Quote/s of the Day – 10 August – ‘Follow Me’

Quote/s of the Day – 10 August – Feast of Saint Lawrence, Deacon and Martyr, Readings: Second Corinthians 9:6-10Psalms 112:1-25-67-89John 12:24-26

“If anyone serves me,
he must follow me
and where I am,
there will my servant be also.”

John 12:26

john 12 26 if anyone serves me he must follow me and where i am - 10 aug 2020 st lawrence

“The Lord is near
do not be anxious
about anything.”

the lord is near do not be anxious about anything - st augustine 13 july 2020

“Let us listen to the Lord:
“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” (Jn 14:6).
If you are looking for the Truth,
follow the Way which is also the Truth.
This is where you are going and it is how you go.
It is not by another thing that you go to something;
it is not by anything else that you come to Christ;
it is through Christ that you come to Christ.
How to Christ through Christ?
To Christ God through Christ man;
through the Word made flesh,
to the Word who was with God, from the beginning;
through what we have eaten to what the angels eat daily.
In fact it is what is written:
“He gave them bread from heaven; man ate the bread of angels” (Ps 77[78]:24-25).
What is the bread of angels?
“In the beginning was the Word and the Word was in God and the Word was God” (Jn 1:1-3). How has man eaten the bread of angels?
“And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.”

St Augustine (354-430)
Father and Doctor of Grace

let-us-listen-to-the-lord-i-am-the-way-and-the-truth-st-augustine-10-may-2020 and 10 aug 2020 st lawrence

“Day by day follow God’s path,
keeping Him closely attached to you by His promise.
In fact, He Himself said, through the mediation of His apostles,
to all those who seek His will and His testimonies
(Ps 118[119]:31 LXX), that He would be with them until the end of the world (Mt 28:20)
where paths and footsteps will be unknown (cf, Ps 76:20),
as the divine David said in his songs.
Yet, in an invisible way,
He is present to the eyes of the mind,
making Himself seen by those who have a pure heart
and conversing with them.
So pursue your path …. “

St Theodore the Studite (759-826)
Monk and Theologian at Constantinople

Catechesis 11

day by day follow god's path - st theodore the studite - 10 aug 2020 st lawrence

“Jesus is happy to come with us,
as Truth is happy to be spoken,
as Life to be lived,
as Light to be lit,
as Love is to be loved,
as Joy to be given,
as Peace to be spread.”

St Francis of Assisi (1181/2–1226)

jesus-is-happy-to-come-with-us-st-francis-of-assisi-4-oct-2018-and-17-july-2020 and 10 aug 2020 st lawrence

“Someone who truly follows the Lord
wants everyone to follow Him,
which is why He turns to his neighbour
with kind attentions, prayers
and proclamation of the Gospel.
Peter’s turning around, signifies all those things.
… Christ, through interior inspiration and the Church,
by preaching, says: “Come!”
And whoever hears these words
says to his neighbour: “Come!”
which is to say: “Follow Jesus!”
Then Peter, turning round,
saw the disciple whom Jesus loved following after.
Jesus loves the one who follows Him.”

St Anthony of Padua (1195-1231)
Evangelical Doctor

someone who truly follows the lord - st anthony of padua 10 aug 2020 st lawrence

“Do not be afraid!
God will show you,
to the hour and moment,
what you should say
and what you should do.”

St Léonie Françoise De Sales Aviat

do-not-be-afraid-god-will-show-you-st-leonie-aviat-10-jan-2020 and 10 aug 2020 st lawrence

“The way of the Cross
is the only road that leads to Heaven.
Consequently, a man who refuses
to take this road cannot reach Heaven.
… We must ascend our own Calvary,
if we wish to imitate and follow Jesus.
… Let the Passion of Christ be our rule of life.
Let us be glad, when we seem
to be more like Him and sorrowful,
whenever we seem to be departing
from the example which He set us.
Suffering should be a source of consolation for us,
for it makes us more like Jesus,
as long as we endure it
with resignation and with love.”

Antonio Cardinal Bacci (1881-1971)

the-royal-road-of-the-cross-bacci-22-july-2020 and 10 aug 2020 st lawrence



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3 thoughts on “Quote/s of the Day – 10 August – ‘Follow Me’

  1. I ,finally, am catching up with your beautiful loving efforts which edify my faith in Jesus and his Virgin Mother. This is how I love to start my day quietly with you, coffee, silently praising, meditating, and love.

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    1. That is simply beautiful Hughie.
      I know a few who do this at the table before or after morning coffee.
      How lovely to think I share these lives, especially yours, in our most beautiful and enriching walk with Christ.


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