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The Dedication of St Michael (Feast), the Three Archangels, Madonna di Tirano / Our Lady of Tirano, Sondrio, Lombardy, Italy (1504) and Memorials of the Saints – 29 September

The Dedication of St Michael (Feast)

THIS festival has been kept with great solemnity on the 29th of September ever since the Fifth Century and was certainly initially celebrated in Apulia in 493.
The Dedication of the famous Church of St Michael on Mount Gargano, in Italy, gave occasion to the institution of this feast in the West, which is hence called in the Martyrologies of St Jerome, St Bede and others, ‘The Dedication of St Michael.’
About the Apparition of St Michael at Mount Gargano in 492:

The Apparition of St Michael at Gargano
The Dedication of the Church at Gargano

The Dedication of St Michael’s Church in Rome, which was performed by Pope Boniface IV. in 610 and that of several other Churches in the West, in honour of this Archangel, were also performed on this same day.

The name Michaelmas comes from a shortening of “Michael’s Mass,” in the same style as Christmas (Christ’s Mass) and Candlemas (Candle Mass, the Mass where traditionally the candles to be used throughout the year would be blessed).
During the Middle Ages, Michaelmas was celebrated as a Holy Day of Obligation but this tradition was abolished in the 18th century.

The Church gives to St Michael four offices:

  1. To fight against Satan.
  2. To rescue the souls of the faithful from the power of the enemy, especially at the hour of death.
  3. To be the champion of God’s people, the Jews in the Old Law, the Christians in the New Testament; therefore, he is the Patron of the Church and of the Orders of Knights during the Middle Age
  4. To call away from earth and bring men’s souls to judgement.

St Gabriel the Archangel (Feast)
St Michael the Archangel (Feast)
St Raphael the Archangel (Feast)

About the three Archangels here:

Madonna di Tirano / Our Lady of Tirano, Sondrio, Lombardy, Italy (1504) – 29 September:

The Sanctuary of the Madonna of Tirano stands on the Swiss-Italian border, where the Virgin appeared to Mario Omodei on 29 September 1504, promising an end to the plague which was decimating the region, if a Church in her honour would be built, on the spot outside the City walls. The epidemic subsided and the townspeople placed the first stone of the Sanctuary on 25 March 1505.

Because of its crossroads location, it has always drawn pilgrims from throughout Europe.

The Virgin’s Statue was part of a silver-clad grouping executed by woodcarver G Angelo Mayno around 1520. Napoleonic raiders stripped off the precious metal and destroyed the other Statues.

In 1946 Pope Pius XII proclaimed the Blessed Virgin of Tirano “special heavenly Patron of all Europe.”

Bl Alericus
St Anno of Eichstätt
St Casdoe of Persia
St Catholdus of Eichstätt

Blessed Charles de Blois TOSF (1319–1364) Duke of Brittany French nobleman, Knight, ascetic, Franciscan tertiary.
About Blessed Charles:

St Dadas of Persia
St Diethardus of Eichstätt
St Fraternus of Auxerre
St Gabdelas of Persia
St Grimoaldus of Pontecorvo
St Gudelia
St Guillermo Courtet

Blessed Jean de Montmirail / Baron de Montmirail, O. Cist (1165 – 1217) Cistercian Monk, Apostle of the Sick and Afflicted.
His Life:

Bl John of Ghent
St Lazaro of Kyoto
St Liutwin of Trier

Blessed Luigi Monza (1898 – 1954) Priest, Founder of the Secular Institute of the Little Apostles of Charity, devotee of Eucharistic Adoration, Apostle of Charity.

St Miguel de Aozaraza
St Quiriacus of Palestine
St Rene Goupil
St Rhipsime
Bl Richard Rolle
St Sapor of Persia
St Theodota of Thrace
St Vicente Shiwozuka de la Cruz

Martyrs of Thrace – 3 saints: Three Christian men murdered in Thrace for their faith. They are – Eutychius, Heracleas and Plautus.

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War:
• Blessed Antonio Arribas Hortigüela
• Blessed Antonio Martínez López
• Blessed Dario Hernández Morató
• Blessed Francesc de Paula Castelló Aleu
• Blessed Francisco Edreira Mosquera
• Blessed José Villanova Tormo
• Blessed Pau Bori Puig
• Blessed Vicente Sales Genovés
• Blessed Virgilio Edreira Mosquera



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