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Thought for the Day – 24 September – The Memorial of Bl Anton Martin Slomsek (1800-1862)

Thought for the Day – 24 September – The Memorial of Bl Anton Martin Slomsek (1800-1862)

“Teacher and educator, writer and poet, biographer and critic,
lover of his mother tongue and fighter for national equality,
patriot, speaker and preacher, ecumenical worker
and theological teacher of the Slovene people,
priest and bishop.   Slomsek’s personality is like a mosaic,
each stone has its own colour, its own function and size
but all together provide the image of a saint,
that is a person who is open to the breath of the Holy Spirit,
who prophetically understands the signs of the time and responds to them,
who understands how to use all natural and supernatural means
to realise the kingdom of God on earth.” …… Dr Franc Kramberger, Bishop of Maribor, Slovenia, 1999

“The new blessed also paid great attention to culture. Living in the middle of the last century, he was perfectly aware of the importance for the nation’s future of the intellectual formation of its inhabitants, especially the young.  For this reason, he combined pastoral action with commitment to the promotion of culture, which represents a nation’s wealth and is the patrimony of all Culture is the soil from which a people can draw the necessary elements for their growth and development.

Convinced of this, Slomsek worked to open various schools for young people and saw to the publication of books useful for human and spiritual formation.   He warned that if young people were corrupted, the fault could often be traced to the lack of adequate formation.   Families, schools and the Church, he taught, must join forces in a serious educational programme, each preserving its own area of autonomy, but all taking account of the values they share.

Only with a sound formation can men and women be prepared to build a world that is open to the perennial values of truth and love.”…St John Paul at the Beatification of Bl Anton (Sunday, 19 September 1999)

Bl Anton Martin Slomsek, Pray for us!

bl anton martin - pray for us.2

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Quote of the Day – 24 September – The Memorial of Bl Anton Martin Slomsek (1800-1862)

Quote of the Day – 24 September – The Memorial of Bl Anton Martin Slomsek (1800-1862)

“When I was born,
my mother laid me on a bed of straw
and I desire no better pallet when I die,
asking only to be in the state of grace
and worthy of salvation.”

…Blessed Anton Martin Slomsekwhen i was born - bl anton martin slomsek - 24 sept 2017

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One Minute Reflection – 24 September – The Memorial of Bl Anton Martin Slomsek (1800-1862)

One Minute Reflection – 24 September – The Memorial of Bl Anton Martin Slomsek (1800-1862)

….because they exchanged God’s truth for a lie
and have worshipped and served the creature
instead of the Creator, who is blessed for ever….Romans 1:25

REFLECTION – “The world has grown old; the human race is adrift.
Well, yes, if we abandon humanity to its natural course, to its fatal direction.
No, if the power from on high that is preserved in the religion of Jesus and in His Church,
is poured out anew on all ranks of the human race and restores them to life.”… Blessed Anton Martin Slomsek (1800-1862)the world has grown old - bl anton martin slomsek 24 sept 2017

PRAYER – Holy God, teach me gratitude for Your love, teach me faithfulness no matter what difficulties I face.
Jesus, my Lord, Your Church is my guide and my understanding, help me to always be true to her, my holy mother!
Blessed Anton, pray for the Church and all God’s people, anton martin - pray for us


Our Morning Offering – 24 September

Our Morning Offering – 24 September

St Pio’s Prayer of Today for Tomorrow

Eternal Father,
today, while I am fully conscious,
totally lucid and completely free,
I offer You my life with all its mystery and suffering.
Indeed, Eternal Father,
I offer You my life as an ultimate act of love,
as an act of infinite gratitude,
as an act of faith in Your mercy.
My God and Father,
accept this prayer I am making to You now
for the day when You will call me back to You.
If I am unconscious at the final moment of my life,
if anguish and doubt assail me,
if medication prevents me from thinking of You,
I want my last heartbeat to be an act of perfect love,
telling You with Jesus,
“Into Your hands, I commend my spirit.”

eternal father - st pios prayer of today for tomorrow-24 SEPT 2017

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Saint of the Day – 24 September – Blessed Anton Martin Slomsek (1800-1862)

Saint of the Day – 24 September – Blessed Anton Martin Slomsek (1800-1862) – Bishop, Writer, Poet, Educator, Reformer, Preacher, Founder of schools, a newspaper, Advocate of literacy and the Slovenian culture and language.  (26 November 1800 in Ponikva pri Zalcu, Savinjska, Slovenia – 24 September 1862 in Maribor, Podravska, Slovenia of natural causes).   Patronages – Students, Educators, Writers, Poets, Wine makers, Diocese of Lavant.   Attributes – Episcopal attire.

Bl Anton_Martin_Slomšek_1863.png

Bl Anton Martin Slomsek was a Slovene prelate who served as the Bishop of Lavant from 1846 until his death.   He served also as an author and poet as well as a staunch advocate of the nation’s culture.   He served in various parishes as a simple priest prior to his becoming a bishop in which his patriotic activism increased.  He advocated writing and the need for education.   He penned textbooks for schools including those that he himself opened and he was a vocal supporter of ecumenism and led efforts to achieve greater dialogue with other faiths with an emphasis on the Eastern Orthodox Church.

He was the eighth child to the peasants Marko Slomšek and Marija née Zorko on 26 November 1800 in Styria in Slovenia.   The priest Blaž Slomšek (1708–1740) was his paternal uncle and Janez Slomšek (1831–1909) was his paternal cousin Gregorius’ son.

He underwent his theological and philosophical studies from 1821 (a classmate was the poet France Prešeren) in order to enter the priesthood and he was ordained on 8 September 1824.    He first served as a parish chaplain at Bizeljsko and then at Nova Cerkev.    From 1829 until 1838 he served as the spiritual director of seminarians at Klagenfurt.    In 1844 he relocated and headed the school in Lavant while also serving as the cathedral canon there.   He became the parish priest in Celje in March 1846 just prior to his episcopal appointment.   In one of his final appointments, Pope Gregory XVI, made Slomšek the new Bishop of Lavant and he received his episcopal consecration a couple of months later in Salzburg, although he did not celebrate his formal installation until September 1859, when he first moved to his new see.

He strove for religious education in schools and for education in Slovene;  he began writing numerous books on the matter.   Slomšek was considered to be an excellent preacher as well as a tireless and modest cleric.   The bishop oversaw the construction of new schools and he himself issued textbooks for students and edited others while also publishing his own sermons and episcopal statements.   Today the region is nearly 100% literate, much of it due to Bishop Anton’s good work.   He wrote songs and some of which achieved great social standing and some are still sung to the present day.   Together with Andrej Einspieler and Anton Janežič he was the co-founder of the Hermagoras Association which is the oldest Slovene publishing house.   He founded movements for greater ecumenism efforts.

Pope Pius IX entrusted him with the mission to renew the religious life in Benedictine monasteries and so he made a series of apostolic visits to see these places.   He invited the Vincentians to settle in his diocese and in 1846 began the newspaper “Drobtinice” for his diocese.   He also founded the Brotherhood of Saints Cyril and Methodius in 1851 for greater ecumenism with the Eastern Orthodox Church.   Bl Anton also supported those in the missions and prompted the Spiritual Exercises.

2006V7_Maribor_185_Anton-Martin_Slomsek_blessedAnton Martin Slomšek

Bl Anton died on 24 September 1862 after having suffered a series of stomach ailments for some time.   His remains are interred in the Maribor Cathedral.

His life of heroic virtue was confirmed on 13 May 1996 and this allowed for Pope John Paul II to title him as Venerable.   The miracle for his beatification was approved by St Pope John Paul on 3 July 1998 and beatified Slomšek in Maribor while in Slovenia on 19 September 1999.



Feasts of the Blessed Virgin and Memorials of the Saints – 24 September

Our Lady of Mercy/Our Lady of Ransom:
Commemorates the foundation of the Mercedarian Order and the apparition of Our Lady of Ransom. In this appearance she carried two bags of coins for use in ransoming Christians imprisoned by Moors. On 10 August 1218, the Mercedarian Order was legally constituted at Barcelona, Spain by King James of Aragon and was approved by Pope Gregory IX on 17 January 1235. The Mercedarians celebrated their institution on the Sunday nearest to 1 August because it was on 1 August 1218 that the Blessed Virgin showed Saint Peter Nolasco the white habit of the Order. This custom was approved by the Congregation of Rites on 4 April 1615. On 22 February 1696 it was extended to the entire Latin Church and the date changed to 24 September.
Patronages –
• Bahía Blanca, Argentina, archdiocese of
• Barcelona, Spain
• Dominican Republic

0924 Our Lady of Ransom

Our Lady of Walsingham/Virgin of the Sea: In 1061 Lady Richeldis de Faverches, lady of the manor near the village of Walsingham, Norfolk, England, was taken in spirit to Nazareth. There Our Lady asked her to build a replica, in Norfolk, of the Holy House where she had been born, grew up, and received the Annunciation of Christ’s impending birth. She immediately did, constructing a house 23’6″ by 12’10” according to the plan given her. Its fame slowly spread, and in 1150 a group of Augustinian Canons built a priory beside it. Its fame continued to grow, and for centuries it was a point of pilgrimage for all classes, the recipient of many expensive gifts.
In 1534 Walsingham became one of the first houses to sign the Oath of Supremacy, recognizing Henry VIII as head of the Church in England. Dissenters were executed, and in 1538 the House was stripped of its valuables, its statue of the Virgin taken to London, England to be burned, its buildings used as farm sheds for the next three centuries.
In 1896 Charlotte Boyd purchased the old Slipper Chapel and donated it to Downside Abbey. In 1897 Pope Leo XIII re-founded the ancient shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, and pilgrimages were permitted to resume. The statue of Our Lady was re-enshrined in 1922, beginning an era of cooperation at the shrine between Catholics and Anglicans. In 1981 construction began on the Chapel of Reconciliation, a cooperative effort between the two confessions, and located near the shrine. The feast of Our Lady of Walsingham was reinstated in 2000. In 2012 the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter for Anglicans joining the Church was given its patron as the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title Our Lady of Walsingham.
Patronages –
• England
• East Anglia, England, diocese of
• Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter


St Anathalon of Milan
St Andochius of Autun
St Anthony Gonzalez
Bl Anton Martin Slomsek –
St Chuniald
Bl Colomba Matylda Gabriel
St Coprio
St Erinhard
St Felix of Autun
St Gerard Sagredo
St Geremarus
St Gislar
St Isarnus of Toulouse
St Lupus of Lyons
St Pacificus of Severino
St Paphnutius of Egypt
Bl Robert Hardesty
St Rusticus of Clermont
St. Rupert of Salzburg
St Terence of Persaro
St Thyrsus of Autun
St Ysarn of Saint Victor
Bl William Spenser

Martyrs of Chalcedon – (49 saints): Forty-nine Christian choir singers of the church in Chalcedon in Asia Minor who were martyred together in their persecutions of Diocletian in 304.

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War:
• Blessed Antonio Pancorbo López
• Blessed Esteban García y García
• Blessed José María Ferrándiz Hernández
• Blessed Juan Francisco Joya Corralero
• Blessed Luis de Erdoiza Zamalloa
• Blessed Manuel Gómez Contioso
• Blessed Melchor Rodríguez Villastrigo
• Blessed Pascual Ferrer Botella
• Blessed Rafael Rodríguez Mesa
• Blessed Santiago Arriaga Arrien