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Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort’s Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary – Third Week – Day Thirty-One – 16 November

Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort’s Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary – Third Week – Day Thirty-One – 16 November

Third Week

Day 31 of 33

Imitation of Christ, by Thomas á Kempis:   Book 4, Chapter 2

That the Great Goodness and Love of God Is Exhibited to Man in This Sacrament

In confidence of Your goodness and great mercy, O Lord, I draw near, sick to the Healer, hungry and thirsty to the Fountain of life, needy to the King of Heaven, a servant to his Lord, a creature to the Creator, desolate to my own tender Comforter.   “But how is this to me,” that You come unto me (Luke 1:43)? What am I, that You should grant me Your own self? how dare a sinner appear before Your?

And how is it that You vouchsafe to come unto a sinner?   You know Your servant and are well aware that he has in him no good thing, for which You should grant him this.   I confess, therefore, my own vileness, I acknowledge Your goodness, I praise Your tender mercy and give You thanks for Your transcendent love.

From True Devotion To the Blessed Virgin Mary, Nos. 243-254 243.

Loving slaves of Jesus in Mary, should hold in high esteem devotion to Jesus, the Word of God, in the great mystery of the Incarnation, 25 March, which is the mystery proper to this devotion, because it was inspired by the Holy Spirit, for the following reasons:           a) That we might honour and imitate the wondrous dependence which God the Son chose to have on Mary, for the glory of His Father and for the redemption of man.   This dependence is revealed especially in this mystery where Jesus becomes a captive and slave in the womb of His Blessed Mother, depending on her for everything.                       b) That we might thank God for the incomparable graces He has conferred upon Mary and especially that of choosing her to be His most worthy Mother.   This choice was made in the mystery of the incarnation.   These are the two principal ends of the slavery of Jesus in Mary.

245. a) Since we live in an age of pride when a great number of haughty scholars, with proud and critical minds, find fault even with long-established and sound devotions, it is better to speak of “slavery of Jesus in Mary” and to call oneself “slave of Jesus” rather than “slave of Mary”.   We then avoid giving any pretext for criticism.   In this way, we name this devotion after its ultimate end which is Jesus, rather than after the way and the means to arrive there, which is Mary.   However, we can very well use either term without any scruple, as I myself do.

246. b) Since the principal mystery celebrated and honoured in this devotion is the mystery of the Incarnation where we find Jesus only in Mary, having become incarnate in her womb, it is appropriate for us to say, “slavery of Jesus in Mary”, of Jesus dwelling enthroned in Mary, according to the beautiful prayer, recited by so many great souls, “O Jesus living in Mary”. o jesus living in mary by st louis de montfort for total consecration - 12 nov 2018

249. Those who accept this devotion should have a great love for the Hail Mary, or, as it is called, the Angelic
Salutation.   Few Christians, however enlightened, understand the value, merit, excellence and necessity of the Hail Mary.   Our Blessed Lady herself had to appear on several occasions to men of great holiness and insight, such as St Dominic, St.John Capistran and Blessed Alan de Rupe, to convince them of the richness of this prayer.

Recite: Litany of the Holy Spirit, Ave Maris Stella:

St Louis de Montfort’s Prayer to Mary:
Litany of the Holy Name and O Jesus Living In Mary: THIRTY ONE - THIRD WEEK - TOTAL CONSECRATION 16 NOV 2018



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