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Saint of the Day – 17 November – St Florinus of Remüs (Died c 856) Priest, Confessor

Saint of the Day – 17 November – St Florinus of Remüs (Died c 856) Priest, Confessor, Miracle-worker. Born in the late 8th Century in Val Venosta, Italy and died in c 856 at Remüs (modern Ramosch), Switzerland of natural causes. His name (from Latin) means “the blooming one.Patronages – of the Lower Engadine and Vinschgau; from 1288 to 1962 – the Diocese of Chur. Also known as – • Florinus of Chur• Florinus of Finsgowe• Florinus of Matsch• Florinus of Mazia• Florinus of Ramosch• Florinus of Val Venosta• Florinus of Vinschgau• Florinus of Vnuost• Florin, Florian. Additional Memorials – • 7 August (translation of relics to Chur, Switzerland) • 18 December (translation of relics to the Trier, Germany).

Picture at the Parish Church in 
Matsch in South Tyrol

According to tradition, Florinus was the son of an Anglo-Saxon father and a Christian Jew who had settled in Vinschgau on their return from a pilgrimage to Rome . Florinus was raised by the Priest Alexander of Remüs. His former protégé, Florinus, who had meanwhile become a Priest, followed him in the pastoral apostolit. The activity which the new shepherd carried out by word and example, was so devoted that Florinus quickly won the love and admiration of his flock.

The Church in Ramosch, which used to be dedicated to St Peter and is now to St Florinus

The legend tells of numerous miracles, such as when he fetched the Communion wine, gave it to a poor woman for her ailing husband and, instead refilled the container with water, which turned into wine at the Altar. Hence in art, Florinus is usually depicted holiding a Chalice.

Many miracles also took place at Florinus’ tomb in the Church of Ramosch. As early as 719 there was a Church dedicated to Florinus, presided over by St Othmar of Saint Gallen (feast day yesterday). The Church in Ramosch, was dedicated to Florinus in 930. . Around 950, Duke Hermann of Swabia, brought Florinus’ Relics to the Marienstift in Koblenz, whose Church was then dedicated to Florinus too. After its founding in 1142, the bones came to the Monastery in Schönau near Heidelberg; others are in Regensburg. Because the Founder of the former Monasterywas converted at the grave of Florinus, in Churwalden, he acquired relics for his new foundation.

Stained glass window in the Baptistery in the 
Chur Cathedral

The Cathedral in Vaduz, built in the 19th Century next to a Chapel dedicated to Florinus and the Parish Church in Matsch is also dedicated to him. Another Chapel, built in 1853 at the end of this village, is dedicated to Florinus and contains a Relic and stands near the courtyard where, according to tradition, Florinus was born. This replaced the Chapel at the place of his birth after it had been destroyed three times by avalanches.

The Miracle of the White Rider:
In March 1799 the imperial troops were defeated by the French after a short battle in the Munster valley. The French then scorched, plundered and murdered in Malles and its surroundings. Many residents of Mals grabbed the most necessary belongings and fled hastily. The Matscher people heard, with horror, of the atrocities committed by the French and their fear and concern increased more and more, that the inhuman soldiers might also reach their little village, rob it and burn itto the ground. They gathered in the Parish Church and entreated their Patron, St Florinus to plead for protection and help. Lo and behold, when the enemy found out that the Malser had fled, a detachment of soldiers immediately took up the pursuit and got as far as Rowein before the village of Matsch. Then the Patron Saint of the valley, St Florinus, galloped along on a magnificent white horse and threatened the intruders with his right hand. The white horse, frightening the French so much that they quickly turned and fled down the valley. The village of Mud was saved!

Bust of St. Florinus in Cathedral of Vaduz (Liechtenstein).


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