Madonna della Quercia / Our Lady of the Oak – Visora di Conflenti, Italy (1578) and Memorials of the Saints – 7 June

Madonna della Quercia / Our Lady of the Oak – Visora di Conflenti, Italy (1578) – 7 June:

On 7 June 1578, the Virgin appeared for the first time to a shepherd of humble conditions, named Lorenzo Folino. Due to the sultry heat, the young man had lain down under a Chestnut tree and had fallen asleep. He was suddenly awakened by the sound of a beautiful melody, which became gradually clearer and more intense. Frightened, he looked at a small hill called Serracampanara and saw the Virgin Mary surrounded by angels, descending on a large Oak tree. Lorenzo immediately rushed to the tree and knelt devoutly in prayer. Smiling, Our Lady asked him to come closer and entrusted him with this message:

Go, my son, to the Mayor and the Parish Priest and tell them what you have seen. Say that I am the Mother of God and that I want a Church to be built in the place which I will show to you.

After showing him a large Oak tree, in the place called Visora, not far from the Town of Conflenti, she disappeared. Lorenzo ran into the village and told the Parish Priest and the Mayor what he had seen and heard, referring to Mary’s message. However, his story provoked general laughter, many believed he had gone mad and turned him away with derision.
The Madonna della Quercia then appeared to the peasant Vermiglia Mercuri and, finally, to the housewife Delicia Mastroianni always asking for the erection of a Church to be dedicated to her.
Since the reactions of the people did not change and even the ecclesiastical authorities did not give weight to the reports of the three visionaries, Mary reappeared many other times, both to individual citizens and to all the people. She worked numerous miracles, until it was evident that it was a supernatural event and was finally decided, that a Church had to be built.
In 1862 a Church was built ad even the Oak tree on which the Our Lady had appeared was kept as a part of the Shrine.

But, on the evening of 21 July 1921, the Church was destroyed by fire. After a decade of complete abandonment, the Church was eventually rebuilt, with the help of the emigrants of Conflenti, scattered around the world. On 7 Jue each year, a Procession and festival is held and attended by many from the Town and surrounding villages.

Blessed Ana of Saint Bartholomew OCD (1550-1626) Blessed Ana was an early member of St Teresa of Àvila’s Discalced Carmelite Order, Mystic, Spiritual writer.
Her Life:

St Anthony Mary Gianelli (1789-1846) Bishop, Founder of the Missionaries of
St Alphonsus, the Oblates of St Alphonsus and the Sisters of Our Lady of the Garden. – Canonised in on 25 October 1951 by Pope Pius XII.

St Aventinus of Larboust
Bl Basilissa Fernandez
St Colman of Dromore
Bl Demosthenes Ranzi
St Deochar
St Gotteschalk
St Justus of Condat
St Landulf of Yariglia
St Lycarion of Egypt

Venerable Matt Talbot (1856 – 1925) (born Matthew Talbot) – Layman, Ascetic, Mystic – known as the “Saint in Overalls” and “the Workers’ Saint” disciple of Eucharistic Adoration and the Blessed Virgin – Patron of Struggling and Recovering Addicts and Alcoholics and many addiction treatment programs, retreats and centres throughout the world bear his name.
The Matt Talbot Story:

St Meriadoc I of Vannes
St Meriadoc II of Vannes
St Odo of Massay
St Potamiaena of Alexandria the Younger
St Quirinus of Cluny
St Robert of Newminster O.Cist. (c 1100–1159) Priest, Abbot
St Sergius of Cluny
St Vulflagius of Abbeville

Martyrs of Africa – 7 saints: A group of seven Christians who were martyred together. No details about them have survived except the names – Donata, Evasius, Guirillus, Januaria, Privata, Spisinna, Victurus. The precise location in Africa and date are unknown.

Martyred in Córdoba, Spain:
Habentius of Córdoba
Jeremiah of Córdoba
Peter of Córdoba
Sabinian of Córdoba
Wallabonsus of Córdoba
Wistremundus of Córdoba



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  1. As an ex-pastor of St Brigid of Kildare, in Montreal, I cannot but make a link between the Virgin of the Oak devotion and St Brigid, since the word « Kildare » is from Cill-Dara (monastery of the Oak).

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