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Novena to St Dominic – DAY ONE – 30 July

Novena to St Dominic

First Day: The Force of Good Example
He shone in his days as the morning star, in the midst of a cloud and as the moon at the full; and as the sun, when it shines, so did he shine in the temple of God. (Sirach 50:6,7)


St Dominic was born in Spain in 1170.   With the dawn of reason his whole soul turned to God.   His childhood was most pious and his youth angelic in purity.   In the University of Palencia he was the model student.   At twenty five he became a canon regular at Osma and with the religious habit he put on the Lord Jesus and strove in all things to imitate Him.   His time was divided into prayer, study of Scripture and community duties. Silence and retirement were his delight; works of penance and tears of contrition his meat and drink. Going in 1205 to France, he spent many years in every kind of labour for the conversion of the Albigensian heretics.  Like Jesus Christ he passed the day in apostolic work, the night in prayer.   His penance was extreme but to others he was gentle, sweet and kind.   Many were converted by his miracles, many by the example of his holy life.   Six times he journeyed to Rome, once to Spain, once to Paris, walking barefoot, praying or singing on the road; preaching in the towns and villages, spending the nights in contemplation.   He founded in 1215 the Order of Friars Preachers for the conversion of souls.   He was a man of truly apostolic heart, a column of the Faith, a trumpet of the Gospel, the light of Christ to men.   He died at Bologna in 1221.

Let us pray:

O most enlightened teacher of divine truth,
Holy father St Dominic,
who taught what was profitable for salvation
and made yourself all things to all men,
that you might win all to Christ;
help us to close our ears and hearts to all false doctrine
and whatever may be harmful to our souls
and to open them joyfully to the truths of Holy Church.
Pray for us, blessed St Dominic,
that we may be examples to others,
especially to those who have fallen away
from the one, true faith
and for this our special intention …
(make your request)
Through Christ our Lord. Amen


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NOVENA in Honour of and preparation for, the Feast of the Transfiguration of our Lord – Day Three – 30 July

NOVENA Transfiguration of our Lord – Day Three – 30 July

Explanation of this Novena here:

The Revelation of Christ’s Divine Glory

Third Day: Way of Witnessing to the Resurrection
The Transfiguration was necessary to help the apostles increase their faith and recognise the divinity of Jesus and His union with the Father, the Spirit and the prophets of the Old Testament.
Maybe there is another kind of transfiguration that is needed for us so that, like the apostles, when the vision was over, we may be able to “look up and see no one, but only Jesus.”
The transfiguration to which we refer is the indwelling of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the word, in our neighbour, and in ourselves.
This kind of transfiguration will enable us to see the common things of earth, sky and sea with a new wonder and fresh joy.
It will also enable us to see the presence of Jesus within ourselves and in the people who cross our path, even if they drive us crazy. We may think that such an attitude is too difficult to acquire but it is something that we can continuously ask for and desire.

Let us Pray:

O God, according to Your plan, You have called us to holiness
by Your grace which You have revealed in Jesus Christ.
Through Your Gospel You show us the way
so that we may share in Your mission of the glorious splendour of unending life. Amen


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Novena In Honour of Saint John Marie Vianney – Day Five– 30 July

Novena In Honour of Saint John Marie Vianney

DAY FIVE – We pray for the habit of FREQUENT CONFESSIONS

O Holy Priest of Ars,
you knew how important was a good confession for the Christian life.
It was to procure the happy fruits of millions of souls
that you agreed to be in an uncomfortable confessional,
which was like a prison, up to 15 to 16 hours on certain days.
I will try to develop the habit of frequent confession,
to prepare properly each time
and to have always regret for my sins,
so that the grace of final perseverance
but also the sanctification of my soul will be assured.
Ask this grace for me. Holy Priest of Ars,
I have confidence in your intercession.
Pray for me during this novena especially for …
(mention silently your special intentions).
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be



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Thought for the Day – 30 July – The Memorial of St Peter Chrysologus “Golden Words”

Thought for the Day – 30 July – The Memorial of St Peter Chrysologus “Golden Words”

In addition to his zeal in the exercise of his office, Peter Chrysologus was distinguished by a fierce loyalty to the Church, not only in its teaching but in its authority as well.   He looked upon learning not as a mere opportunity but as an obligation for all, both as a development of God-given faculties and as a solid support for the worship of God……Next to virtue, learning, in his view, was the greatest improvement to the human mind and the support of true religion.   Ignorance is not a virtue, nor is anti-intellectualism. Knowledge is neither more nor less a source of pride than physical, administrative, or financial prowess. ( Fr Don Miller, OFM)
Keep in mind that we cannot practice anything at all if we do not study it – we cannot “be” a Catholic if we do not study our faith!

St Peter Chrysologus, pray for us!

st peter chrysologus pray for us 2

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Quote/s of the Day – 30 July – Memorial of St Peter Chrysologus

Quote/s of the Day – 30 July – Memorial of St Peter Chrysologus

“He (Christ) really made His body a living sacrifice,
because, though slain, He continues to live.
In such a victim death receives its ransom
but the victim remains alive.
Death itself suffers the punishment.
This is why death for the martyrs is actually a birth
and their end a beginning.
Their execution is the door to life
and those who were thought to have been
blotted out from the earth
shine brilliantly in heaven.”

he (Christ) really made his body - st peter chrysologus

“He is The Bread sown in the virgin,
leavened in the Flesh,
molded in His Passion,
baked in the furnace of the Sepulchre,
placed in the Churches
and set upon the Altars,
which daily supplies Heavenly Food to the faithful.”

he is the bread 2.- st peter chrysologus

“For he who touches
the Body of Christ unworthily,
receives his damnation.”

for he who touches the body of christ - st peter chrysologus

“Anyone who wishes to frolic with the devil cannot rejoice with Christ.”

anyone who wishes to frolic with the devil -st peter chrysologus

“The poor stretch out the hand
but God receives what is offered.”

the poor stretch out the hand - st peter chrysologus

“Now that we are reborn,…
in the likeness of our Lord
and have indeed been adopted
by God as his children,
let us put on the complete image
of our Creator
so as to be wholly like Him,
not in the glory that He alone possesses
but in innocence, simplicity, gentleness,
patience, humility, mercy, harmony,
those qualities in which He chose to become
and to be, one with us.”

nw that we are reborn-st peer chrysologus

St Peter Chrysologus (400-450) Doctor of the Church


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One Minute Reflection – 30 July – Memorial of St Peter Chrysologus

One Minute Reflection – 30 July

On the way of duty I walk, along the paths of justice, granting wealth to those who love me…..Proverbs 8:20-21

PROVERBS 8 20 21

REFLECTION – “Mary’s grace has given glory to heaven; a God to earth and faith to the nations.Sh has conferred death on vices, order on life and a rule on morals.”….St Peter Chrysologus (c400-450) Doctor of the Church


PRAYER – Heavenly Father, grant me the grace to have Mary as my constant intercessor. In all difficulties let me call on her aid, for she is Your beloved Daughter. St Peter, you who so loved our Holy Mother, pray that we too may love her with total abandon and trust. Amen

st peter chrysologus pray for us


Our Morning Offering – 30 July

Our Morning Offering – 30 July

Prayer before Mass and Holy Communion
By Blessed Angela of Foligno (1248-1309)

Holy God,
I go to You in order to be received,
go pure in order to be purified,
go alive in order to be enlivened,
go just in order to be justified,
go united and conjoined to Christ
in order to be incorporated through Him,
with Him
and in Him,
God created and God made man,
who is given in this most high mystery,
through the hands of the priest.
Thanks be to God always.

prayer before mass and holy communion by bl angela of foligno