Quote/s of the Day – 11 August – The Memorial of St Clare of Assisi

Quote/s of the Day – 11 August – The Memorial of St Clare of Assisi

“He, Christ, is the splendour of eternal glory, “the brightness of eternal light and the mirror without cloud.”
Behold, I say, the birth of this mirror. Behold Christ’s poverty even as he was laid in the manger and wrapped in swaddling clothes. What wondrous humility, what marvellous poverty!
The King of angels, the Lord of heaven and earth resting in a manger!
Look more deeply into the mirror and meditate on His humility, or simply on His poverty.
Behold the many labours and sufferings He endured to redeem the human race.
Then, in the depths of this very mirror, ponder His unspeakable love which caused Him to suffer on the wood of the cross and to endure the most shameful kind of death.
The mirror Himself, from His position on the cross, warned passers-by to weigh carefully this act, as He said:
“All of you who pass by this way, behold and see if there is any sorrow like mine.”
Let us answer His cries and lamentations with one voice and one spirit:
“I will be mindful and remember and my soul will be consumed within me.”

Gerard Seghers – St. Clare and St. Francis of Assisi in adoration before the Child Jesus.

“We become what we love and who we love shapes what we become.
If we love things, we become a thing.
If we love nothing, we become nothing.
Imitation is not a literal mimicking of Christ,
rather it means becoming the image of the beloved,
an image disclosed through transformation.
This means we are to become vessels of God’s
compassionate love for others.”

St Clare’s second letter to Blessed Agnes of Prague

we become what we love - st clare

“ Blessed be You, O God, for having created me. ”

St Clare’s Last Words

blessed be you o god - st clare

“Cling to His most sweet Mother,
who carried a Son whom the heavens could not contain;
and yet she carried Him in the little enclosure of her holy womb
and held Him on her virginal lap.”

cling to his most sweet Mother - st clare

“Gaze upon Him, consider Him, contemplate Him, 
as you desire to imitate Him.
….Totally love Him, Who gave Himself totally for your love.”

“They say that we are too poor
but can a heart which possesses the infinite God be truly called poor?
We should remember this miracle of the Blessed Sacrament when in Church.
Then we will pray with great Faith to Jesus in the Holy Eucharist:
‘Save me, O Lord, from every evil – of soul and body.’”

St Clare of Assisi

gaze upon Him, consider Him - st clare

St Pope John Paul II said of Saint Clare: 

“her whole life was a Eucharist because …
from her cloister she raised up a continual ‘thanksgiving’ to God 
in her prayer, praise, supplication, intercession, weeping, offering and sacrifice. 

She accepted everything from the Father in union with the infinite ‘thanks’ of the only begotten Son.

her whole life was a Eucharist - st john paul



Quote/s of the Day – 2 August – The Memorial of St Peter Julian Eymard “Apostle of the Eucharist”

Quote/s of the Day – 2 August – The Memorial of St Peter Julian Eymard “Apostle of the Eucharist”

“During the days of His mortal life, Jesus was present in one place only.   He dwelt in one house only.   Few persons were privileged enough to enjoy His presence and listen to His words.   But today in the Blessed Sacrament, He is, we may say, everywhere at one and the same time.   In a way, His humanity shares the prerogative of His divine immensity which fills all things.   Jesus is present in His entirety in an infinite number of temples and in each one of them.   Since all the Christians scattered throughout the world are members of His Mystical Body, it does seem necessary that He, as the soul of it, should be everywhere present throughout the whole body, giving it life, and sustaining it in each one of His members.”

“Have a great love for Jesus in His divine Sacrament of Love;
that is the divine oasis of the desert.
It is the heavenly manna of the traveller.
It is the Holy Ark.
It is the Life and Paradise of love on earth.”

have a great love for jesus in His divine sacrament of love - st peter julian eymard

“When we work hard, we must eat well.
What a joy, that you can receive Holy Communion often!
It’s our life and support in this life – receive Communion often
and Jesus will change you into Himself.”

when we work hard, we must eat well - st peter julian eymard

“Eucharistic adoration is the greatest of actions.
To adore is to share the life of Mary on earth
when she adored the Word Incarnate in her virginal womb,
when she adored Him in the Crib,
on Calvary,
in the divine Eucharist.”

St Peter Julian Eymard

eucharistic adoration is the greatest of actions - st peter julian eymard

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One Minute Reflection – 19 May

One Minute Reflection – 19 May

Those who love me I also love and those who seek me find me…….Proverbs 8:17

REFLECTION – “Blessed are those who abandon themselves into Our Lady’s hands. Their names are written in the Book of Life.”………………St Bonaventure (1217-74) Doctor seraphicus (Seraphic Doctor)

blessed are those who abandon-st bonaventure

PRAYER – Heavenly Father, make a devoted client of Your beloved Daughter, Mary.   Let me entrust myself always into her hands so that she may protect me as she took cate of Your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, in His infancy, childhood and throughout His life.   Make me unto her, Lord my God!   Mary, my beloved Mother, give me your spirit and pray for us all amen!

mary beloved mother-pray for us all