DAY SIX – NOVENA in honour of the EXALTATION of the HOLY CROSS – 10 September

DAY SIX – NOVENA in honour of the EXALTATION of the HOLY CROSS – 10 September

Redemptive Suffering

Jesus, Your mother and other women surrounded You
while you were dying on the cross.
Your mother nonetheless accepted this agony,
believing that this was part of the divine plan,
that God had the power to draw good
from this terrible experience of failure.
Your mother’s faith in You inspires us.
We pray for her intercession as we face
situations of failure and suffering.
We know that You are always with us
and so we pray for the grace to face
with courage, our trials and hardships,
and offer our sufferings
in union with Yours.
Please strengthen our faith as we live through
the difficulties and uncertainties of this life. Amen


Dear Lord Jesus
Who because of Your burning love for us willed to be crucified
and to shed Your Most Precious Blood for the redemption
and salvation of our souls,
to bear the sins of all the history of humanity,
from Adam to the end of time.
look down upon us and grant the petition we ask
…………….( mention your intention)
We trust completely in Your Mercy.
Cleanse us from sin by Your Grace,
sanctify our work,
give us and all those who are dear to us,
our daily bread, lighten the burden of our sufferings,
bless our families,
and grant to the nations, so sorely afflicted,
Your Peace, which is the only true peace,
so that by obeying Your Commandments
we may come at last to the glory of Heaven.

O Cross, you are the glorious sign of victory.
Through your power may we share
in the triumph of Christ Jesus. Amen
Glory Be. (3x)day six - novena holy cross - redemptive suffering - 10 sept

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Thought for the Day – 10 September – The Memorial of St Nicholas of Tolentino

Thought for the Day – 10 September – The Memorial of St Nicholas of Tolentino

Those hardened in their crimes, made fun of him but Nicholas would not be intimidated, even though soldiers would unsheath their swords and fence whilst he was speaking.
He was kindness itself, going into the slums of Tolentino, visiting the sick and bed-ridden, settling feuds, caring for children, chatting with criminals and begging them not to be cruel to others.
Gradually, this kindness achieved results and even hardened criminals were converted by St Nicholas’ gentleness.
His remarkable powers of persuasion and his charismatic personality, achieved amazing results in those who had been written off.
Gentleness and kindness accomplishes conversion!
St Nicholas pray that we too may be granted the grace of gentle and kindly nicholas of tolentino pray for us.2

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Quote of the Day – 10 September

Quote of the Day – 10 September

“We need to find God
and He cannot be found
in noise and restlessness.
God is the friend of silence.
See how nature –
trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence;
see the stars, the moon and the sun,
how they move in silence…
We need silence to be able to touch souls.”

St Mother Teresawe need to find god - st mother teresa

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One Minute Reflection – 10 September

One Minute Reflection – 10 September

Come by yourselves to an out-of-the-way place and rest a little.….Mark 6:30mark 6 30

REFLECTION – “Whosoever looks into murky and agitated waters cannot see his own countenance.
If you want the face of Christ to appear in your countenance, pause, recollect your thoughts in silence
and shut the door of the soul to the noise of exterior things.”….St Anthony of Padua (1195-1231) Evangelical Doctorwhosoever looks into murky water - st anthony of padua

PRAYER – Lord Jesus Christ, teach me to pause often during my active life and recollect myself.
Let me put away the problems of life and commune with You in prayer and meditation.
St Nicholas of Tolentino, amidst his busy life of charity to all, constantly resumed silence in You
and thus, in his mystical union with You, reflected Your Face. St Nicholas, pray for us, nicholas of tolentino pray for us

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Saint of the Day – 10 September – St Nicholas of Tolentino OSA (1245-1305)- Patron of Holy Souls

Saint of the Day – 10 September – St Nicholas of Tolentino OSA (1245-1305)- known as the Patron of Holy Souls, Priest, Augustinian Friar Monk, Confessor, Mystic, Preacher (1245 at Sant’Angelo, March of Ancona, diocese of Fermo, Italy – 10 September 1305 at Tolentino, Italy following a long illness).   His relics were re-discovered at Tolentino in 1926.   In previous times his relics were known exude blood when the Church was in danger.   He was Canonised on 5 June (Pentecost) 1446 by Pope Eugene IV – over 300 miracles were recognised by the Congregation.   Patronages – animals, babies (reported to have raised more than 100 children from the dead), boatmen, mariners, sailors, watermen, dying people, sick animals, souls in Purgatory, 4 cities, 3 dioceses.   Attributes – Augustinian holding a bird on a plate in the right hand and a crucifix on the other hand;   holding a basket of bread, giving bread to a sick person;   holding a lily or a crucifix garlanded with lilies; with a star above him or on his breast.


St Nicholas was born in 1245 in Sant’Angelo.   He was named after St Nicholas of Myra, at whose shrine his parents prayed to have a child.   Nicholas became a monk at 18 and seven years later, he was ordained a priest.   He gained a reputation as a preacher and a confessor.   In c 1274, he was sent to Tolentino, near his birthplace where he lived the rest of his lif.   Nicholas was primarily a pastor to his flock.   He ministered to the poor and the criminal.   He is said to have cured the sick with bread over which he had prayed to Mary, the mother of God.   He gained a reputation as a wonder-worker.

On account of his kind and gentle manner his superiors entrusted him with the daily feeding of the poor at the monastery gates but at times he was so free with the friary’s provisions that the procurator begged the superior to check his generosity.  Once, when weak after a long fast, he received a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Augustine who told him to eat some bread marked with cross and dipped in water.   Upon doing so he was immediately stronger.   He started distributing these rolls to the ailing, while praying to Mary, often curing the sufferers;  this is the origin of the Augustinian custom of blessing and distributing Saint Nicholas Bread.   When working wonders or healing people, he always asked those he helped to “Say nothing of this”, explaining that he was just God’s instrument.

During his life, Nicholas is said to have received visions, including images of Purgatory, which friends ascribed to his lengthy fasts.  Prayer for the souls in purgatory was the outstanding characteristic of his spirituality.   Because of this Nicholas was proclaimed patron of the souls in Purgatory in 1884 by Leo XIII.  Towards the end of his life he became ill, suffering greatly, but still continued the mortifications that had been part of his holy life.   Nicholas died on 10 September 1305.St.-Nicholas-of-Tolentino-Purgatory-2.jpg

There are many tales and legends which relate to Nicholas.   One says the devil once beat him with a stick, which was then displayed for years in his church.   In another, Nicholas, a vegetarian, was served a roasted fowl, for which he made the sign of the cross and it flew out a window.   Nine passengers on a ship going down at sea once asked Nicholas’ aid and he appeared in the sky, wearing the black Augustinian habit, radiating golden light, holding a lily in his left hand, and with his right hand, he quelled the storm.   An apparition of the saint, it is said, once saved the burning palace of the Doge of Venice by throwing a piece of blessed bread on the flames.  He was also reported to have resurrected over one hundred dead children, including several who had drowned together.

According to the Peruvian chronicler Antonio de la Calancha, it was St. Nicholas of Tolentino who made possible a permanent Spanish settlement in the rigorous, high-altitude climate of Potosí, Bolivia.   e reported that all children born to Spanish colonists there died in childbirth or soon thereafter, until a father dedicated his unborn child to St Nicholas of Tolentino (whose own parents, after all, had required saintly intervention to have a child).   The colonist’s son, born on Christmas Eve, 1598, survived to healthy adulthood and many later parents followed the example of naming their sons Nicolá nicholas of tolentino

Nicholas was Canonised by Pope Eugene IV (also an Augustinian) in 1446.   He was the first Augustinian to be Canonised.   At his Canonisation, Nicholas was credited with three hundred miracles, including three resurrections.

The remains of St Nicholas are preserved at the Shrine of Saint Nicholas in the Basilica di San Nicola da Tolentino in the city of Tolentino, province of Macerata in Marche, Italy.

He is particularly invoked as an advocate for the souls in Purgatory, especially during Lent and the month of November.  In many Augustinian churches, there are weekly devotions to St Nicholas on behalf of the suffering souls.  November 2, All Souls’ Day, holds special significance for the devotees of St. Nicholas of Tolentino.



Our Morning Offering – 10 September

Our Morning Offering – 10 September

Give me, good Lord a full faith
By St Thomas More

Give me, good Lord,
a full faith and a fervent charity,
a love of You, good Lord,
incomparable above the love of myself;
and that I love nothing to Your displeasure
but everything in an order to You.
Take from me, good Lord,
this lukewarm fashion,
or rather key-cold manner of meditation
and this dullness in praying to You.
And give me warmth, delight and life
in thinking about You.
And give me Your grace
to long for Your holy sacraments
and specially to rejoice
in the presence of Your blessed Body,
sweet Saviour Christ,
in the holy Sacrament of the altar,
and duly to thank You
for Your gracious coming.
Amengive me good lord a full faith by st thomas more


Feast of Our Lady of Life and Memorials of the Saints – 10 September

Beata Vergine Maria della Vita/Our Lady of Life: Celebration of the Blessed Virgin Mary as patroness of the Our Lady of Life Hospital in Bologna, Italy, and as depicted in a painting in a sanctuary dedicated to her c 1375 in the hospital.
Patronage – hospitals in the diocese of Bologna, ItalyMadonna-della-vita

St Agapius of Novara
St Alexius Sanbashi Saburo
St Ambrose Edward Barlow
St Autbert of Avranches
St Barypsabas
St Candida the Younger
St Clement of Sardis
St Finnian of Moville
St Frithestan
Bl Jacques Gagnot
St Nicholas of Tolentino
Bl Ogerius
St Peter Martinez
St Pulcheria
St Salvius of Albi
St Sosthenes of Chalcedon
St Theodard of Maastricht
St Victor of Chalcedon

Martyrs of Bithynia – 3 sister saints: Three young Christian sisters martyred in the persecutions of emperor Maximian and governor Fronto: Menodora, Metrodora, Nymphodora. They were martyred in 306 in Bithynia, Asia Minor (in modern Turkey).

Martyrs of Japan – 205 beati: A unified feast to memorialise 205 missionaries and native Japanese known to have been murdered for their faith between 1617 and 1637.

Martyrs of Sigum – 8 saints: A group of Nicomedian martyrs, condemned for their faith to be worked to death in the marble quarries of Sigum. There were priests, bishops and laity in the group but only a few names have come down to us: Dativus, Felix, Jader, Litteus, Lucius, Nemesian, Polyanus, Victor. They were worked to death c 257 in Sigum.

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War:
• Blessed Félix España Ortiz
• Blessed Leoncio Arce Urrutia
• Blessed Tomàs Cubells Miguel