Christ is Risen! He is Truly Risen, Alleluia! – Thought for the day – 23 April – “Church of men, Church of women”

Christ is Risen!   He is Truly Risen, Alleluia! – Thought for the day – 23 April – Tuesday of Easter WeekChrist is risen - easter sunday - christc3b3s-anc3a9sti-1-april-2018

So she ran and went to Simon Peter and the other disciple, the one whom Jesus loved and said to them, “They have taken the Lord out of the tomb and we do not know, where they have laid him.”…John 20:2the-greatest-easter-painting-elise-ehrhard-crises-mag

“Church of men, Church of women”

By Cardinal Hans Urs von Balthasar (1905-1988)

In the Gospel, Mary of Magdala, the first person to see the open grave, rouses the two most important disciples – Peter (ecclesial office) and John (ecclesial love).

Both disciples run there “together” yet not together, for, unburdened by the cares borne by Office, Love runs faster.   Yet Love yields to Office when it comes to examining the tomb and Peter thus becomes the first to view the cloth that had covered Jesus’ head and establish that no theft had occurred.   That is enough to permit Love to enter, who “sees and believes” – not precisely in the Resurrection but in the correctness of all that has happened with Jesus.   This is as far as the two symbolic representatives of the Church go – things have happened properly, faith in Jesus is justified, despite all the opaqueness of the situation.

It is the woman for whom this first turns into genuine belief in the Resurrection.   She does not “go home” but perseveres at the place where the dead one disappeared, searching for Him.

The empty place becomes luminous, measured off by the two angels at the head and the foot.   But this luminous emptiness is not enough for the Church’s love – the forgiven woman here, seems to represent the Woman herself, Mary the Mother, she has to have her one true Love.   This she receives in Jesus’ call – “Mary!”   With that, everything is more than complete – the sought after corpse is the eternally Living One.   But she dare not hold Him, for He is on His way to the Father and earth ought not hold Him back. Instead it must consent.   As it was with His Incarnation, so now with His return to the Father.

This Yes, turns into the happiness of the mission to the brethren, giving is more blessed than holding on.

The Church is Woman at her most profound depths, as woman she embraces both ecclesial office and ecclesial love, which belong together.   “The woman will encompass the man” (Jer 31:22).mary of magdala rouses the two most important - hans urs von balthasar 23 april 2019 church of men church of women.jpg


Quote/s of the Day – 23 April – Marked with His brand

Quote/s of the Day – 23 April – the Memorial of Bl Teresa Maria of the Cross OCD (1846–1910)

Do you know what it means
to be truly spiritual?
It means becoming the slaves of God.
Marked with His brand,
which is that of the Cross,
spiritual persons,
because now, they have given Him,
their liberty,
can be sold by Him,
as slaves of everyone,
as He was.
In acting this way,
He doesn’t do us any harm
but rather He grants us,
a not insignificant youknow what it means - bl teresa maria of the cross - 23 april 2019.jpg

We have always seen,
that those who were
closest to Christ our Lord,
were those with the greatest trials.
Let us look at what
His glorious Mother suffered
and the glorious apostles.
Take up the Cross of Jesus.
Help your Spouse to carry the burden
that weighs Him down
and pay no attention
to what they may say about you.
If you should happen to stumble
and fall like your Spouse,
do not withdraw from the Cross or abandon it.
No matter how great your trials may be,
you will see, that they are quite small,
in comparison to His.take up the cross - bl teresa maria of the cross 23 april 2019.jpg

If we never look at Him
or reflect on what we owe Him
and the death He suffered for us,
I don’t know how we’ll be able
to know Him or serve Him.
And without these works in His service,
what value will our faith have?
And what value will our works have,
if they are separated,
from the inestimable merits
of Jesus Christ, our Good.
And then, who will bring us
to love this Lord?”

Blessed Teresa Maria of the Cross OCD (1846–1910)if we never look at him or reflect - bl teresa maria of the cross 23 april 2019.jpg

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One Minute Reflection – 23 April – “..How is it you want to please Him only with words?

One Minute Reflection – 23 April – Tuesday of Easter week, First Reading: Acts 2:36-41and the Memorial of Bl Teresa Maria of the Cross OCD (1846–1910)

Now when they heard this, they were cut to the heart and said to Peter and the rest of the apostles, “Brethren, what shall we do?”   And Peter said to them, “Repent and be baptised every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ, for the forgiveness of your sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit...Acts 2:36-38acts-2-36-38 (1) now when they heard this they were cut to the heart 3 april 2018.jpg

REFLECTION – “Fix your eyes on the Crucified and everything will become easy for you. If His Majesty showed us His love by means of such works and frightful torments, how is it you want to please Him only with words?”…Bl Teresa Maria of the Cross (1846–1910)fix your eyes on the crucified - bl teresa maria of the cross 23 april 2019.jpg

PRAYER – Almighty, ever-living God, we confidently call You Father, as well as Lord. Renew Your Spirit in our hearts, make us ever more perfectly Your children.   Grant that all who have received the grace of Baptism may strive to be worthy of their Christian calling and reject everything opposed to it.   May the prayers of Bl Teresa Maria of the Cross (1846–1910), help us to grow in perseverance and strength as we follow in the way of the Cross..   Through our Lord Jesus Christ, in union with the Holy Spirit, one God forever, amen.blessed teresa maria of the cross pray for us 23 april 2019.jpg

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Our Morning Offering – 23 April – In this our bright and Paschal day

Our Morning Offering – 23 April – Tuesday of Easter week

In this our bright and Paschal day
Breviary Hymn for Eastertide

In this our bright and Paschal day
The sun shines out with purer ray,
When Christ, to earthly sight made plain,
The glad Apostles see again.

The wounds, the riven wounds He shows
In that His flesh with light that glows,
In loud accord both far and nigh
The Lord’s arising testify.

O Christ, the King who lovest to bless,
To You our hearts and souls possess,
To You our praise that we may pay,
To whom our laud is due for aye.breviary hymn for eastertide in this our bright and paschal day 23 april 2019.jpg


Saint of the Day – 23 April – Blessed Teresa Maria of the Cross OCD (1846–1910)

Saint of the Day – 23 April – Blessed Teresa Maria of the Cross OCD (1846–1910) Religious Nun of the Carmelite Order, Foundress of the Carmelite Sisters of Saint Teresa, Mystic, Adorer of the Holy Eucharist, Marian devotee, spiritaul advisor, teacher.   Born on 2 March 1846 at Campi Bisenzio, Florence, Italy as Teresa Adelaide Cesina Manetti and died on 3 April 1910 at Campi Bisenzio, Florence, Italy of natural causes.   Patronages – Carmelite Sisters of Saint Teresa, People ridiculed for their piety, Campi Bisenzio, Italy her teresa maria of the cross Manetti

Teresa Manetti, familiarly called Bettina, was born in the Tuscan countryside and raised among a simple family.    She was the daughter of Salvatore Manetti and Rosa Bigagli, and had one brother, Adamo Raffaello.   She lived her entire life in her small village.

Birthplace of Blessed Teresa Maria

Bettina had a cheerful, energetic disposition and a talent for organisation and all the qualities which make for a good leader.   At the age of 21, she rented a home with two other women who dedicated themselves to a life of prayer, penance and charity.   They cared for the sick and the poor and taught catechism to children.   They were inspired by the writings of Saint Teresa of Avila and had a special devotion to her.   Many other women joined the small group.   The women were admitted to the Teresian Third Order and Bettina took the new name of Teresa Maria of the Cross.

Two years later, she joined the Discalced Carmelites as a nun.   Over the next few years she started schools in several Italian cities, each with it’s little group of Carmelite teachers.   Her Institute of teaching nuns received approval from Pope Saint Pius X on 27 February 1904 as the Carmelite Sisters of Saint Teresa of Florence with a mission to teach and care for children, especially orphans.   Like her inspiration, Saint Teresa of Avila, Teresa of the Cross met with much resistance to her work with the poor, much slander about her personal life and a long period of spiritual dryness but all who met her, commented on the air of joy and peace she brought to her work.

Under the wise guidance of Mother Teresa, the new congregation, animated by a true Carmelite spirit, went on expanding.   In realisation of an old prophetic dream, with twelve houses opened in Tuscany, Teresa was able to add two on the Carmelite missions in Syria and one on the slopes Of Carmel, at Haifa.   She gave individual attention to the foundations and to the religious, with the strength of a mother who wished her daughters to be poor and detached from everything, truly tending towards God alone as they served His orphans and little ones.   She herself was the servant of all. Despite her own precarious health, she was forgetful of self as she sought to pour out joy and her smile upon all who approached her.   The witnesses at the process of beatification are unanimous in declaring that everyone who met her was impressed by her trust in God and by her serene abandonment to Providence and felt himself the better person for teresa maria of the cross

And as the years passed, Teresa was more and more besieged by crowds of people, especially on Sundays.   Lines of persons of every class and condition awaited their turn to be heard and consoled by her.  She was able to unite them to the Lord, give counsels of heavenly wisdom, heal ills which resisted the efforts of science, read hearts, see into the future, cut down distances, multiply goods and money.   These are the «little flowers» that are in evidence on every page of the canonical processes, little flowers that, while they reveal charismatic facts, also show her exceptional availability for her neighbours, even at times of greatest pain.   Bishop Andrew Cassullo, who had known her intimately, affirmed in her regard: “She undid herself doing good.”

She lived joyfully, body and soul the mystery of the Cross in full conformity to the will of God.   Teresa Maria was outstanding for her love for the Eucharist and her maternal care for children and for the poor.   Her life was motivated by a consuming love for Christ and a desire to save souls.   She endeavoured to live according to God’s holy will and took delight in all the crosses which came through this purpose.   In a prayer she wrote:

“To suffer, to suffer, always suffer.   Do what you want with me, it’s enough that I save souls for you.”bl teresa maria of the cross new.jpg

The source of such a dedication was her life of faith and of theological charity, the great virtues of her life which nourished her Eucharistic fervour and gave her the strength to live out her religious name, of the Cross, in its deepest significance.   She lived on prayer and she had the gift of a continual communion with the Lord, so that, as one witness recalls in regard to a personal affirmation of the servant of God, “for her it was the same to be enclosed in a convent or to deal with people, because everywhere she felt herself united to God.”   This habitual union found its nourishment in Eucharistic piety.   She had great devotion for the Eucharist even as a child.   During the institute’s first years she went into ecstasy almost every day after Communion, later, too, in the Eucharistic presence she felt something that drew her out of herself.

One of her great hopes was a house entirely dedicated to the perpetual adoration of the Eucharist.   She was able to realise this in Florence, where on 11 January 1902, in the church of Corpus Domini, which she had built, the Blessed Sacrament was solemnly exposed.   It was in contact with Christ that her apostolic desires increased, hence she exclaimed:  “I should like to make all hearts into one and plunge it into the heart of Jesus.”   Moreover, the love of Jesus bound her more intimately to Our Lady, whose tenderness and care for Jesus she herself wished to have.   Happy to be a Carmelite, she saw in her Carmelite vocation a commitment to belong to Our Lady more deeply and to spread devotion to her.

She died at Campi Bisenzio on 23 April 1910 and was beatified on October 1986 by St Pope John Paul II after the approval of the required miracle.4_23_Blessed-Teresa-Mary-Manetti

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Memorials of the Saints – 23 April

St Adalbert of Prague (c 957-997) Martyr (Optional Memorial)
About St Adalbert:

St George (died c 303) Martyr (Optional Memorial)
St George!

St Achilleus of Vienne
Bl Adalbert III of Salzburg
St Felix of Vienne
St Fortunatus of Vienna
St George of San Giorio
St Gerard of Orchimont
Bl Gerard of Toul
Bl Giles of Assisi
Bl Giles of Saumur
Bl Giorgio di Suelli
Bl Helen del Cavalanti
St Ibar of Meath
Bl Maria Gabriela Sagheddu
St Marolus of Milan
St Pusinna of Champagne
Bl Teresa Maria of the Cross (1846–1910)

Martyrs of Africa: A group of Christians murdered for their faith in northern Africa. Little information has survived but their names. The ones we know are – Catulinus, Chorus, Faustinus, Felicis, Felix, Nabors, Plenus, Salunus, Saturninus, Silvius, Solutus, Theodora, Theodorus, Theon, Ursus, Valerius, Venustus, Victorinus, Victurus, Vitalis