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Thought for the Day – 4 July

Thought for the Day – 4 July

The secret of Blessed Pier’s personality was his constant joy.   “My life is monotonous, he once said, but each day I understand a little better the incomparable grace of being a Catholic.   Down, then, with all melancholy.   That should never find a place except in the heart which has lost faith. I am joyful.   Sorrow is not gloom.   Gloom should be banished from the Christian soul.”

As a teenager the saint made friends of the poor in Turin’s filthy backstreets and gave them whatever he had—his money, his shoes, his overcoat. “Jesus comes to me every morning in Holy Communion,” he replied to a friend who asked why the hovels did not repulse him. “I repay Him in my very small way by visiting the poor.   The house may be sordid but I am going to Christ.”

At school Pier ­Giorgio became the leader of groups that organised outreach to the needy. He set a high standard, his investment of time and money far exceeding that of his friends.   On Sunday, galoshes for a barefoot child;   Monday, a room for a homeless woman;   Tuesday, boots for an unemployed labourer;   Wednesday, payment of a girl’s school bill;   Thursday, relocation for a blind veteran;   Friday, groceries for a hungry family;   Saturday, medicine for an old man with bronchitis.   The catalogue of his giving seems endless.   At the same time he was the organiser of student parties, games and fund raisers to finance ski trips to the Alps—Pier ­Giorgio was addicted to mountain climbing!

Once after visiting a badly disfigured leper he explained to a friend his rationale for his selfless giving:

“How rich we are to be in good health. The deformation of that young man will disappear in a few years when he enters Paradise.   But we have the duty of putting our health at the service of those who haven’t it.   To act otherwise would be to betray the gift of God.
No human being should ever be left abandoned.   But the best of all charities is that consecrated to the sick.   That is an exceptional work:  few have the courage to face its difficulties and dangers;  to take on themselves the sufferings of others, in addition to their own needs and their own precautions and cares.”

Pier ­Giorgio was famous in Turin but his family regarded him as a problem.   His father, Alfredo Frassati, editor of the daily La Stampa, seems to have resented his largesse.   And his mother was inconvenienced by his frequent absences and his lateness to meals.   Only after his death did they come to appreciate their son.

A virulent form of poliomyelitis attacked Pier ­Giorgio in July 1925, and he died within a week. He was twenty-­four years old.

Once a friend observed that when Pier Giorgio finished praying in church, he waved a little farewell towards the tabernacle.   I like to imagine the scene when this jovial saint said hello to Christ in heaven.

My thought is this, on the Memorial of his beautiful saint, Bl Pier Giorgio, that the greatest gift and the only glory of my life is being a Catholic and striving each day, to grow in those greatest of all commandments, to love God above all and to love my neighbour as myself.    St Edmund Campion, put it so well, “to be a Catholic is my greatest glory.”

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, pray for us!

jesus comes to me -bl pier pray for us



O merciful God,
Who through the perils of the world
deigned to preserve by Your grace
Your servant the blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati
pure of heart and ardent of charity,
listen, we ask You, to our prayers, and
if it is in Your designs that he be glorified by the Church,
show us Your will,
granting us the graces we ask of You,
through his intercession,
by the merits of Jesus Christ, Our Lord,
in union with the Holy Spirit,
one God forever and ever. Amen

prayer for the canonisation of bl pier


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In the Holy Rule, St. Benedict you have said:

Brothers, the Holy Scripture crys to us saying:  “Every one that exalts himself shall be humbled;  and he that humbles himself shall be exalted” (Lk 14:11; 18:14).   Since, therefore, it says this, it shows us that every exaltation is a kind of pride…

Hence, brethren, if we wish to reach the greatest height of humility and speedily to arrive at that heavenly exaltation to which ascent is made in the present life by humility, then, mounting by our actions, we must erect the ladder which appeared to Jacob in his dream, by means of which angels were shown to him ascending and descending (cf Gen 28:12). Without a doubt, we understand this ascending and descending to be nothing else but that we descend by pride and ascend by humility.   The erected ladder, however, is our life in the present world, which, if the heart is humble, is by the Lord lifted up to heaven.   For we say that our body and our soul are the two sides of this ladder;  and into these sides the divine calling has inserted various degrees of humility or discipline which we must mount.  (Holy Rule 7)


day three - novena st benedict.jpg

Glorious Saint Benedict,
sublime model of virtue, pure vessel of God’s grace!
Behold me humbly kneeling at your feet.
I implore you in your loving kindness to pray for me before the throne of God.

To you I have recourse in the dangers that daily surround me.
Shield me against my selfishness and my indifference to God and to my neighbour.
Inspire me to imitate you in all things.
May your blessing be with me always, so that I may see and serve Christ in others and work for His kingdom.

Graciously obtain for me from God those favours and graces which I need so much in the trials, miseries and afflictions of life.
Your heart was always full of love, compassion and mercy toward those who were afflicted or troubled in any way.
You never dismissed without consolation and assistance anyone who had recourse to you.
I therefore invoke your powerful intercession, confident in the hope that you will hear my prayers and obtain for me the special grace and favour I earnestly implore.

{mention your petition}

Help me, great Saint Benedict, to live and die as a faithful child of God, to run in the sweetness of His loving will and to attain the eternal happiness of heaven.


O Holy Father, St. Benedict, pray for us.

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Quote/s of he Day – 4 July

Quote/s of he Day – 4 July

“I urge you with all the strength of my soul
to approach the Eucharistic Table as often as possible.
Feed on this Bread of the Angels, from which you will draw,
the strength to fight inner struggles.”

“Verso l’alto,”

“To the Heights”

Blessed Pier Giorgio’s famous motto, “Verso l’alto,” Italian for “To the heights,” meant reaching for God as well as the mountain peaks.  His regular habit was to attend Mass before heading to the mountains and of visiting the Blessed Sacrament upon his return. He loved the Eucharist.  He would often spend whole nights in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

to the heights - bl pier

“You ask me whether I am in good spirits.
How could I not be so?
As long as Faith gives me strength, I will always be joyful.
Sadness ought to be banished from Catholic souls…
the purpose for which we have been created shows us the path;
even if strewn with many thorns, it is not a sad path.
It is joyful even in the face of sorrow.”

you ask me whether - bl pier

Bl Pier Giorgio Frassati

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One Minute Reflection – 4 July

One Minute Reflection – 4 July

If someone who has worldly means sees a brother in need and refuses him compassion, how can the love of God remain in him?   Children, let us love not in word or speech but in deed and truth…..1 jOHN 3:17-18

1 John 3-17 and 18

REFLECTION – “Every one of you knows, that the foundation of our religion is charity. Without it all our religion would crumble because we would not truly be Catholics, as long as we did not carry out, or rather shape our whole lives by the two commandments in which the essence of the Catholic Faith lies:  to love God with all our strength and to love our neighbour as ourselves.”…….Bl Pier Giorgio Frassati

every one of you knows-bl pier

PRAYER – Loving Father, teach me to see the face of Your Divine Son in all those I meet especially those in need.   Help me to realise that love is the most powerful force in the world.   Blessed Pier Georgio is an inspiration to us all, teaching us by his actions, that it is only in living love in charity that we can be true Catholics.  Blessed Pier Georgio pray for us, amen.

bl pier pray for us

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Our Morning Offering – 4 July

Our Morning Offering – 4 July

Heavenly Father,
Give me the courage
to strive for the highest goals,
to flee every temptation to be mediocre.
Enable me to aspire to greatness,
as Blessed Pier Giorgio did,
and to open my heart with joy
to Your call to holiness.
Free me from the fear of failure.
I want to be, Lord, firmly and forever,
united to You.
Grant me the graces I ask You
through Blessed Pier Giorgio’s intercession,
by the merits of Our Lord Jesus Christ,
in union with the Holy Spirit.

heavenly father - bl pier


Saint of the Day – 4 July – Blessed Pier Georgio Frassati T.O.S.D. “The Man of the Eight Beatitudes”

Saint of the Day – 4 July – Blessed Pier Georgio Frassati T.O.S.D. “The Man of the Eight Beatitudes”, Apostle of Charity and Love, layman, Apostle of the Holy Eucharist and Eucharist Adoration, also known as Girolamo (6 April 1901 in Turin, Italy – 4 July 1925 in Turin, Italy of poliomylelitis.)   His remains were buried in the family cemetery of Pollone, Italy
His body was found incorrupt when moved to the Cathedral of Turin in 1981.  He was beatified on 20 May 1990 by Pope John Paul II.

Pier Giorgio Michelangelo Frassati was born in Turin, Italy on April 6, 1901.   His mother, Adelaide Ametis, was a painter.   His father Alfredo, was the founder and director of the newspaper, “La Stampa,” and was influential in Italian politics, holding positions as an Italian Senator and Ambassador to Germany.

At an early age, Pier Giorgio joined the Marian Sodality and the Apostleship of Prayer, and obtained permission to receive daily Communion (which was rare at that time).

He developed a deep spiritual life which he never hesitated to share with his friends.   The Holy Eucharist and the Blessed Virgin were the two poles of his world of prayer.   At the age of 17, he joined the St. Vincent de Paul Society and dedicated much of his spare time to serving the sick and the needy, caring for orphans and assisting the demobilized servicemen returning from World War I.
He decided to become a mining engineer, studying at the Royal Polytechnic University of Turin, so he could “serve Christ better among the miners,” as he told a friend.
Although he considered his studies his first duty, they did not keep him from social and political activism.   In 1919, he joined the Catholic Student Foundation and the organization known as Catholic Action.   He became a very active member of the People’s Party, which promoted the Catholic Church’s social teaching based on the principles of Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical letter, Rerum Novarum.

What little he did have, Pier Giorgio gave to help the poor, even using his bus fare for charity and then running home to be on time for meals.   The poor and the suffering were his masters and he was literally their servant, which he considered a privilege.   His charity did not simply involve giving something to others but giving completely of himself.   This was fed by daily communion with Christ in the Holy Eucharist and by frequent nocturnal adoration, by meditation on St. Paul’s “Hymn of Charity” (I Corinthians 13), and by the writings of St. Catherine of Siena.   He often sacrificed vacations at the Frassati summer home in Pollone (outside of Turin) because, as he said, “If everybody leaves Turin, who will take care of the poor?”

BlessedPierGiorgioFrassati3- quote on holy comm

In 1921, he was a central figure in Ravenna, enthusiastically helping to organize the first convention of Pax Romana, an association which had as its purpose the unification of all Catholic students throughout the world for the purpose of working together for universal peace.

Mountain climbing was one of his favorite sports. Outings in the mountains, which he organized with his friends, also served as opportunities for his apostolic work.   He never lost the chance to lead his friends to Mass, to the reading of Scripture, and to praying the rosary.

He often went to the theater, to the opera, and to museums. He loved art and music, and could quote whole passages of the poet Dante.

Fondness for the epistles of St. Paul sparked his zeal for fraternal charity and the fiery sermons of the Renaissance preacher and reformer Girolamo Savonarola and the writings of St. Catherine impelled him in 1922 to join the Lay Dominicans (Third Order of St. Dominic).   He chose the name Girolamo after his personal hero, Savonarola.  “I am a fervent admirer of this friar, who died as a saint at the stake,” he wrote to a friend.

Like his father, he was strongly anti-Fascist and did nothing to hide his political views.   He physically defended the faith at times involved in fights, first with anticlerical Communists and later with Fascists.Participating in a Church-organised demonstration in Rome on one occasion, he stood up to police violence and rallied the other young people by grabbing the group’s banner, which the royal guards had knocked out of another student’s hands.   Pier Giorgio held it even higher, while using the banner’s pole to fend off the blows of the guards.

Just before receiving his university degree, Pier Giorgio contracted poliomyelitis, which doctors later speculated he caught from the sick whom he tended.   Neglecting his own health because his grandmother was dying, after six days of terrible suffering Pier Giorgio died at the age of 24 on July 4, 1925.

His last preoccupation was for the poor.   On the eve of his death, with a paralyzed hand he scribbled a message to a friend, asking him to take the medicine needed for injections to be given to Converso, a poor sick man he had been visiting.

Pier Giorgio’s funeral was a triumph.   The streets of the city were lined with a multitude of mourners who were unknown to his family — the poor and the needy whom he had served so unselfishly for seven years. Many of these people, in turn, were surprised to learn that the saintly young man they knew had actually been the heir of the influential Frassati family.


Pope John Paul II, after visiting his original tomb in the family plot in Pollone, said in 1989:  “I wanted to pay homage to a young man who was able to witness to Christ with singular effectiveness in this century of ours.   When I was a young man, I, too, felt the beneficial influence of his example and, as a student, I was impressed by the force of his testimony.”

On May 20, 1990, in St. Peter’s Square which was filled with thousands of people, the Pope beatified Pier Giorgio Frassati, calling him the “Man of the Eight Beatitudes.”

His mortal remains, found completely intact and incorrupt upon their exhumation on March 31, 1981, were transferred from the family tomb in Pollone to the cathedral in Turin.   Many pilgrims, especially students and the young, come to the tomb of Blessed Frassati to seek favours and the courage to follow his example.

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Saints’ Memorials – 4 July

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