Thought for the Day – 5 July – The Eucharistic Life

Thought for the Day – 5 July – “Month of the Most Precious Blood” – Meditations with Antonio Cardinal Bacci (1881-1971)

The Eucharistic Life

the eucharistic life - the eucharist in our spiritual life - bacci 5 july 2020

“The Eucharist in our spiritual life could be compared to the sun in the physical life of the world.
The sun gives light, heat and life.
We can imagine what a terrible thing it would be if the sun set one evening and never rose again!
Darkness would envelop the earth once more as at the beginning of creation.
The cold would become relentless and life would be gradually extinguished everywhere.
Men could, for sometime, depend on their reserves of artificial light to illuminate their creeping agony but, life would slowly decline, until it ended in death for everything and for everybody.
Such would be the spiritual life without Jesus, especially without Jesus in the Blessed Eucharist, Who lives amongst us as our only true Friend, Who hears, helps and nourishes us.

He is the sun of our souls, the source of our enlightenment, fervour and consolation.
Are we weary and discouraged beneath the weight of our daily cross and of our sins?
Let us go to Jesus and He will help us to carry our cross.
He will wash away our sins and give us the supernatural strength, never to sin again.

Let us unite ourselves to Jesus, by frequent communion, by a daily visit to Him in the Tabernacle and, by making a spiritual communion whenever we cannot receive Him in the Blessed Eucharist.
Let us make fervent aspirations, whenever we find our cross too heavy for us or when we are strongly tempted.

Many people go on long pilgrimages to famous Sanctuaries, such as Lourdes, Fatima and the Holy Places of Palestine.
These are certainly worthwhile but, we should not forget that the greatest sanctuary of all is close at hand.
It is in every Church which contains Jesus in the Tabernacle.
Here, we have Jesus Himself, really present and anxious to listen to us and to help us.
The Saints could find no greater joy on earth than to to pray before the Blessed Sacrament.
We are all called to be saints!”

Antonio Cardinal Bacci

the eucharistic life - many people go on long pilgrimages - bacci 5 july 2020


Quote/s of the Day – 5 July – St Anthony Mary Zaccaria

Quote/s of the Day – 5 July – The Memorial of St Anthony Mary Zaccaria CRSP (1502-1539)

“We manifest our love for God
in our observance of His commandments
and in our readiness to obey,
even His smallest decree.”

we manifest our love for god in our observance of his commandments - st anthony mary zaccaria 5 july 2020

“Since every person is an image of God,
His love cannot dwell in those,
who do not love their neighbour.”

since every person is an image of god - st anthony mary zaccaria 5 july 2020

“One’s love for God should be limitless.
Honouring God with conditions,
is dishonouring Him!”

one's love for god should be limitless - st anthony mary zaccaria 5 july 2020

“Worldly love
is nothing more than
loving oneself!”

worldly love is nothing more than loving oneelf st anthony mary zaccaria 5 july 2020

“Worldly love aims
at pleasing everyone
and saddening no-one.
Many call this politeness
but, it is simply,
self-praise and flattery.”

worldy love aims at pleasing everyone - st anthony mary zaccaria 5 july 2020

“Prayer is not knowledge
and human understanding
but the Spirit present
within your heart.”

St Anthony Mary Zaccaria (1502-1539)


prayer is not knowledge and human - st anthony mary zaccaria 5 july 2020


Sunday Reflection – 5 July – The Body of the Lord – St Francis of Assisi

Sunday Reflection – 5 July – “Month of the Most Precious Blood” – Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Saint Francis of Assisi (c 1181-1226)
First Admonition

The Body of the Lord

o you sons of men how longwill you be dull of heart - st francis 5 july 2020 sun reflection

“The Lord Jesus says to His disciples:   “I am the way, the truth and the life;  no-one comes to the Father but through me.   If you had known me, you would have known my Father also and from now on, you shall know him and have seen him.”    Philip says to him:  “Lord, show us the Father and it is enough for us.”  Jesus says to him:  “Am I with you so long a time and still you do not know me? Philip, he who sees me sees my Father also” (Jn 14:6-9).   The Father dwells in unapproachable light (1 Tim 6:16) and God is spirit (Jo 4:24) and no-one has ever seen God (Jo 1,18). Hence only in spirit can He be seen, for it is the spirit that gives life;  the flesh has nothing to offer (Jo 6:63).   Yet, neither is the Son, inasmuch as He is equal to the Father, seen by anyone other than by the Father, other than by the Holy Spirit.

Wherefore, all those who saw the Lord Jesus according to humanity and did not see and believe, according to the spirit and the divinity, that He is the true Son of God, were condemned.   So also now, all those who behold the Sacrament which is sanctified by the words of the Lord upon the altar, at the hand of the priest, in the form of bread and wine and do not see and believe according to the spirit and divinity, that it is truly the most Holy Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, are condemned.   This the Most High Himself attests, who says:  “This is my body and the blood of my New Testament” (Mk 14:22-24) and:  “who feeds on my Flesh and drinks my Blood will have everlasting life” (Jn 6:55).   Wherefore, the Spirit of the Lord, who dwells in His faithful ones, He it is who receives the most Holy Body and Blood of the Lord. All others who do not share of that Spirit and presume to receive Him eat and drink judgement to themselves (1Cor 11:29).

Wherefore, O you sons of men, how long will you be dull of heart? (Ps 4:3).   Why do you not recognise the truth and believe in the Son of God (Jo 9,35)?   Behold – daily He humbles Himself (Phil 2:8) as when from heaven’s royal throne (Wisd 18:15) He came down into the womb of the Virgin.    Daily He Himself comes to us with like humility;  daily He descends from the bosom of the Father ( Jo 1:18; 6,38) upon the altar, in the hands of the priest.   And, as He appeared to the Apostles in true flesh, so now also he shows himself to us in the Sacred Bread.   And, as they by their bodily sight saw only His flesh, yet contemplating Him with the eyes of the spirit, believed Him to be very God, so we also, as we see our bodily eyes the bread and wine, are to see and firmly believe, that it is His most holy body and blood living and true.   And in this way the Lord is always with His faithful, as He Himself says: “Behold I am with you always until the end of the world” (Mt 28:20).”

St Francis of Assisi


One Minute Reflection – 5 July – ‘… For I am meek and humble of heart’

One Minute Reflection – 5 July – “Month of the Most Precious Blood” – Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A, Readings: Zechariah 9:9-10Psalm 145:1-28-1113-14Romans 8:911-13Matthew 11:25-30 and the Memorial of St Anthony Mary Zaccaria CRSP (1502-1539)

“Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart and you will find rest for your souls…” … Matthew 11:29take my yoke upon you - matthew 11 29 5 july 2020

REFLECTION – “You are to “take my yoke upon you and learn from me.”   You are not learning from me how to refashion the fabric of the world, nor to create all things visible and invisible, nor to work miracles and raise the dead.   Rather, you are simply learning of me: “that I am meek and lowly in heart.”   If you wish to reach high, then begin at the lowest level.   If you are trying to construct some mighty edifice in height, you will begin with the lowest foundation.  This is humility.   However great the mass of the building you may wish to design or erect, the taller the building is to be, the deeper you will dig the foundation.   The building in the course of its erection, rises up high but he who digs its foundation, must first go down very low.   So then, you see even a building is low before it is high and the tower is raised, only after humiliation.”… St Augustine (354-430) Fater & Doctor (Sermon 69)if-you-wish-to-reach-high-then-begin-at-the-lowest-level-st-augustine-18-july-2019 and 5 july 2020

PRAYER – Holy God, our Father, we turn to You in confidence as children and pray, give us meekness of heart, make us “poor in spirit” that we may recognise that we are not self-sufficient, that we are unable to build our lives on our own but need You, we need to encounter You, to listen to You, to speak to You.   Help us to understand that we need Your gift, Your wisdom, which is Jesus Himself, in order to do the Your will in our lives and thus to find rest in the hardships of our journey.   May the prayers of Saint Anthony Zaccaria help us to learn the true humility of Your divine Son.   Grant this, we pray, through our Lord Jesus Christ who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever, and 5 july 2020


Our Morning Offering – 5 July – Ave Verum Corpus

Our Morning Offering – 5 July – “Month of the Most Precious Blood” -Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Ave Verum Corpus
By Pope Innocent VI (c 1282-1362)
Papacy 1352-1362

Hail, true Body, truly born
Of the Virgin Mary mild
Truly offered, wracked and torn,
On the Cross for all defiled,
From Whose love pierced, sacred side
Flowed Thy true Blood’s saving tide.
Be a foretaste sweet to me
In my death’s great agony.
O Jesu dulcis!
O Jesu pie!
O Jesu Fili Mariae.

Just as St John the Baptist leapt with joy in his mother’s womb when the Saviour drew near in the womb of Mary, so we leap with joy in the presence of Our Eucharistic Lord.ave verum corpus - by pope innocent VI 5 july 2020

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Saint of the Day – 5 July – Blessed Joseph Boissel OMI (1909-1969) Priest and Martyr

Saint of the Day – 5 July – Blessed Joseph Boissel OMI (1909-1969) Priest and Martyr, Missionary of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, Founded by St Eugene de Mazenod, Apostle of sick – born on 20 December 1909 in Le Loroux, Ille-et-Vilaine, of the Archdiocese of Rennes , in Brittany France and died by being shot on 5 July 1969 on the road near Hat I-Et, Bolikhamxay, Laos, aged 59.   He is one of the Seventeen Martyrs of Laos (including ten French, six Laotians and an Italian), whose combined Feast day is 16 joseph boissel.2jpg

Joseph Boissel was born 20 December 1909 in the Marches of Brittany (France), in the hamlet of La Tiolais, outside the town of Loroux. into a family of modest farmers and became fatherless at the age of fourteen. He entered the Minor Seminary of the Oblates of Marie-Immaculate. His masters found him “conscientious, very devoted, honest and frank” and especially “very attached to his vocation.”   He was Ordained a Priest on 4 July joseph boissel very young

Fr Joseph received his orders to the brand new mission of Laos, begun less than two years earlier.   He arrived in Laos in 1938.

In March 1945, the Japanese hit Laos.   On 1 June Fr Joseph Boissel was captured with his companion Father Vincent Le Calvez and the Apostolic Prefect, Msgr Jean Mazoyer, OMI.   All three were taken to Vinh, Vietnam, where they were held among a hostile population.  Back in Laos in 1946, Joseph again found his Tran Ninh peoples and had contact with the joseoph boissel young

On Saturday, 5 July 1969, he decided to go to Hat I-Êt, a village of Kmhmu’ refugees a good 20 kilometers from Paksane, going up along the River Nam San.   Because of the lack of security, that year he had been unable to go there to administer the Sacraments, for several months.   The Catechist André Van was there and he needed to know that he was supported.

Setting out around four in the afternoon, he took two young Laotian Oblate Missionaries with him as usual, they were to help him with the visits, the care of the sick and the religious service.Blessed-Joseph-Boissel

The following is told by one of the two passengers, the only survivor able to do so:

Two or three kilometers before arriving at the village, at a bend in the road, I heard a burst of gunfire aimed at us.   The tires blew out and I was hit in the hand.   I saw a red flag moving in the forest bordering our route.   A second burst of gunfire and Thérèse was hit in the head, since I am smaller, the bullets did not hit me.   The firing came from the left, on the driver’s side.

Father Boissel was hit in the head – near the mouth and in the skull. The jeep went into a ditch, turned over on us and burst into flames. Father’s glasses were broken, he died on the spot… His big eyes were open.   All three of us were completely covered with blood.

Father Boissel was dead, Thérèse was unconscious.   I was in a huge daze… not moving… like dead.   But I saw three young Vietnamese soldiers going around the vehicle three times.   One said: “Let’s kill them!” – “Let’s burn the vehicle and its occupants!”   They moved away and threw a grenade at the car.   The grenade exploded – it was the explosions that caused our injuries.   I said, “O Lord!” but veil of darkness came over me…

I don’t know how long we stayed like that in the car.   But Thérèse came to first.   She pushed me to get out…   The grenade had deafened us…   It was difficult for us to communicate, to understand one another…   Both of us prayed to the Lord:   “If you still need us… send someone to help us.”   We went to sleep along the road.   I put my hand on Thérèse’s heart and she put hers on my heart – united in suffering.

Oh, we had to wait a long time, from 4:30 until about 9:30.   Finally, some people arrived to pick us up.   Father’s body had been burned to the point that his face was totally unrecognisable.   Thérèse, hit in the head, remained mentally handicapped as a result of the attack.   She really has no happiness in living.”

Fr Joseph was Beatified on 11 December 2016 by Pope Francis.   The recognition was celebrated in Laos, presided by Cardinal Angelo Amato.   Below are the six OMI Martys of Laos and all the Martyrs of the region.

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bl joseph boissel


Memorials of the Saints – 5 July

St Anthony Mary Zaccaria CRSP (1502-1539) (Optional Memorial)


St Agatho of Sicily
St Athanasius the Athonite
St Athanasius of Jerusalem
St Cast
St Cyprille of Libya
St Cyrilla of Cyrene
St Domèce
St Domitius of Phrygia
St Edana of West Ireland
Bl Edward Cheevers
Bl Elias of Bourdeilles
St Erfyl
St Fragan
Bl George Nichols
St Grace of Cornwall
St Gwen
Bl Humphrey Pritchard
Blessed Joseph Boissel OMI (1909-1969) Priest and Martyr
St Marinus of Tomi
St Mars of Nantes
St Marthe
Bl Matthew Lambert
St Modwenna
St Numerian of Treves
Bl Patrick Cavanagh
St Philomena of San Severino
St Probus of Cornwall
Bl Richard Yaxley
Bl Robert Meyler
St Rosa Chen Aijieh
St Sedolpha of Tomi
St Stephen of Reggio
St Teresia Chen Qingjieh
St Theodotus of Tomi
Bl Thomas Belson
St Thomas of Terreti
St Triphina of Brittany
St Triphina of Sicily
St Zoe of Rome