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Saint of the Day – 21 June – Saint Ralph of Bourges (Died 866)

Saint of the Day – 21 June – Saint Ralph of Bourges (Died 866) Archbishop of Bourges.   Born as Raoul in Angoumois, France and died on 21 June 866 of natural causes.   He is remembered as a skillful diplomat and a proponent of ecclesiastical reform.   Also known as Raoul, Radulph, Radulf or Rudolf.img-Saint-Ralph-of-Bourges

Ralph’s family was prominent in the region of Angoumois, France and he, himself, possessed lands in the Limousin.   He was named after his father, the count of Turenne (died 844) and he had four brothers and two sisters.

Making Christ his only inheritance, he took the Monastic habit in 822 at Solignac and was made Archbishop of Bourges in 840.   He founded seven Monasteries and was indefatigable in reforming his flock increasing their knowledge of the faith and teaching them to practise it in their lives.

1024px-st ralph - Solignac_-_Eglise_abbatiale_-_Choeur_et_bras_Sud_du_transept
The Monastery of Solignac, where Rodulf began his ecclesiastical career.

For the direction of his clergy he compiled a book of Canons under the title of Pastoral Instructions.

With Bishop Stodilo of Limoges, Ralph helped found the Monastery of Beaulieu.   His family provided the land for the foundation and he, himiself, Consecrated the new community under the Benedictine rule in 860.   He granted the Monks the right of free election of their Abbot and pronounced excommunication on any governing authority, who molested them in the future.   He even procured royal protection for them.   Ralph also helped found the Convent at Cahors, where his sister, Immena, was installed as the first Abbess.

Ralph died at Bourges on 21 June 866 and was buried in the Basilica of Saint Ursinus, see below.

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Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Feast of Our Lady of Miracles and Memorials of the Saints – 21 June

Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A +2020

Feast of Our Lady of Miracles – 21 June – the patron of the town of Alcamo, Sicily.
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