Thought for the Day – 21 April – Our Desires

Thought for the Day – 21 April – Meditations with Antonio Cardinal Bacci (1881-1971)

Our Desires 

“Most people are always longing for something.
Those who are poor yearn to be rich.
Those who are in bad health and are not resigned, are longing to be cured.
Those who have plenty of money and good health but misuse these gifts to satisfy their lower urges, in the hope of finding happiness, find instead, only emptiness and remorse.
Those who covet honours and fame, are restless when they see their colleagues succeeding , while they, themselves, remain on the bottom rung of the ladder.
On the other hand, those who reach the summit of their profession and believe that they have fulfilled their purpose in life, soon discover, that the easy chair in which they hoped to settle down, is padded with thorns!
The glory which they have won, is an empty thing, the object of the envy or of the contempt of others.
So, we are all yearning and sighing and cannot find peace.
Our hearts cannot be at rest in this world.
“Here we have no permanent city,” says St Paul “But we seek for the city that is to come.” (Heb 13:14).
St Augustine, has summed up the reason for our continual longing, “You have made us for Yourself, O Lord and our heart is restless, until it rests in You” (Confessions 1, 1:1).”

Antonio Cardinal Bacci

you have made us for yourself - st augustine 14 feb 2019



Quote/s of the Day – 21 April – St Anselm

Quote/s of the Day – 21 April –  The Memorial of St Anselm ‬OSB (1033-1109)

Doctor of the Church

“God has promised pardon
to him that REPENTS
but He has NOT
promised repentance
to him that sins.”

god has promised pardon to him that repents but - st anselm 21 april 2020

“A single Mass offered
for oneself during life,
may be worth more,
than a thousand celebrated
for the same intention, after death.”

a single mass offered for oneself during life - st anselm - 21 april 2020

“Remove grace
and you have nothing,
whereby to be saved.
Remove free will
and you have nothing,
that could be saved.”

remove grace and you have nothing - st anselm 21 april 2020

“It is impossible to save one’s soul
without devotion to Mary
and without her protection.”

St Anselm (1033-1109)
Doctor of the Church

it is impossible to save one's soul with devotion to mary - st anselm 21 april 2020


One Minute Reflection – 30 April – ‘You are with me.’

One Minute Reflection – 30 April – Tuesday of the Second week of Easter. Readings: Acts 4:32-37, Psalm 93:1-2, 5, John 3:7-15

“The wind blows where it wishes and you hear its sound but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes.   So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.” … John 3:8john 3 8 the wind blows where it wishes - 21 april 2020

REFLECTIONSt Teresa Benedicta of the Cross [Edith Stein] OCD (1891-1942) Martyr
“At last I stood at Church’s gate.
It opened. I sought admission.
From Your priest’s mouth Your blessing greets me.
Within me stars are strung like pearls.
Red blossom stars show me the path to You.
They wait for You at Holy Night.
But Your goodness
Allows them to illuminate my path to You.
They lead me on.
The secret which I had to keep in hiding
Deep in my heart,
Now I can shout it out –
I believe-I profess!
The priest accompanies me to the altar,
I bend my face-
Holy water flows over my head.

Lord, is it possible that someone who is past
Midlife can be reborn (Jn 3:4)?
You said so and for me it was fulfilled,
A long life’s burden of guilt and suffering
Fell away from me.
Erect I receive the white cloak,
Which they place round my shoulders,
Radiant image of purity!
In my hand I hold a candle.
Its flame makes known
That deep within me glows Your holy life.

My heart has become Your manger,
Awaiting You,
But not for long!
Maria, Your mother and also mine
Has given me her name.
At midnight she will place her newborn child
Into my heart.

Ah, no-one’s heart can fathom,
What You’ve in store for those who love You (1Cor 2:9).
Now You are mine and I won’t let You go.
Wherever my life’s road may lead,
You are with me.
Nothing can ever part me from Your love (Rm 8:39).”ah-no-ones-heart-can-fathom-st-teresa-benedicta-30-april-2019 and 21 april 2020

PRAYER – True Light of the World, Lord Jesus Christ, as You enlighten all men for their salvation, fill us the grace of the Holy Spirit, that our eyes may be opened and our path visible.   May our hearts be filled with the certainty of Your love and grant us the grace to share Your light with all.   May Your love in us overcome all things, let there be no limit to our faith, our hope and our endurance.   Lead us in Your ways of peace to eternal life by Your Mother’s protecting help.   Who live and reign with the Father and Holy Spirit, God forever and ever, virgin mary mother of god pray for us 27 july 2019

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Our Morning Offering – 21 April – O Lord, Draw Near In Troubles and Perils

Our Morning Offering – 21 April – Tuesday of the Second week of Easter and the Memorial of St Anselm ‬OSB (1033-1109) Doctor of the Church

O Lord, Draw Near
In Troubles and Perils
By St Anselm ‬(1033-1109)
Doctor of the Church

O Lord,
we bring You
the troubles and perils
of peoples and nations,
the sighing of prisoners and captives,
the sorrows of the bereaved,
the needs of strangers,
the helplessness of the weak,
the tiredness of the weary,
the failing powers of the aged.
O Lord, draw near to each,
for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord.

o lord draw near in troubles and perils - st anselm 21 april 2020

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Saint of the Day – 21 April – Saint Román Adame Rosales (1859-1927) Priest and Martyr

Saint of the Day – 21 April – Saint Román Adame Rosales (1859-1927) Priest and Martyr of the Cristero War, St Roman had a great devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and the Blessed Virgin, Founder of the association of the “Daughters of Mary and Nocturnal Adoration,” Apostle of Catechesis and of the poor and the sick, spiritual guide, founder of many schools and Chapels – born on 27 February 1859 at Teocaltiche, Jalisco, Mexico and died by shooting by a firing squad on 21 April 1927 in a cemetery near Yahualican, Jalisco, roman rosales art

More than 80 years ago – between 1914 and 1934 – the Church in Mexico experienced one of the bloodiest religious persecutions in history, in which several religious gave their lives in defence of the Catholic faith.

Among these Mexican martyrs is Saint Román Adame Rosales -priest of deep humility and pastor for several years in Nochistlán, a municipality located in the Mexican state of Zacatecas, whom the Church remembers today in a special way.

The Priest was known for his catechesis, for his great devotion to the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament – so much so, that part of his action in his parish ministry, was dedicated to the construction of chapels, so that the faithful could have the Blessed Sacrament close by.   He was also reverred for giving great efforts to the care of the sick and the education of the children, both secular and religious.

Fr Román is also remembered for his courage and perseverance in the face of any suffering or difficult situation – such as the harsh persecution that led him to remain hidden and continue to administer the sacraments clandestinely – he always said:  “Let everything be for God.”st roman rosales artwork 2

On 18 April 1927 he conducted a Lenten service at Rancho Veladones.   One of the people at the service betrayed him to a Colonel Quinones and Father Román was arrested the next day.   He was jailed at Mexticacan, Mexico, then forced to walk miles to the parish at Yhualica.   Quinones had commandeered the presbytery for his own use, he kept Fr Román tied to an outdoor post during the day, threw him into a cell at night and neglected to give him food or water.   Some local lay people offered to buy the priest’s freedom. Quinones demanded a $6,000 bribe, pocketed the money and ordered Father Román executed anyway.   On 21 April 1927 he was taken to an open grave, where he was executed by firing squad together with a soldier, Antonio Carrillo, who minutes before opposed the shooting of the priest.

The parish priest was Canonised by St Pope John Paul II on 21 May 2000, along with 25 other faithful, the majority priests, who like him gave their lives for Christ and the faith, their feast is celebrated together on 21 roman adame rosales

Today the saint’s remains are venerated in Nochistlán and according to witnesses to the exhumation of his body, his heart was solidified and his Rosary was embedded in it.

relics of st roman rosales at the church of st michael the archangel in Yahualica
Relics of St Román at the Church of St Michael the Archangel

Almighty God, who gave to Your servant Saint Román Adame Rosales boldness
to confess the Name of our Saviour Jesus Christ before the rulers of this world and great love for the Blessed Sacrament and for the Blessed Virgin Mary,
grant, we pray,  that we may always be ready to give a reason for the hope that is in us
and to suffer gladly, for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ,
who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, forever and ever.


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Memorials of the Saints – 21 April

St Anselm (of Canterbury) OSB (1033-1109) Doctor of the Church (Optional Memorial)
St Anselm!

St Abdechalas
St Anastasius I of Antioch
St Anastasius of Sinai
St Apollo of Nicomedia
St Apollonius the Apologist
St Arator of Alexandria
St Beuno Gasulsych
St Conrad of Parzham (1818-1894)

St Crotates of Nicomedia
St Cyprian of Brescia
St Felix of Alexandria
St Fortunatus of Alexandria
St Frodulphus
St Isacius of Nicomedia
Bl John Saziari
St Maelrubba of Applecross
St Román Adame Rosales (1859-1927) Priest and Martyr of the Cristero War
St Silvius of Alexandria
St Simeon of Ctesiphon
St Vitalis of Alexandria
Bl Vitaliy Bayrak
Bl Wolbodó of Liège