Thought for the Day – 25 June

Thought for the Day – 25 June

A Still quiet Moment

Today, 25 June, we celebrate the feast day of Saint William of Vercelli (1085-1142), founder of the Order of Monte Vergine, also known as the “Williamites.”   Saint William lived a quiet life of solitude and contemplation, listening intently for the voice of God and following the directions he received.   Through his obedience, William was taken far from home, worked many miracles and established a thriving religious community—all because he was quiet and paused to discern the Will of the Lord.
Saint William had complete trust in the Lord and in His Divine Providence.   Ever faithful and contemplative, William was willing to leave his home as a youth and subsequently leave the community he had built with his own hands in service to God.   Patient, humble and obedient, Saint William of Vercelli put the Lord’s work above his own desires at every moment of his life.   His great devotion to Our Lady, was a source of immense comfort and trust in the holy Mother of God, who he knew would lead him to her Son. We could do well by observing Saint William’s confidence in the Divine Providence and striving to imitate him by creating quiet moments in our own lives for prayer, reflection and contemplation.   It is in those moments that the Divine Plan for our own lives quietly unfolds…… if we listen.

St William of Vercelli and Monte Vergine, please pray for us!

st william of vercelli pray for us.2