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Thought for the Day – 28 February

Thought for the Day – 28 February

After having renounced everything, one can still worship other idols, such as fame and name.   To be able to enjoy ‘hundred-fold’, one must detach oneself from ‘self’.   A true disciple is not the one who has left all material possessions to follow Jesus, rather the one who has given up the home of self-prestige, brother hatred, sister gossiping, mother backbiting, father pride and child selfishness.   When a person is free from such entanglements, she or he will receive a hundred times more the home of humanness, brother love, sister charity, mother understanding, father humility and child generosity.   This is the way one obtains eternal life.   It is easier to be a philanthropic than a disciple.   The former gives from abundance and earns worldwide praises;  the latter strives hard to let go the wealth of ego and receives mockery and persecution.   Only those who walk the talk can teach the value of renunciation and commitment.  (Sr Virginia Rajakumari SAB)

Lord, Lord help us all!

Veronica’s veil, by Claude Mellan (c. 1649).800px-claude_mellan_-_face_of_christ_-_wga14764