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Friday of the Passion of the Lord, Our Lady of Kieff (1010) and Memorials of the Saints

Friday of the Passion of the Lord +2022

Tre Ore (The Three Hours Devotion)
The Three Hours’ Agony on Good Friday from Noon until 3 o’clock to commemorate the three hours of Christ’s Hanging at the Cross.
It includes sermons on the Seven Last Words from the Cross and usually occurs between Noon and 3PM, the latter being the time when Jesus Died on the Cross and the time the Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion begins.
In 1815, Pope Pius VII decreed a plenary indulgence to those who practice this devotion on Good Friday.

It is a fine tradition to keep silent
from Noon to 3:00 PM today.

Our Lady of Kieff (1010)– 15 April:

St Abbo II of Metz

St Abbondio of Como (Died c 564) The Fourth Bishop of Como, Italy, Confessor, Theologian, Papal Legate.

St Acuta

Saint Anastasia of Rome (Died c 68) Martyr, Spiritual Student of St Peter the Apostle AND:
St Basilissa of Rome (Died c 68) Martyr, Spiritual Student of St Peter the Apostle

St Cesar de Bus (1544-1607) Priest, Teacher, Founder of two religious Congregations: the Secular Priests of the Christian Doctrine and the Daughters of the Christian Doctrine – Patron of Catechists.

St Crescens of Myra
St Eutyches of Rome
St Eutychius of Ferentino
St Huna of Slättåkra

St Hunna (of Strasbourg) (died 679) Known as the Holy Washerwoman,
The life of St Hunna:

Bl Laurentinus Sossius
St Maro of Rome
St Maximus of Persia
St Mundus
St Nidger of Augsburg
St Olympiades of Persia
St Ortario of Landelles

St Paternus/Padarn of Wales (c 482-c 568) Bishop, Monk, Hermit, renowned Preacher – he built a Monastery of Llanbadarn Fawr in Wales.
About St Paternus:

St Pausilopo of Thrace

St Ruadhan of Lorrha (Died 584) Irish Priest, Monk, Abbot. He was known for his prophesies
About St Ruadhan:

St Sylvester of Réome
St Theodore of Thrace
St Victorinus of Rome
St Waltmann of Cambrai

Mercedarian Martyrs of Africa: A group of Mercedarian Monks sailing to Africa as on a mission to redeem capture Christians. Captured by Moors, they were tortured and executed for their faith. Martyrs. 1393.

Martyred in Rome

Martyred in Thrace