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Appeal Update – 17 April – Thank you!

Appeal Update – 17 April

“Would that I could exhaust myself,
in acts of thanksgiving and gratitude,
towards this Divine Heart,
for the great favour He shows us,
in deigning to accept our help,
to make Him known, loved and honoured.
He reserves infinite blessings for all those
who devote themselves to this work.”

St Margaret Mary Alacoque (1647-1690)appeal - would that i could exhaust myself - st margaret mary alacoque - 1 march 2019.jpg

Dear Jennie 

Holy Mass and daily prayers, will be offered for you on Tuesday 23 April, in gratitude for your sincere and loving Donation to keep this little apostolate going.

May the Lord shine His Face upon you and yours!

Anaholy mass in gratitude - jennifer ma 17 april 2019.jpg


The Stations of the Cross – 17 April – The 7th and 8th Stations

The Stations of the Cross – 17 April – Wednesday of Holy Week

Meditations on the Stations of the Cross
By Blessed John Henry Newman (1801-1890)

Begin with an Act of Contrition:


Forgive my sins, O my God, forgive my sins: 
the sins of youth, 
the sins of age;
the sins of my soul 
and the sins of my body;
the sins which, through frailty, I have committed; 
my deliberate and grievous sins, 
the sins I know and the sins I do not know, 
the sins I have laboured so long to hide from others,
that now they are hidden from my own memory; 
let me be absolved from all these iniquities
and delivered from the bond of all these evils, 
by the Life, Passion, and Death 
of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. 
Amenact-of-contrition-ash-wed-17 march 2019.jpg

The Seventh Station
Jesus falls a second time

V. Adoramus te, Christe, et benedicimus tibi.
R. Quia per sanctam Crucem tuam redemisti mundum.
V. We adore You, O Christ and we bless You.
R. Because by Your holy cross, You have redeemed the world.

THE pain of His wounds and the loss of blood increasing at every step of His way, again His limbs fail Him and He falls on the ground.

What has He done to deserve all this?   This is the reward received by the long-expected Messias from the Chosen People, the Children of Israel.   I know what to answer.   He falls because I have fallen. I have fallen again.   I know well that without Your grace, O Lord, I could not stand and I fancied that I had kept closely to Your Sacraments, yet in spite of my going to Mass and to my duties, I am out of grace again.   Why is it but because I have lost my devotional spirit and have come to Your holy ordinances in a cold, formal way, without inward affection.   I became lukewarm, tepid.   I thought the battle of life was over and became secure.   I had no lively faith, no sight of spiritual things.   I came to church from habit and because, I thought others would observe it.   I ought to be a new creature, I ought to live by faith, hope and charity but I thought more of this world, than of the world to come—and at last I forgot that I was a servant of God and followed the broad way that leads to destruction, not the narrow way which leads to life.   And thus I fell from You.

V. Have mercy on us, O Lord.
R. Have mercy on us.

I love You, Lord Jesus,
my love above all things,
I repent with my whole heart
for having offended You.
Never permit me to separate myself
from You again grant that I
may love always
and then do with me what You will.
(St Alphonsus Liguori)

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Bethe seventh station jesus falls 2nd time - what has he done - bl johnhenry newman 17 april 2019.jpg

The Eighth Station
Jesus comforts the Women of Jerusalem

V. Adoramus te, Christe, et benedicimus tibi.
R. Quia per sanctam Crucem tuam redemisti mundum.
V. We adore You, O Christ and we bless You.
R. Because by Your holy cross, You have redeemed the world.

AT the sight of the sufferings of Jesus the Holy Women are so pierced with grief that they cry out and bewail Him, careless what happens to them by so doing.   Jesus, turning to them, said, “Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not over Me, but weep for yourselves and for your children.”

Ah! can it be, O Lord, that I shall prove one of those sinful children for whom You bid their mothers to weep.   “Weep not for Me,” He said, “for I am the Lamb of God and am making atonement at My own will for the sins of the world.   I am suffering now but I shall triumph and, when I triumph, those souls, for whom I am dying, will either be my dearest friends or my deadliest enemies.”   Is it possible?   O my Lord, can I grasp the terrible thought that You really did weep for me—weep for me, as You did weep over Jerusalem? Is it possible that I am one of the reprobate? possible that I shall lose by Your passion and death, not gain by it?   Oh, withdraw not from me.   I am in a very bad way.   I have so much evil in me.   I have so little of an earnest, brave spirit to set against that evil.   O Lord, what will become of me?   It is so difficult for me to drive away the Evil Spirit from my heart.   You alone can effectually cast him out.

V. Have mercy on us, O Lord.
R. Have mercy on us.eight station jesus women jerusalem - 17 april 2019 bl john henry newman.jpg

I love You, Lord Jesus,
my love above all things,
I repent with my whole heart
for having offended You.
Never permit me to separate myself
from You again grant that I
may love always
and then do with me what You will.
(St Alphonsus Liguori)

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Bei love you lord jesus - st alphonsus 11 april 2019.jpg


Holy Week Thoughts – 17 April – Give Me everything

Holy Week Thoughts – 17 April – Wednesday of Holy Week

All belong to you and you belong to Christ and Christ belongs to God.

…1 Corinthians 3:22-23

The thousands of people, events, ideas and plans that occupy my inner life must become all one in the One and Only Name, Jesus.

I know that I have to move from speaking about Jesus to letting Him speak within me, from thinking about Jesus to letting Him think within me, from acting for and with Jesus, to letting Him act through me.

I know that the only way for me to see the world, is to see it through His eyes.

Everything has to become very simple, very unified, very focused.   It is no longer a question of being up-to-date and well-informed.

At this moment in history, my own, as well as that of the world, I have to go to the very centre of being – the centre where time touches eternty, where earth and heaven meet, where God’s Word becomes human flesh, where death and immortality embrace.

There is really no longer a question of options.

With an unmistakable clarity, I have heard a voice saying:

“Give Me everything and I will give you everything.”

Fr Henri Nouwen (1932-1996)give me everything and i will give you everything fr henri nouswen 17april2019 wedholyweek.jpg

My Lord, I Offer You Myself
Blessed John Henry Newman (1801-1890)

My Lord,
I offer You myself in turn,
as a sacrifice of thanksgiving.
You have died for me,
And I in turn make myself over to You.
I am not my own.
You have bought me:
I will, by my own act and deed,
complete the purchase.
My wish is to be separated
from everything of this world;
To cleanse myself simply from sin;
To put away from me even what is innocent,
If used for its own sake
and not for Yours.
I put away reputation and honour
and influence and power,
For my praise and strength,
shall be in You.
Enable me to carry out what I profess
Amenmy-lord-i-offer-you-myself-bl-john-henry-newman-lenten-prayer-17 april 2019 no 2-wed holy week.jpg


Quote of the Day – 17 April 2019 – The Passion

Quote/s of the Day – 17 April 2019 – Wednesday of Holy week

“In the passion of our blessed Saviour,
six things chiefly are to be meditated upon.

First, the bitterness of His sorrow,
that we may compassionate with Him.

Secondly, the greatness of our sins,
which were the cause of His torments,
that we may abhor them.

Thirdly, the greatness of the benefit,
that we may be grateful for it.

Fourthly, the excellency of the divine charity
and bounty therein manifested,
that we may love Him more fervently.

Fifthly, the convenience of the mystery,
that we may be drawn to admiration of it.

Lastly, the multiplicity of virtues
of our blessed Saviour which did shine
in this stupendous mystery, that we may
partly imitate and partly admire them.”

St Peter of Alcantara (1499-1562)in-the-passion-of-our-blessed-saviour-six-things-st-peter-of-alcantara-26-march-2018.jpg

“Anyone who turns away from the Cross, turns away from the Resurrection.” 

Pope Francisanyone who turns away from the cross turns away from the resurrection - pope francis - 17april2019.jpg


One Minute Reflection – 17 April – “Amen, I say to you, one of you will betray me.”

One Minute Reflection – 17 April – Wednesday of Holy Week, Gospel: Matthew

When it was evening, he sat at table with the twelve disciples and as they were eating, he said, “Amen, I say to you, one of you will betray me.”...Matthew 26:20-21

REFLECTION – “He took other human friends, when He had given up His Mother—the twelve Apostles—as if He desired that in which He might sympathise. He chose them, as He says, to be, “not servants but friends” (Jn 15:15).   He made them His confidants.   He told them things which He did not tell others.   It was His will to favour, nay, to indulge them, as a father behaves towards a favourite child.   He made them more blessed than kings and prophets and wise men, from the things He told them.   He called them “His little ones” (Jn 13:33), and preferred them for His gifts to “the wise and prudent” (Mt 11,25).   He exulted, while He praised them, that they had continued with Him in His temptations (Lk 22:28) and, as if in gratitude, He announced that they should sit upon twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel (v.30).   He rejoiced in their sympathy when His solemn trial was approaching.

He assembled them about Him at the last supper, as if they were to support Him in it. “With desire,” He says, “have I desired to eat this Pasch with you, before I suffer” (Lk 22:15). Thus there was an interchange of good offices and an intimate sympathy between them. But it was His adorable will that they too should leave Him, that He should be left to Himself.   One betrayed, another denied Him, the rest ran away from Him and left Him in the hands of His enemies…   Thus He trod the winepress alone.   He who was Almighty, and All-blessed and who flooded His own soul with the full glory of the vision of His Divine Nature, would still subject that soul to all the infirmities which naturally belonged to it and, as He suffered it to rejoice in the sympathy and to be desolate under the absence, of human friends, so, when it pleased Him, He could and did, deprive it of the light of the presence of God.”…Blessed John Henry Newman (1801-1890) Meditations and Prayers, Part IIIamen is ay to you one of you will betray me mt 26 21 but it was his adorable will - 17 april 2019 bl john henry newman.jpg

PRAYER – Oh dear God and Father, let us stay with Your Son and never betray or desert Him.   The One You sent to save us, needs our love and fidelity in return for His ineffable love.   Teach us holy Father, do not abandon us to our weakness but help us to love Him in return with all our hearts, minds and souls.   As you holy Mother loved your Son and your God, help us to be perfect imitators of your Immaculate heart.   Through Jesus, with the Holy Spirit, one god forever, amen.mary immaculate holy mother of god - pray for us - 28 may 2018.jpg


Our Morning Offering – 17 April – To Jesus the Life

Our Morning Offering – 17 April – Wednesday of Holy Week

To Jesus the Life
By Blessed James Alberione

O Wellspring of eternal life,
all life is grafted in You, Lord,
You break the bonds of death
and give life to us anew.
Descending from Your splendid throne,
You have brought this gift to us below,
profusely from Your open side,
You bestow divine riches.
We have joined Your Mystical Body,
engrafted by baptismal grace,
life flowing from Your seven springs,
lifts up anew our fallen race.
Though wounded
by our parents’ fault,
our nature is restored by grace,
virtue is practised for Your love
and reaps the heavenly reward.
Only You can give true peace,
lead nations to live in harmony,
cause innocence to bloom in homes,
grant prosperity to our works.
Jesus, our everlasting Life, Truth and Way,
by You, we are led,
by You we live,
to Father, You and the Spirit,
may all peoples praise and glory give.

Blessed Fr James Alberione (1884-1971)
the Founder of the Pauline Family,
composed various Prayers to Jesus Master,
The Way, the Truth and the Life,
specifically directed to honour Jesus, the Master –
to sanctify the whole person, mind, will and heart.
These prayers are prayed by his Orders every day.jesus the life - prayer by bl james alberione - 17 april 2019.jpg

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Saint of the Day – 17 April – St Robert de Chaise-Dieu OSB (c 1000-1067)

Saint of the Day – 17 April – St Robert de Chaise-Dieu OSB (c 1000-1067) Priest, professed religious of the Order of St Benedict, Monk, Abbot, Apostle of the Charity, Marian devotee.   He was of noble stock, was related to Saint Gerald of Aurillac (c 855–c 909) and was a descendant of St Caesarius of Arles (470-543).   He is best known for the establishment of the Benedictine Convent of La Chaise-Dieu (‘Home of God’) and for his total commitment to the poor.   He became a spiritual inspiration for Pope Clement VI (1291–1352) – whose own origin,s in the religious life ,were based at that Convent – and it was Pope Clement who confirmed the Canonisation of the Benedictine Abbot on 19 September 1351 in Avignon.   He is also known as Robert de Turlande, Robert of Casa Dei. Patronages – Abbots, Monks, Hermits, the Monastery of robert of chaise-dieu art

St Robert was born in 1000 to a family of Margeride nobility and became the Canon Count of Brioude.   His mother went into labour while in the forests near the castle she lived in and so gave birth to him there, locals perceived this as a sign that the child would become a hermit.

Robert’s education was overseen at the Church of Saint-Julien in Brioude where he later became its canon after he was ordained to the priesthood in 1026 – it was there that he founded a hospice for the poor of the region.   He later became a monk at Cluny and placed himself under the direction of Saint Odilo, (c 962–1049), the fifth Abbot of Cluny, also a a relative of St Robert.

Dissatisfied with canonical life and his relative, St Odilo, Robert wished to found a monastery.   After a pilgrimage to Rome, Robert went with two of his companions to Monte Cassino for further training in the Rule of St Benedict.

When he returned to France, upon reaching the bleak Livradois plateau he settled next to a chapel dedicated to Saint Vital and Saint Agricole to live in solitude with God.   He named this place ‘Casa Dei’ ‘House of God’, which later became known as La Chaise-Dieu.

In 1046 he and two of his companions received the permission of Pope Gregory VI to establish a hermitage and embark on a life of commitment to the poor.   It was Gregory VI who suggested that the trio consider the contemplative life as a greater method of achieving their aim of providing for the poor, this prompted him to move to Auvergne. He has been credited for the construction and the restoration of around a total of 50 churches in his robert engraving of chaise-dieu

Robert’s influence was such that at the time of his death in 1067, the Abbey and its dependent priories numbered some 300 monks.  He inspired others through his faith, he placed great emphasis on the cult of Mary and his charity through which he made the Abbey a welcoming and giving place – which became its enduring symbol and undoubtedly, his dynamism (as early as 1052 he had gained the protection of the King of France, Henry I and also that of Pope Leon IX).

st robert statue in chaise-dieu Church
Statue and shrine of St Robert at the Church of St Robert in the village names for him.

Robert died on 17 April 1067 and his funeral was set on 24 April due to the large numbers of people who desired visiting his remains.   Hundreds of miracles were reported to have been performed due to his intercession which started a local ‘cultus’ to him.   He was interred in his own convent, though most of his relics were burnt due to the Huguenots.   He was Canonised in 1070 and his tomb became a place of pilgrimage. So much so, that in 1095 before beginning his first Crusade from Clermont, Urban Pope II insisted on praying at Robert’s Tomb.header st robert of chaise-dieu.jpeg

There is a beautiful village called Saint Robert after our Saint.   It is rich in history and heritage and ranks among the most beautiful villages in France.   It is organised around its Romanesque church of the twelfth century (also named after St Robert and probably built by his Monks) and its narrow streets are lined with old shops and manor houses in stone.     To see wonderful images of this village, visit here:

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Memorials of the Saints -17 April

Bl Andrés Hibernón Real OFM (1534-1602)

St Agia of Hainault
St Anthia of Illyria
St Athanasia of Aegina
St Bitheus
St Calocerus of Brescia
St Cogitosus
St Corebus
St Eleuterius of Illyria
St Elpidius of Melitene
St Eusebius of Fano
St Galdinus of Milan
St Gebuinus of Lyons
St Genocus
St Hermogenes of Melitene
Bl Idesbald of Dunes
Bl James Oldo
Bl Joseph Moreau
St Laserian of Leighlin
Bl Louis Leroy
Bl Luca Passi
Bl Marie of the Incarnation
St Perfecto of Córdoba
St Pusicio
St Robert de Turlande/Chaise-Dieu OSB (c 1000-1067)
Bl Roman Archutowski
Bl Savina Petrilli
St Stephen Harding O.Cist. (1050-1104) Co-Founder of the Cistercian Order
About St Stephen:
St Ursmar of Lobbes
St Wigbert of Augsburg