Notre-Dame du Dimanche/ Our Lady of Sunday, Saint-Bauzille-de-la-Sylve, l’Hérault, France (1873) and Memorials of the Saints – 8 June

Notre-Dame du Dimanche/ Our Lady of Sunday, Saint-Bauzille-de-la-Sylve, l’Hérault, France (1873) – 8 June:

An apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Auguste Arnaud on 8 June 1873 and 8 July 1873. Arnaud was married, the father of two,and a winemaker who regularly skipped Sunday Mass to work his vineyards.
Our Lady appeared to him in the vineyard on 8 June and reminded him:

“You must not work on Sundays.”

In honour of this blessing, Arnaud placed a Cross and a Statue of Mary at the site in the field. Later a little Chapel in honour of the Virgin was built there too.

On 8 July Our Lady appeared again, this time to both Auguste and his neighbours who had gathered there and told them again:

“You must never work on Sunday! Blessed are those who believe.”

In 1876, the Diocesan Bishop, Bishop De Cabrières, after the establishment of a commission of inquiry and having questioned several times the seer, he recognised the supernatural origin of the apparitions.

St Anne Mary Taigi
St Bron of Cassel
St Calliope
St Clodulf of Metz
Bl Engelbert of Schäftlarn
St Eustadiola of Moyen-Moutier
St Fortunato of Fano
St Gildard of Rouen * Twin Brother of St Medard below
Bl Giorgio Porta
Bl Giselbert of Cappenberg
St Heraclius of Sens
Bl István Sándor

St Jacques Berthieu SJ (1838-1896) Martyr, Priest, Missionary known as the “Martyr of Madagascar”

Bl John Davy
Bl John Rainuzzi
Bl Maddallena of the Conception
Bl Mariam Thresia Chiramel Mankidiyan
St Maximinus of Aix

St Medard (c 456-545) Bishop and Confessor * Twin Brother of St Gildard above
About this illustrious Saint:

The Roman Martyrology states of St Medard and his twin brother, St Gildard, today: “At Soissons, in France, the birthday of St Medard, Bishop of Novon, whose life and precios death are illustrated by glorious miracles – at Rouen, St Gildard, Bishop, twin brother of St Medard,who was born with his brother on the same day, Consecrated Bishops at the same time and being taken away from this life, also on the same day, they entered Heaven together!”

St Melania the Elder
St Muirchu
St Pacificus of Cerano
Bl Peter de Amer
Bl Robert of Frassinoro
St Sallustian
St Syra of Troyes
St Victorinus of Camerino
St William of York (Died 1154) ArchBishop of York, Monk


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