good Catechesis.   It is no wonder, she renounced her personal pleasures and sacrificed her wants, for that of her family members needs and antonia mesina

After attending daily Mass one morning, while coming home from gathering wood in a forest with a friend, Antonia was attacked by a teenage boy, Ignazio Catigu, from behind. The attacker grabbed her by her shoulders and tried to force her to the ground while her friend screamed and ran for help.   Antonia managed to escape twice but was knocked down the third time and severely beaten on the head and face with a rock.   The last blow smashed her skull and disfigured her face.  Though mortally wounded, Antonia resisted the would-be rapist.   At autopsy, the doctors determined that Antonia’s body had not been sinfully violated.   Catigu was soon apprehended and on 27 April 1937 sentenced to death, the firing squad executed him on the following 5 August.

On 5 October 1935 the Catholic Action member, Venerable Armida Barelli OFS (1882 – 1952) – who had met Mesina once – met with Pope Pius XI and informed him, of Mesina’s activism and her Antonia-Mesina

The beautiful and virtuous, Antonia, died a Martyr of Holy Purity at age 15 (the attack was month before her 16th birthday) similar to St Maria Goretti who died at age twelve. St Pope John Paul II Beatified Antonia Mesina on Sunday, 4 October 1987 at St Peter’s and named her a Martyr “in defensum castitatis” “in Defence of Chastity.”beata-antonia-mesina bodybl antonia body

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The Sixth Sunday of Easter +2020 and Memorials of the Saints – 17 May 2020

The Sixth Sunday of Easter, Year A +2020

St Adrione of Alexandria
Blessed Antonia Messina (1919-1935) Virgin and Martyr
Bl Bernard of Verdun
St Cathan of Bute
St Fionnchan of Druim-Eanaigh
St Giulia Salzano (1846-1929)
Her Life:
St Heraclius of Noviodunum
Bl Ivan Ziatyk
St Madron of Cornwall
St Maildulf of Malmesbury
St Maw
St Paschal Baylon OFM (1540-1592) The Saint of the Blessed Sacrament
About this beautiful Saint:

St Paul of Noviodunum
St Peter Lieou
St Rasso of Grafrath
St Restituta of Carthage
St Silaus of Lucca
St Solochanus of Chalcedon
St Thethmar
St Victor Roma

Martyrs of Alexandria – 3 saints: Three Christians martyred together; no details about them have survived except their names: Adrio, Basilla and Victor. 4th century Alexandria, Egypt.

Martyrs of Nyon: A group of Christians martyred together in the persecutions of Diocletian. We know little more than three of their names: Aquilinus, Heradius and Paul. 303 at Noyon, Switzerland.