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Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort’s Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary – Third Week – Day Thirty Three – 18 November

Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort’s Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary – Third Week – Day Thirty Three – 18 November

Third Week

Day 33 of 33

Imitation of Christ, by Thomas á Kempis:  Book 4, Chapter 11

That the Blood of Christ and the Holy Scriptures

Are Most Necessary unto a Faithful Soul

O most sweet Lord Jesus, how great is the pleasure of the devout soul that feasts with You in Your banquet, where there is set for her, no other food to be eaten but Yourself, her only Beloved and most to be desired, above all the desires of her heart!   To me also it would be indeed sweet, in Your presence to pour forth tears from the very bottom of my heart and with the grateful Magdalene, to wash Your feet with tears (Luke 7:38).   But where is that devotion?   Where that bountiful flowing of holy tears?   Surely in Your sight and Your holy Angels, my whole heart ought to burn and to weep for j  oy. For in this Sacrament I have You mystically present, hidden under another shape.   For to look upon You in Your own Divine brightness, my eyes would not be able to endure, nor could even the whole world stand in the splendour of the glory of Your majesty.   Herein then You have regard to my weakness, that You hide Yourself under this Sacrament.

From True Devotion To the Blessed Virgin Mary, Nos. 261-265

In Mary
261. We must do everything in Mary.   To understand this, we must realise that the Blessed Virgin is the true earthly paradise of the new Adam and that the ancient paradise was only a symbol of her.   There are in this earthly paradise untold riches, beauties, rarities and delights, which the new Adam, Jesus Christ, has left there.   It is in this paradise that He “took his delights” for nine months, workedHhis wonders and displayed His riches with the magnificence of God Himself.  In this earthly paradise grows the real Tree of Life, which bore our Lord, the fruit of Life, the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which bore the Light of the world.   In this divine place there are trees planted by the hand of God and watered by His divine unction, which have borne and continue to bear fruit, that is pleasing to Him.   Only the Holy Spirit can teach us the truths that these material objects symbolise.

262. The Holy Spirit, speaking through the Fathers of the Church, also calls our Lady the Eastern Gate, through which the High Priest, Jesus Christ, enters and goes out into the world.   Through this gate, He entered the world the first time and through this same gate, He will come the second time.

For Mary
265. Finally, we must do everything for Mary.   We take Mary for our proximate end, our mysterious intermediary and the easiest way of reaching Him.   Relying on her protection, we should undertake and carry out, great things for our noble Queen.   We must defend her privileges when they are questioned and uphold her good name when it is under attack.   We must attract everyone, if possible, to her service and to this true and sound devotion.   As a reward for these little services, we should expect nothing in return, save the honour of belonging to such a lovable Queen and the joy of being united through her to Jesus, her Son, by a bond that is indissoluble in time and in eternity.

Recite: Litany of the Holy Spirit, Ave Maris Stella:

St Louis de Montfort’s Prayer to Mary:
Litany of the Holy Name and O Jesus Living In Mary: DAY THIRTY THREE - THIRD WEEK - TOTAL CONSECRATION - 18 NOV 2018



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