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Thought for the Day – 12 July – The Memorial of St Veronica


“Bernice Veronica” – both names referring to the Woman who wiped the Face of Jesus, commonly depicted in every Catholic church, at the Sixth Station of the Cross.

Did she exist?   And what does it mean to be “a Veronica?”

The Catholic Church tells us that a veil bearing a miraculous image of the Face of Jesus has existed since the earliest centuries, recorded in history and in art.   About the time this miraculous veil first appeared in Rome, in the Middle Ages, the name “Veronica” referred to the veil itself–“Veronica” meaning “vera” or true, and “icon” meaning image, or even more precisely, “to be present.”   Those who gazed upon the veil bearing the true Face of Jesus stood in God’s presence.   They were turned toward His Face.
Legends sprang up sometime later about a woman named “Veronica,” who was sometimes associated with the woman “Berenice” or “Bernice,” the bleeding woman who touches the hem of Jesus’s garment in the Gospel.
“These pious traditions cannot be documented but there is no reason why the belief that such an act of compassion did occur should not find expression in the veneration paid to one called Veronica.” —The Catholic Encyclopedia.
St Pope John Paul II expressed the answer to the question of Veronica most beautifully in his poem,


In the crowd walking towards the place

[of the Agony]–

did you open up a gap at some point or were you

[opening it] from the beginning?

And since when? You tell me, Veronica.

Your name was born in the very instant

in which your heart

became an effigy:  the effigy of truth.

Your name was born from what you gazed upon.

–Karol Wojtylaname - st veronica - karol wotyla - st john paul - 12 july 2018

When a soul performs an “act of compassion,” Jesus leaves His image on the “veil” of the soul.   In other words, while contemplating the Face of Jesus in an image, in the Word of God in the Scriptures, in a person made in the image and likeness of God, or above all, in the Eucharist, the soul places itself in the Presence of God.   When we are turned completely toward the Face of God, through a daily face-to-face encounter in prayer–by the power of the Holy Spirit–God gradually transforms the soul into the “True Image” of His Son, Jesus Christ.   As Pope St. John Paul II says, our hearts must become an “effigy of truth,” a “true icon.”   

Then our name too will be born from what we gaze upon.  It will be “Veronica.”

St Veronica pray for us!st-veronica-pray-for-us-21 - 12 JULY 2017


Quote/s of the Day – 12 July – The Memorial of Sts Louis & Zelie Martin

Quote/s of the Day – 12 July – The Memorial of Sts Louis & Zelie Martin

– Parents of St Thérèse of the Child Jesus

“The good God,
gave me a father and mother,
more worthy of Heaven than of earth.”

St Thérèse of the Child Jesus (1873-1897)

Doctor of the Churchthe good god - st t of l - 12 july 2018

“They live in the world, that is,
in each and in all
of the secular professions and occupations.
They live in the ordinary circumstances of family and social life,
from which, the very web, of their existence is woven.
They are called there by God,
that by exercising their proper function
and led by the spirit of the Gospel,
they may work for the sanctification of the world,
from within as a leaven.”

Lumen Gentium 31they live in the world - lumen gentium 31

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One Minute Reflection – 12 July – The Memorial of St Veronica

One Minute Reflection – 12 July – The Memorial of St Veronica

You have said, “Seek my face”.   My heart says to you, “Your face, Lord, do I seek”.   Hide not your face from me.   Turn not your servant away in anger, you who have been my help.   Cast me not off, forsake me not, O God of my salvation………Psalm 27:8-9

REFLECTION – “Veronica- ‘Bernice’ in the Greek tradition, embodies the universal yearning of the devout men and women of the Old Testament, the yearning of all believers to see the Face of God.   On Jesus’ Way of the Cross, though, she at first did nothing more than perform an act of womanly kindness – she held out a facecloth to Jesus.   She did not let herself be deterred by the brutality of the soldiers or the fear which gripped the disciples.   She is the image of that good woman, who, amid turmoil and dismay, shows the courage born of goodness and does not allow her heart to be bewildered.   “Blessed are the pure in heart”, the Lord had said in his Sermon on the Mount, “for they shall see God” (Mt 5:8).   At first, Veronica saw only a buffeted and pain-filled Face.   Yet her act of love impressed the true image of Jesus on her heart: on His human Face, bloodied and bruised, she saw the Face of God and His goodness, which accompanies us even in our deepest sorrows.   Only with the heart can we see Jesus.  Only love purifies us and gives us the ability to see.   Only love enables us to recognise the God who is love itself.”…………..Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (24 March 2005)at-first-veronica-saw-only-a-joseph-card-ratzinger-24-march-2005- 12 july 2017

PRAYER – Lord God, grant us restless hearts, hearts which seek Your Face.   Keep us from the blindness of heart which sees only the surface of things.   Give us the simplicity and purity which allow us to recognise Your presence in the world.   When we are not able to accomplish great things, grant us the courage which is born of humility and goodness. Impress Your Face on our hearts.   May we encounter You along the way and show Your image to the world.   St Veronica, Pray for us! veronica - pray for us - 12 july 2018


Our Morning Offering – 12 July – The Memorial of Sts Louis & Zelie Martin

Our Morning Offering – 12 July – The Memorial of Sts Louis & Zelie Martin – Parents of St Thérèse of the Child Jesus

Morning Offering
By St Thérèse of the Child Jesus (1873-1897)

O my God!
I offer You all my actions of this day
for the intentions and for the glory
of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
I desire to sanctify
every beat of my heart,
my every thought,
my simplest works,
by uniting them to Its infinite merits
and I wish to make reparation for my sins,
by casting them into the furnace
of Its Merciful Love.
O my God!
I ask You for myself and for those
whom I hold dear,
the grace to fulfill perfectly
Your Holy Will,
to accept for love of You
the joys and sorrows of this passing life,
so that we may one day be united together,
in Heaven for all Eternity.
Amenmorning offering - o my god, i offer you all my actions of this day - st therese lisieux - 12 july 2018 - mem of louis and zelie

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Saints of the Day – Sts Louis & Zelie Martin – Parents of St Thérèse of the Child Jesus/of Lisieux (1873-1897 – Doctor of the Church)

Saints of the Day – Sts Louis (1823-1894) & Zelie (1831–1877) Martin – Parents of St  Thérèse of the Child Jesus/of Lisieux (1873-1897 – Doctor of the Church).   Sts Louis and Zelie two married French laypeople and the parents of five nuns, including Thérèse of Lisieux, a Carmelite nun who was Canonised as a saint in 1925 and added as one of the only 36 Doctors of the Church by St Pope John Paul in 1997.   On 18 October 2015, the couple were also Canonised, becoming the first spouses in the church’s history to be canonised as a couple.

header - louis, zelie, thereselouis zelie therese as a childmartin family

The simple, hard-working and prayerful Martin family from the small French town of Alençon was anything but ordinary.   Not only is one of the family’s daughters the great St Thérèse of the Child Jesus — the Carmelite Doctor of the Church known for her “little way” — and another daughter, Sister Leonie, under consideration for Canonisation but the parents became the first married couple ever to be Canonised saints.  Sts Louis and Zélie Martin built a family that shines throughout the world today as a beacon of ideal family life.

Neither had intended to marry.  Both had seriously considered religious life but doors had been closed to them as they moved closer to that vocation.   God’s will became increasingly clear to them, ending up as the perfect Catholic love story that, beginning when they met on Alençon’s St Leonard’s Bridge, was bookended with their 2015 Canonisation.

It was love at first sight that day on the bridge.   A brief courtship resulted in their 13 July 1858, marriage.   On that day, Sts Louis and Zélie established a family grounded in a love for God and a commitment to do His will, not immune from the everyday troubles of family life nor the pains and sorrows that few families know.

The couple complemented each other well.   Louis was reserved and contemplative, while Zélie was outgoing and social.   Both put their children ahead of themselves and wanted nothing but their best.   Prayerful and discerning, these holy parents had the clear-headed vision to know that the best for their children was to help them grow in a relationship with God.

Numerous challenges that the Martins faced was the stuff that has driven many away from God and religion.   Four of the Martins’ children died at an early age and Zélie suffered a lengthy bout with breast cancer that resulted in her death at the age of 45.
When understood improperly, one is prone to seeing suffering as a reason to doubt their faith and to give up on God.   Throughout it all, the Martins confidently proclaimed a profound love of God and an undying trust in His providence.

The Little Way of St Thérèse posits a simple spirituality of doing little things exceedingly well.   She learned this first and foremost from her parents as a girl  . As she said herself, “The good Lord gave me a father and a mother more worthy of heaven than of earth.”

In good times and in bad, the Martins were faithful to each other and to God.   They embraced their vocation as spouses and parents with joy and they dedicated their entire selves to their calling.   They worked hard to provide for their family — Louis eventually gave up his watch shop to join Zélie in her lucrative lace-making business.   But they knew that their success was found in putting God first, as evidenced by their daily habit of attending Mass together.


Their family life is a model for families the world over.   The Martin home was filled with laughter and joy just as much as it was with prayer and love.   It was a home of affection, tenderness and mercy.   And it was a home where holiness was desired above all else. They wanted what God wanted and nothing more.   They did not give in to the temptations and weaknesses that came with trials and suffering, but relied on Christ’s example and His grace in the sacraments to fortify them.

In the end, the sole desire of the Martins for themselves and for their children was to become saints.   And now Canonised, Sts Louis and Zélie provide a clear blueprint for families today who share that same goal. (OSV Newsweekly).web3-louis-zelie-martyin-parenting-advice-mercy-mcnab-photography

Louis and Zélie were declared “venerable” on 26 March 1994 by St Pope John Paul II. They were Beatified on 19 October 2008 by José Saraiva Cardinal Martins, the legate of Pope Benedict XVI in the Basilica of Saint Thérèse, Lisieux.   A few months earlier, the Church had recognised the miracle of Pietro Schiliro, an Italian child cured of lung illness, at their intercession.   For Louis and Zélie to be Canonised, the church needed to find that God worked a second miracle at their intercession.

On 7 January 2013, Carlos Osoro Sierra, Archbishop of Valencia, presided at the opening of the canonical process to inquire into the healing in 2008 of a girl named Carmen, who was born in Valencia four days before Louis and Zélie were beatified  .Eight doctors testified that there was no scientific explanation for her cure.

The diocesan tribunal held its closing session on 21 May 2013 and the file was sent to Rome for review by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

On 3 March 2015 Angelo Cardinal Amato announced informally that Louis and Zélie Martin would be declared saints during the Synod of Bishops.   The Congregation accepted and promulgated the miracle on 18 March 2015.

On 26 June 2015, Miracle of Life in Valencia, a film produced by the Archdiocese of Valencia about the Canonisation miracle was released online in English.    The next day, at a consistory of cardinals in Rome, Pope Francis approved the decree for the Canonisation of Louis and Zélie Martin and announced that the ceremony would take place in October in Rome.

On 18 October 2015, Louis and Azélie-Marie Martin were Canonised as saints by Pope Francis.Vatican French SaintsLouis_and_Marie-Azélie_Martin (1)

For more on Sts Louisd and Zelie here:


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Memorials of the Saints – 12 July

St Agnes De
St Andreas the Soldier
St Ansbald of Prum
St Balay
St Clement Ignatius Delgado Cebrian
Bl David Gonson
St Epiphana
St Faustus the Soldier
St Felix of Milan
St Fortunatus of Aquileia
St Hermagorus of Aquileia
St Hilarion of Ancyra
St Jason of Tarsus
Bl Jeanne-Marie de Romillon
St John Gualbert
St John Jones
St John the Georgian
Bl Lambert of Cîteaux

St Louis Martin (18231894)
St Marie-Azélie Guérin / ZELIE Martin (1831 –1877)

Bl Madeleine-Thérèse Talieu
Bl Marguerite-Eléonore de Justamond
Bl Marie Cluse
St Menas the Soldier
St Menulphus of Quimper
St Nabor of Milan
St Paternian of Bologna
St Paulinus of Antioch
St Phêrô Khan
St Proclus of Ancyra
St Proculus of Bologna
St Uguzo of Carvagna
St Veronica

St Viventiolus of Lyons

Martyrs of Nagasaki – 8 beati: Additional Memorial – 10 September as one of the 205 Martyrs of Japan
Eight lay people, many them related to each other, who were martyred together:
• Catharina Tanaka
• Ioannes Onizuka Naizen
• Ioannes Tanaka
• Ludovicus Onizuka
• Matthias Araki Hyozaemon
• Monica Onizuka
• Petrus Araki Chobyoe
• Susanna Chobyoe
12 July 1626 in Nagasaki, Japan
Beatified on 7 May 1867 by Pope Blessed Pius IX.