Madonna dell’Abbondanza / Our Lady of Abundance, Cursi, Italy (1641) and Memorials of the Saints – 5 January

The Vigil of the Epiphany of Our Lord

Madonna dell’Abbondanza / Our Lady of Abundance, Cursi, Italy (1641) – 5 January:

St John Nepomucene Neumann CSsR (1811-1860) Bishop, Religious, Founder, Preacher, Writer, Founder of Schools and builder of Churches. Neumann founded the first Catholic Diocesan school system in the United States as well as building 50 Churches and starting on a Cathedral, before his death. His body is incorrupt. (Memorial)
St John:

Bl Alacrinus of Casamari
St Apollinaris Syncletica
St Cera of Kilkeary

St Charles of Mount Argus CP (1821-1893) Religious Passionist Priest, Apostle of Charity, Spiritual guide, Miracle-worker.

Bl Bl Convoyon of Redon
St Deogratias of Carthage (Died 457) Bishop
St Dorotheus the Younger
St Emiliana of Rome (6th Century) Virgin
Bl François Peltier
St Gaudentius of Gnesen

St Genoveva Torres Morales (1870-1956) known as the “Angel of Solitude,” Nun and Foundress of the Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Holy Angels (The Angélicas).
Her Life:

St Gerlach (c 1100-c 1170) Hermit
His Life:

Bl Jacques Ledoyen
Bl Joan Grau Bullich
St Kiara
St Lomer of Corbion
Bl Marcelina Darowska
Bl Maria Repetto
Bl Paula of Tuscany
Nl Pierre Tessier
Bl Pietro Bonilli
St Simeon Stylites
St Syncletica
St Talida of Antinoë

Martyrs of Africa – 14 saints: A group of Christians martyred together in Africa, date unknown, exact location unknown. We know nothing more than their names – Acutus, Anastasia, Candidus, Coelifloria, Felix, Honorius, Januaria, Jucundus, Lucianus, Marcus, Petrus, Secundus, Severus and Telesphorus.

Martyrs of Sais: A group of Christians martyred for their faith, but about whom no details have survived. They were martyred by drowning near Sais, Egypt.

Martyrs of Upper Egypt: There were many martyrs who suffered in the persecutions of Diocletian in the Thebaid region. Though we know these atrocities occurred, to the point that witnesses claim the torturers and executioners were exhausted by the work, we do not know the names of the saints and we honour them as a group. Many were beheaded and or burned alive in 303 in Upper Egypt.