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Thought for the Day – 22 July – Feast of St Mary of Magdala

Thought for the Day – 22 July – Feast of St Mary of Magdala

“When Mary Magdalene came to the tomb and did not find the Lord’s body, she thought it had been taken away and so informed the disciples.   After they came and saw the tomb, they too believed what Mary had told them.   The text then says: “The disciples went back home,” and it adds: “but Mary wept and remained standing outside the tomb.”

We should reflect on Mary’s attitude and the great love she felt for Christ;   for though the disciples had left the tomb, she remained.   She was still seeking the one she had not found and while she sought she wept;   burning with the fire of love, she longed for Him who she thought had been taken away.

And so it happened that the woman who stayed behind to seek Christ was the only one to see Him.   For perseverance is essential to any good deed, as the voice of truth tell us: “Whoever perseveres to the end will be saved”….  Jesus says to her:  “Mary.”   Jesus is not recognised when He calls her “woman”, so He calls her by name, as though He were saying:  ‘Recognise me as I recognise you, for I do not know you as I know others, I know you as yourself.’   

And so Mary, once addressed by name, recognises who is speaking.  She immediately calls Him ‘Rabboni’, that is to say, teacher, because the one whom she sought outwardly was the one who inwardly taught her to keep on searching.

from a homily by St Pope Gregory the Great  (540-604) Father & Doctor

St Mary Magdalen, Pray for us!st-mary-of-magdala-pray-for-us-3-22 july 2017

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One Minute Reflection – 22 July – Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B – Today’s Gospel: Mark 6:30-34

One Minute Reflection – 22 July – Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B – Today’s Gospel: Mark 6:30-34

And he said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a lonely place and rest a while.”...Mark 6:31

REFLECTION – “So they got into the boat and went away by themselves to a deserted spot”… The people followed them.   They showed how concerned they were for their salvation by the effort they made in going along the deserted road, not on donkeys or in carts of various kinds but on foot.   In return Jesus welcomed those weary, ignorant, sick and hungry people, instructing, healing and feeding them as a kindly saviour and physician and so letting them know how pleased He is by believers’ devotion to Him.”…Saint Bede the Venerable (c 673-735) Father & Doctor of the Church (Commentary on Saint Mark’s gospel, 2 ; CCL 120, 510)
“Today we could pray during this mass for our shepherds, that the Lord may give them the grace to walk with the people and to be present for them with much tenderness and closeness.   When people find their shepherd, they feel that special sensation only felt in the presence of God.   The amazement comes from the feeling of the closeness and tenderness of God in the shepherd.”…Pope Francis – Santa Marta, 30 January 2018come away with me - mark 6 31 and so they got into the boat - st bede - 22 july 2018

PRAYER – Be gracious, Lord, to us who serve You and in Your kindness increase Your gifts of grace within us, so that fervent in faith, hope and love, we may be ever on the watch and persevere in doing what You command.   Guard, protect and inspire our own shepherds, our priests who serve Your people, keep them faithful, loyal and prayerful. May our Mother, the most Holy and Pure Blessed Virgin Mary, keep our priests and all of us at her side.   Through our Lord Jesus Christ, one God with Holy Spirit, forever and ever, virgin mother mary protect and pray for our priests - 22 july 2018


Sunday Reflection – 22 July – Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

Sunday Reflection – 22 July – Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

Sit laus plena, sit sonora

Remember, Mother Church, the holy and venerable hands,
the hands that, taking bread, broke and gave it,
the hands that have strengthened the bolts of your gates,
the hands that blessed your children within you (cf. Ps 147:12).
Remember the voice of Him whose word runs swiftly,
blessing and saying, “Take and eat, this is my Body”;
“This chalice is the new testament in my Blood” (cf. 1 Cor 11:24-25).
Remember the Crucified, the Risen One, the Lord of glory
whose Face alone plants peace in your borders,
whose Heart would save your souls from death,
and feed you in time of famine (cf. Ps 32:19).
Remember His hands, His Face and His Heart,
remember His words on the night before He suffered,
and out of your remembering, let praise come to flower on your lips.
Praise to fill that Upper Room,
praise to fill the Church,
praise to fall like a balm on every heart that has forgotten
the language of the Great Thanksgiving.

Remember the chalice of blessing
and adore the Blood of Christ.
Remember the bread that we break
and adore the Body of Christ.
Remember the one Bread by which we,
though many, are made one (cf. 1 Cor 10:16-17).
Remember the chalice of the Blood
in which every tear of yours dissolves into joy.
Remember the broken Bread
by which every brokenness of yours is made whole.
Remember the chalice offered to those who have nothing to offer.
Remember the Bread given to those who have nothing to give.
Remember and into your remembering,
welcome the immensity of a silence that seeks only to adore.remember the chalic of blessing - sunday reflection - 22 july 2018 - from vultus christi

(Excerpt By Dom Mark, Vultus Christi)


Quote/s of the Day – 22 July – Feast of St Mary of Magdala

Quote/s of the Day – 22 July – Feast of St Mary of Magdala

“Just as a woman
had announced
the words of death
to the first man,
so also, a woman was the first
to announce to the Apostles
the words of life.”

St Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)just as a woman had announced - st thomas aquinas - 22 july 2018

“…Sometimes in our lives,
tears are the lenses
we need to see Jesus…”

Pope Francis 2 April 2013sometimes in our lives - pope francis - st mary magdalene - pray for us - no 2. - 22 july 2018


Our Morning Offering – 22 July – Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year

Our Morning Offering – 22 July – Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

You are Here for me, Lord Jesus
Eucharistic Prayer

You are here for me, Lord Jesus
and I am here for You.
You have made Yourself all mine,
and I would make myself all Yours.
You are all attentive to me,
and I would be all attentive to You.
You have turned Your Face toward me,
and I would hold my face turned toward You.
Love of me has pierced Your Heart;
would that love of You would pierce my heart.
You humble Yourself even to seek my company;
how can I not seek Your company
Why have You done all
in Your power to be present to me?
But I love You Lord,
Stay with me!
Amenyou are here for me lord jesus - eucharistic prayer - sunday 22 july 2018

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Saint of the Day – 22 July – Blessed Augustine Fangi O.P. (1430-1493)

Saint of the Day – 22 July – Blessed Augustine Fangi OP (1430-1493) – Dominican Friar and Priest, Confessor, Mystic, known as “The Miracle Worker,” Augustine of Biella.   He was commonly regarded, even in his time, as a miracle worker and, in serving as the Prior of several of his Order’s monasteries, was concerned with restoring and maintaining a faithful observance of the Rule of Saint Dominic.   He was born in 1430 at Biella, Piedmont, Italy and died on 22 July 1493 at Venice, Italy of natural causes.   In the 1530s, workmen found his coffin floating in the water that had seeped into the burial chamber – when opened, Augustine’s body and clothing were found to be Incorrupt and remains so.

bl augustine fangi - my pic - 22 july 2018

Blessed Augustine’s father was a member of the Fangi family, who were wealthy and noble and, because of this, he had planned a secular career for his son.   But when the Dominicans came to Biella, his plans were changed, for Augustine was completely charmed by their way of life and begged to be admitted.   He entered, while quite young, the new convent that the Dominicans had built at Biella.

Augustine had a reputation for penance, even at a time when people were not as squeamish as they are today.   Not only did he inflict harsh penances upon himself, he also bore with patience whatever pain and annoyance life granted him gratuitously.

One remarkable characteristic noted of Augustine, was his equanimity and ability to concentrate intensely on spiritual matters.   One incident recorded, involves a surgical procedure, which he was required to undergo without anesthetic, as such an aid was not available in the fifteenth century.   He did so without crying out at all.   Afterwards, he simply stated that his mind was so intensely focused on something else that he hardly noticed what was being done.  In prayer he was often seen levitating in ecstasy.

In 1464, Augustine was made Prior at Soncino.   Several of his best known miracles were performed there.   At one time, a deformed child, who had died without baptism, was restored to life, by Augustine’s prayer, long enough to be baptised.   At another time, when he was passing down the street, he met a little boy who was crying bitterly, because he had broken a jug of wine.   Augustine gathered up the shards and put them back together again.   Then, with a prayer, he refilled the jug and handed it back to the startled child.   Still another time, through his intercession, a woman was delivered from possession of five devils.

When his coffin, was opened in the 1530s and his body was found to be Incorrupt, interest was again revived in Blessed Augustine.   Nevertheless, it was more than three centuries before his cultus was confirmed in 1872 by Pope Pius IX he was finally beatified in 1878 by Pope Leo XIII.   His Shrine is at the Chapel of St Dominic in Venice (below).879px-Interior_of_Santi_Giovanni_e_Paolo_Venice_-_Chapel_of_St._Dominic_by_Andrea_Tirali

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Memorials of the Saints – 22 July

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B (2018)
St Mary of Magdala (Feast)

St Anastasius of Schemarius
St Andrea of Antioch
St Andreas Wang Tianqing
St Anna Wang
Bl Augustine Fangi O.P. (1430-1493)
St Baudry of Montfaucon
Bl Benno of Osnabruck
St Claudius Marius Victorinus of Saussaye
St Cyril of Antioch
St Dabius
Bl Jacques Lombardie
St John Lloyd
St Joseph of Palestine
St Lewine
St Lucia Wang Wangzhi
Bl Manuela de Jesus Arias Espinosa
St Maria Wang Lishi
St Meneleus of Ménat
St Movean of Inis-Coosery
St Pancharius of Besancon
Bl Paolo de Lara
St Philip Evans
St Plato of Ancyra
St Syntyche of Philippi
St Theophilus of Cyprus
St Wandrille of Fontenelle

Martyrs of Marula/Massylis: – 3 saints: Three Christians martyred together. We know nothing else about them but the names – Ajabosus, Andrew and Elian. They were martyred in Massylis (Marula), Numidia (in modern Algeria).

Martyrs of Massilitani: A group of Christians martyred together in northern Africa. Saint Augustine of Hippo wrote about them.

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War:
Bl Jaime María Carretero Rojas
Bl Joaquin Rodríguez Bueno
Bl José María Mateos Carballido
Bl Juan Durán Cintas
Bl Ramón María Pérez Sous