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One Minute Reflection – 18 May –  “In His greatness He has let Himself become small.”

One Minute Reflection – 18 May – Saturday of the Fourth Week of Easter, C, John 14:7–14

“He who has seen me has seen the Father…”…John 14:9

REFLECTION – “We believe in God.   This is what the main sections of the Creed affirm, especially the first section.   But another question now follow – in what God?   Certainly we believe in the God who is Creator Spirit, creative Reason, the source of everything that exists, including ourselves.

The second section of the Creed tells us more.   This creative Reason is Goodness, it is Love.   It has a face.   God does not leave us groping in the dark.   He has shown Himself to us as a man.   In His greatness, He has let Himself become small.   “Whoever has seen me has seen the Father”, Jesus says (Jn 14:9).   God has taken on a human face.   He has loved us even to the point of letting Himself be nailed to the Cross for our sake, in order to bring the sufferings of mankind to the very heart of God.

Today, when we have learned to recognise the pathologies and the life-threatening diseases associated with religion and reason and the ways that God’s image can be destroyed by hatred and fanaticism, it is important to state clearly the God in whom we believe and to proclaim, confidently, that this God has a human face.   Only this can free us from being afraid of God – which is ultimately at the root of modern atheism.   Only this God saves us from being afraid of the world and from anxiety before the emptiness of life.   Only by looking to Jesus Christ, does our joy in God come to fulfilment and become redeemed joy.   During this solemn Eucharistic celebration, let us look to the Lord lifted up before us on the Cross and ask Him to give us the immense joy which, at the hour of His farewell, He promised to the disciples (cf. Jn 16:24)!”…Pope Benedict XVI – Regensburg Homily Tuesday 12 September 2006john 14 9 he who seen me - god does not leave us groping in the dark - pope benedict 18 may 2019.jpg

PRAYER – Since it is from You God, our Father, that redemption comes to us, Your adopted children, look with favour on the family You love, give us true freedom and to all who believe in Christ and bring us all alike to our eternal heritage.   Grant we pray, that by the prayers of Your holy angels and saints, most especially our beloved Virgin Mary, Mother of Christ, we may run this race always in prayer, trusting in Your divine Son’s intercession, to attain the Glory of Your Kingdom and the Light of Your Face. Through Jesus Christ, in the union of the Holy Spirit, one God with You, forever and ever, amen.mary, mater christi - pray for us - 18 may 2019.jpg