Mother’s Day! God Bless All Mothers – 14 May 2017 (The Fifth Sunday of Easter)

1724 The observance of Mother’s Day has an important place in modern life. Since it occurs on the second Sunday in May, during the Easter season, the Mass of the Sunday is always celebrated.    However, in order to provide some recognition of this holiday, model intercessions and a prayer over the people are provided here.

1725 The intercessions are added to those of the day and may be adapted as necessary.

1726 The prayer over the people may replace the solemn blessing of the Easter season.




1727 The following intercessions may be added to those of the day.

For our mothers, who have given us life and love, that we may show them reverence and love, we pray to the Lord. R.

For mothers who have lost a child through death, that their faith may give them hope, and their family and friends support and console them, we pray to the Lord. R.

For mothers who have died, that God may bring them into the joy of his kingdom, we pray to the Lord. R.

Prayer Over the People

1728 This prayer over the people may be used at the end of Mass or other liturgical services on Mother’s Day.

Loving God, as a mother gives life and nourishment to her children, so you watch over your Church. Bless these women, that they may be strengthened as Christian mothers. Let the example of their faith and love shine forth. Grant that we, their sons and daughters, may honor them always with a spirit of profound respect.

Grant this through Christ our Lord.

R. Amen.

Then he blesses all present. And may almighty God bless you all, the Father, and the Son, + and the Holy Spirit. R. Amen.

Prayer Source: Book of Blessings by Prepared by International Commission on English in the Liturgy A Joint Commission of Catholic Bishops’ Conferences



on this day when we honour all mothers, we turn to you.
We thank the Lord whom you serve
for the great gift of motherhood.
Never has it been known that anyone,
who sought your intercession, was left unaided by grace.
Dear Mother, thank you for your “Yes” to the invitation ]
of the angel which brought heaven to earth
and changed human history.
You opened yourself to God’s word
and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.
Dear mother, intercede for all of our mothers.
Ask your Divine Son to give them the grace
of surrendered love so that they may join with you
in giving their own “Fiat.”
May they find daily strength to say ‘yes’
to the call to the sacrificial love-
the very heart of the vocation of motherhood.
May their love and witness be a source
of great inspiration for all of us called to follow your Son.
On this Mothers day,
Mother of the Word Incarnate,
pray for us who have recourse to you…
In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


The Glory of Eucharistic Adoration

The Glory of Eucharistic Adoration

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is one of the best ways to spend time with Jesus. There is so much noise around us these days.   Spending a quiet hour with Jesus in humble adoration will bring many graces and blessings to you.    Things that you have never even considered before will now be made present to you.    Bad things that would have happened to you will now not happen.    Here are some thoughts about what Jesus is asking you during this time.    As He told Peter, “Could you not spend one hour with me?” St. Peter Julian Eymard tells us all how to spend an hour in Adoration!

“MY CHILD, you need not know much in order to please Me; only love Me dearly.   Speak to Me as you would talk to your mother, if she had taken you in her arms.    Have you no one to recommend to Me?   Tell Me the names of your relations, of your friends; after each name add what you wish Me to do for them.   Ask a great deal: I love generous hearts that forget themselves for others.

TELL ME about the poor whom you want to help, the sick whom you have seen suffer, the sinner whom you would convert, the persons who are alienated from you and whose affections you wish to win back.   For all recite a fervent prayer.   Remind Me that I have promised to grant every prayer that comes from the heart;  and surely the prayers are heartfelt which we say for those whom we love and who love us.

HAVE YOU no favours to ask for yourself’?   Write, if you like, a long list of all your wishes of all the needs of your soul–and come and read it to Me.   Tell Me simply how self-indulgent you are, how proud, how touchy, how selfish, how cowardly, how idle; ask Me to help you to improve.   Poor child! Do not blush!   There are in heaven many saints who had the same faults as you;  they prayed to Me, and, little by little, they were cured.

DO NOT hesitate to ask for the goods of body and mind–for health, for memory, for success.   I can give everything and I always give when the gifts would make souls more holy.    What do you want today, My child?   Oh, if you knew how I longed to do you good!

HAVE YOU no plans to interest you?   Tell Me about them.   Do they concern your vocation?   What do you think of?   What would you like?   Are you planning some pleasure for your mother, for your family, for your guardian?   What do you wish to do for them?

AND HAVE you no thoughts of zeal for Me?   Are you not anxious to do a little good for the souls of your friends, for those whom you love and who, perhaps, forget Me?   Tell Me who interests you, what motives urge you, what means you wish to take.

CONFIDE TO Me your failures;  I will show you the cause.   Whom do you wish to see interested in your work?   I am the Master of all hearts, My child and I lead them gently where I please.   I will place about you those who are necessary to you; never fear!

HAVE YOU nothing to annoy you?   My child, tell Me your annoyances, with every detail. Who has pained you?   Who as wounded your self-love?   Who has treated you contemptuously?   Tell Me all and then say that you forgive and forget;  and I will give you My blessing.

DO YOU dread something painful?   Is there in your soul a vague fear which seems unreasonable and yet torments you?   Trust fully in My providence.   I am here, I see everything; I will not leave you.

ARE THERE about you friends who seem less kind than formerly, who neglect you through indifference or forgetfulness, without your having consciously done anything to wound them?   Pray for them, and I will restore them to you, if there companionship is good for you.

HAVE YOU no joys to tell Me?   Why not confide to Me your pleasures?   Tell Me what has happened since yesterday to console you, to make you look happy, to give you joy.   An unexpected visit has done you good;  a fear has been suddenly dispelled; you have met with unlooked for success; you have received some mark of affection in a letter, a present;  some trial has left you stronger than you supposed.    All these things, My child, I obtained for you.   Why are you not grateful?   Why do you not say, “I thank you?” Gratitude draws benefits and the benefactor loves to be reminded of His bounty.

HAVE YOU no promises to make Me?   You know I read the very bottom of your heart. Men are deceived but not God; be frank.

ARE YOU resolved to avoid that occasion of sin, to give up the object which leads you astray–not to read that book which excites your imagination;  to withdraw your friendship from that person who is irreligious and whose presence disturbs the peace of your soul?   Will you go at once and be kind to that companion who annoyed you?

WELL, MY child, go now and resume your daily work.   Be silent, be honest, be patient, be charitable, love very much the Blessed Mother of Jesus;  and tomorrow bring Me a heart even more devoted and loving.   Tomorrow I shall have new favours for you.”

With Ecclesiastical Approval

“I love You Lord Jesus,
my love above all things.
I repent with my whole heart
for having offended You.
Never permit me to separate myself
from You again,
grant that I may love You always
and then do with me what You will!”



Thought for the Day – 14 May

Thought for the Day – 14 May

What was the holiness of Matthias? Obviously, he was suited for apostleship by the experience of being with Jesus from His baptism to His ascension.   He must also have been suited personally, or he would not have been nominated for so great a responsibility.   Must we not remind ourselves that the fundamental holiness of Matthias was his receiving gladly the relationship with the Father offered him by Jesus and completed by the Holy Spirit?   The Apostles were given the mission to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world, bearing witness to His Resurrection and establishing the Kingdom of God upon the earth.   For that, they left all things and gave themselves totally.   All of us share in this mission and we all have to be apostles wherever we are.   By our very Baptism, we are sent to share the Gospel, just as St Matthias did.    If the apostles are the foundations of our faith by their witness, they must also be reminders, that holiness is entirely a matter of God’s giving but it is offered to all, in the everyday circumstances of life. We receive, we must accept and now we must give!

St Matthias, Apostle of Christ, Pray for us!

st-matthias-pray-for-us-14 may 2018-2


Quote of the Day – 14 May

Quote of the Day – 14 May

“We know nothing else about him (St Matthias), if not that he had been a witness to all Jesus’ earthly events (cf. Acts 1: 21-22), remaining faithful to Him to the end.    To the greatness of his fidelity was later added the divine call to take the place of Judas, almost compensating for his betrayal.

We draw from this a final lesson:  while there is no lack of unworthy and traitorous Christians in the Church, it is up to each of us to counterbalance the evil done by them with our clear witness to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.” – Pope Benedict GENERAL AUDIENCE, Saint Peter’s Square, Wednesday, 18 October 2006



One Minute Reflection – 14 May

One Minute Reflection – 14 May

Then they prayed, “You, Lord, who know the hearts of all, show which one of these two you have chosen to take the place in this apostolic ministry from which Judas turned away to go to his own place.” Then they gave lots to them and the lot fell upon Matthias, and he was counted with the Eleven Apostles……. Acts 1:24-26

acts 1-24-26

REFLECTION – “”In those days, Peter stood up in the midst of the disciples and said…” As the fiery spirit to whom the flock was entrusted by Christ and as the leader in the band of the apostles, Peter always took the initiative in speaking: “My brothers, we must choose from among our number.” He left the decision to the whole body, at once augmenting the honour of those elected and avoiding any suspicion of partiality.
Did not Peter then have the right to make the choice himself? Certainly he had the right but he did not want to give the appearance of showing special favour to anyone. “And they nominated two,” we read, “Joseph, who was called Barsabbas and surnamed Justus, and Matthias.” He himself did not nominate them; all present did. But it was he who brought the issue forward, pointing out that it was not his own idea but had been suggested to him by a scriptural prophecy.
And they all prayed together, saying: “You, Lord, know the hearts of men; make your choice known to us. You, not we.” Appropriately they said that he knew the hearts of men, because the choice was to be made by him, not by others.
They spoke with such confidence, because someone had to be appointed. They did not say “choose” but “make known to us” the chosen one; “the one you choose,” they said, fully aware that everything was being preordained by God.”…………… from a homily on the Acts of the Apostles by Saint John Chrysostom


PRAYER – Almighty God, who into the place of the traitor Judas chose thy faithful servant Matthias to be of the number of the twelve Apostles; grant that Thy Church, being always preserved from false Apostles, may be ordered and guided by faithful and true pastors; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. – collect from the feast of Saint Matthias – St Matthias Pray for us!



Our Morning Offering

Our Morning Offering

The Memorare
By St Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153)
Doctor mellifluus (Mellifluous Doctor)

O most gracious Virgin Mary,
that never was it known,
that anyone who fled to thy protection,
implored thy help,
or sought thy intercession,
was left unaided.
Inspired with this confidence,
I fly unto thee,
O Virgin of virgins, my Mother.
To thee do I come,
before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful.
O Mother of the Word Incarnate,
despise not my petitions
but in thy mercy, hear and answer me.



Saint and Feast of the Day – 14 May – St Matthias, Apostle of Christ

Saint and Feast of the Day – 14 May – St Matthias, Apostle of Christ, Martyr (1st Century- c80) – Patron of alcoholics; carpenters; smallpox; tailors; hope; perseverance, diocese of Gary, Indiana, diocese of Great Falls-Billings, Montana.   Attributes – lance, spear.


St Matthias is according to the Acts of the Apostles, the apostle chosen by lot to replace Judas Iscariot following Judas’ betrayal of Jesus and his subsequent suicide (as in the Gospel According to Matthew).   His calling as an apostle is unique, in that his appointment was not made personally by Jesus, who had already ascended into heaven and it was also made before the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the early Church.

There is no mention of a Matthias among the lists of disciples or followers of Jesus in the three synoptic gospels but according to Acts, he had been with Jesus from his baptism by John until his Ascension.    In the days following, Peter proposed that the assembled disciples, who numbered about one hundred and twenty, nominate two men to replace Judas.    They chose Joseph called Barsabas (whose surname was Justus) and Matthias. Then they prayed, “Thou, Lord, which knowest the hearts of all [men], shew whether of these two thou hast chosen, That he may take part of this ministry and apostleship, from which Judas by transgression fell, that he might go to his own place.”[Acts 1:24–25]    Then they cast lots and the lot fell to Matthias; so he was numbered with the eleven apostles.   Matthias was present with the other apostles at Pentecost.

No further information about Matthias is to be found in the canonical New Testament. Even his name is variable: the Syriac version of Eusebius calls him throughout not Matthias but “Tolmai”, not to be confused with Bartholomew (which means Son of Tolmai), who was one of the twelve original Apostles.

The tradition of the Greeks says that St. Matthias planted the faith about Cappadocia and on the coasts of the Caspian Sea, residing chiefly near the port Issus.    Clement of Alexandria observed (Stromateis vi.13.):

“Not that they became apostles through being chosen for some distinguished peculiarity of nature, since also Judas was chosen along with them.    But they were capable of becoming apostles on being chosen by Him who foresees even ultimate issues.    Matthias, accordingly, who was not chosen along with them, on showing himself worthy of becoming an apostle, is substituted for Judas.”

The feast of Saint Matthias was included in the Roman Calendar in the 11th century and celebrated on the sixth day to the Calends of March (February 24 usually but February 25 in leap years).   In the revision of the General Roman Calendar in 1969, his feast was transferred to May 14, so as not to celebrate it in Lent but instead in Eastertide close to the Solemnity of the Ascension, the event after which the Acts of the Apostles recounts that Matthias was selected to be ranked with the Twelve Apostles.

St Matthias stoned to death at Colchis in 80.    It is claimed that St Matthias the Apostle’s remains are interred in the Abbey of St. Matthias, Trier, Germany, brought there through Empress Helena of Constantinople, mother of Emperor Constantine I (the Great) and St Mary Major Rome.



Saints and Feasts – 14 May

5th Sunday of Easter (2017)
St Matthias the Apostle (Feast)

St Ampelio
St Boniface of Ferentino
St Boniface of Tarsus
St Carthage the Younger
St Corona the Martyr
St Costanzo of Capri
St Costanzo of Vercelli
Bl Diego of Narbonne
St Dyfan
St Engelmer
St Erembert of Toulouse
St Felice of Aquileia
St Fortunatus of Aquileia
St Gal of Clermont-Ferrand
Bl Giles of Santarem
St Henedina of Sardinia
St Justa of Sardinia
St Justina of Sardinia
St Maria Domenica Mazzarello
St Maximus
St Michael Garicoïts
St Pons of Pradleves
St Pontius of Cimiez
St Tuto of Regensburg
St Victor the Martyr

Martyrs of Seoul – 5 Beata: A group of lay people martyred together in the apostolic vicariate of Korea.
• Petrus Choe Pil-je
• Lucia Yun Un-hye
• Candida Jeong Bok-hye
• Thaddeus Jeong In-hyeok
• Carolus Jeong Cheol-sang
14 May 1801 at the Small West Gate, Seoul, South Korea – Beatified: 15 August 2014 by Pope Francis\