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Thought for the Day – 27 September – The Memorial of St Vincent de Paul (1581-1660)

Thought for the Day – 27 September – The Memorial of St Vincent de Paul (1581-1660)

Most remarkably, Vincent was by temperament a very irascible person—even his friends admitted it.   He said that except for the grace of God he would have been “hard and repulsive, rough and cross.”   But he became a tender and affectionate man, very sensitive to the needs of others.   Pope Leo XIII made him the patron of all charitable societies.   Outstanding among these, of course, is the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, founded in 1833 by his admirer Blessed Frédéric frederic ozanam

St Vincent found himself deeply shocked by the religious state of the people around him and he found himself thrust into his life’s work.
Sometimes, something just has to be done and there is no-one else to do it.   And God will provide the way, He will change that inner being – who perhaps is often “rough and cross” to do His work.   All St Vincent did was relinquish himself totally in trust.   He handed himself over, hauled up that cross and followed Him who leads.

The gaze of Christ rests upon us and your cross is lying at your feet – have you felt it, have you seen it?

St Vincent de Paul, pray for us!st vincent de paul pray for us.2

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Quote/s of the Day – 27 September – The Memorial of St Vincent de Paul (1581-1660)

Quote/s of the Day – 27 September – The Memorial of St Vincent de Paul (1581-1660)

Humility and charity are the two master-chords:
one, the lowest;
the other, the highest;
all the others are dependent on them.
Therefore it is necessary, above all,
to maintain ourselves in these two virtues;
for observe well that the preservation of the whole edifice
depends on the foundation and the roof.humility and charity - st vincent de paul - 27 sept 2017

With renewed devotion, then, we must serve the poor,
especially outcasts and beggars.
They have been given to us as our masters and patrons.we renewed devotion - st vincent de paul - 27 sept 2017

As it is most certain that the teaching of Christ cannot deceive,
if we would walk securely, we ought to attach ourselves to it
with greatest confidence and to profess openly that we live
according to it and not to the maxims of the world,
which are all deceitful.
This is the fundamental maxim of all Christian it is most certain - st vincent de paul - 27 sept 2017

Perfection consists in one thing alone,
which is doing the will of God.
For, according to Our Lord’s words,
it suffices for perfection to deny self,
to take up the cross and to follow Him.
Now who denies himself and takes up his cross
and follows Christ better than he who seeks
not to do his own will but always that of God?
Behold, now, how little is needed to become as Saint?
Nothing more than to acquire the habit of willing,
on every occasion, what God wills.

St Vincent de Paul (1581-1660)perfection consists in one thing alone - st vincent de paul - 27 sept 2017

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One Minute Reflection – 27 September – The Memorial of St Vincent de Paul (1581-1660)

One Minute Reflection – 27 September – The Memorial of St Vincent de Paul (1581-1660)

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the holy Spirit…Romans 15:13

REFLECTION – “Free your mind from all that troubles you;  God will take care of things. You will be unable to make haste in this (choice) without, so to speak, grieving the heart of God because he sees that you do not honour Him sufficiently with holy trust.   Trust in Him, I beg you and you will have the fulfillment of what your heart desires.”….St Vincent de Paulfree your mind from all that troubles you - st vincent de paul - 27 sept 2017

PRAYER – Father, You endowed St Vincent de Paul with the spirit of an apostle to give himself to the poor and to the training of priests. Give us, good Lord, a share of the same spirit, that we may love what he loved and do as he taught. Fill us with hope and total trust and abandonment to Your Holy Providence. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, in union with the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. St Vincent de Paul, pray for us, amen.

st vincent de paul pray for us

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Our Morning Offering – 27 September – The Memorial of St Vincent de Paul (1581-1660)

Our Morning Offering – 27 September – The Memorial of St Vincent de Paul (1581-1660)

Lord, Teach me How to Pray
St Vincent de Paul

Oh Lord,
You selected the poor
and simple people to be Your Apostles.
Look upon Your poor servant
kneeling before You now.
I recognise that I am simple and poor too.
Dear Lord, please teach me how to pray
as You taught Your disciples
upon their humble request.
If it pleases You in Your goodness
to grant me that grace,
I shall be able to pray well
and much better
than I could ever could hope for
if left to my own efforts.
Lord, I trust that You will bless me
with the fulfillment of this request.
Amenlord teach me how to pray - st vincent de paul - 27 sept 2017


Saint of the Day – 27 September – St Vincent de Paul CM (1581-1660) Confessor

Saint of the Day – 27 September – St Vincent de Paul CM (1581-1660) Confessor, known as the  “Great Apostle of Trumpets” – Priest, Founder, Apostle of Charity, Doctor of Canon Law, Reformer of Society and Priests, founder of Hospital and Orphanages.   Born on 24 April 1581 near Ranquine, Gascony near Dax, southwest France – the Town is now known as Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, Landes, France  and died on  27 September 1660 at Paris, France of natural causes.   His body was found incorrupt when exhumed in 1712 and the incorrupt heart is displayed in a reliquary in the Chapel of the Motherhouse of the Sisters of Charity in Paris.  St Vincent was Beatified on 13 August 1729 by Pope Benedict XIII and Canonised on 16 June 1737 by Pope Clement XII.   Patronages – lepers; against leprosy, all charitable societies (given on 12 May 1885 by Pope Leo XIII),  charitable workers; volunteers, horses, hospital workers, hospitals, lost articles, prisoners, for spiritual help, Madagascar, Brothers of Charity, Richmond, Virginia, diocese of, Saint Vincent de Paul Societies, Sisters of Charity, Vincentian Service Corps.   Attributes – 16th century cleric performing some act of charity, cleric carrying an infant, priest surrounded by the Sisters of Charity, cannon ball and sword (referring to prisoners of war he ransomed).


St Vincent was born of poor parents in the village of Pouy in Gascony, France, about 1580.  He enjoyed his first schooling under the Franciscan Fathers at Acqs.   Such had been his progress in four years that a gentleman chose him as subpreceptor to his children and he was thus enabled to continue his studies without being a burden to his parents.
In 1596, he went to the University of Toulouse for theological studies, and there he was ordained priest in 1600.

In 1605, on a voyage by sea from Marseilles to Narbonne, he fell into the hands of African pirates and was carried as a slave to Tunis.   His captivity lasted about two years, until Divine Providence enabled him to effect his escape.

After a brief visit to Rome he returned to France, where he became preceptor in the family of Emmanuel de Gondy, Count of Goigny, and General of the galleys of France.   In 1617, he began to preach missions, and in 1625, he lay the foundations of a congregation which afterward became the Congregation of the Mission or Lazarists, so named on account of the Priory of St. Lazarus, which the Fathers began to occupy in 1633.vincent-Moutiersst vincent de paul 3.vincents_heart

The deathbed confession of a dying servant opened Vincent de Paul’s eyes to the crying spiritual needs of the peasantry of France.   This seems to have been a crucial moment in the life of the man from a small farm in Gascony, France, who had become a priest with little more ambition than to have a comfortable life.

The Countess de Gondi–whose servant he had helped–persuaded her husband to endow and support a group of able and zealous missionaries who would work among poor tenant farmers and country people in general.   Vincent was too humble to accept leadership at first but after working for some time in Paris among imprisoned galley slaves, he returned to be the leader of what is now known as the Congregation of the Mission, or the Vincentians.   These priests, with vows of poverty, chastity, obedience, and stability, were to devote themselves entirely to the people in smaller towns and villages.

It would be impossible to enumerate all the works of this servant of God.   Charity was his predominant virtue.   It extended to all classes of persons, from forsaken childhood to old age.   The Sisters of Charity also owe the foundation of their congregation to St. Vincent.   In the midst of the most distracting occupations his soul was always intimately united with God.   Though honoured by the great ones of the world, he remained deeply rooted in humility.   The Apostle of Charity, the immortal Vincent de Paul, breathed his last in Paris at the age of eighty in 1660.


St Vincent De Paul is among the Incorruptibles.  The Incorruptibles are Catholic Saints who’s bodies show no decay after their death.   The Incorruptibles are a consoling sign of Christ’s victory over death, a confirmation of the dogma of the Resurrection of the Body, a sign that the Saints are still with us in the Mystical Body of Christ, as well as a proof of the truth of the Catholic Faith – for only in the Catholic Church do we find this phenomenon.Vincent-de-Paul_body

reliquary with the incorrupt heart
Reliquary containing St Vincent’s incorrupt heart
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Memorials of the Saints – 27 September

St Vincent de Paul (Memorial) –

St Adheritus
St Adolphus of Cordoba
St Antonio de Torres
St Barrog the Hermit
St Bonfilius of Foligno
St Ceraunus of Paris
St Chiara of the Resurrection
St Delphine
St Deodatus of Sora
St Elzear
St Epicharis
St Fidentius of Todi
St Florentinus the Hermit
St Gaius of Milan
St Hilary the Hermit
St Hiltrude of Liessies
Bl Jean-Baptiste Laborie du Vivier
St John of Cordoba
St Marcellus of Saint Gall
St Terence of Todi

Martyrs of Aegea – (3 saints)

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War:
• Blessed Crescencia Valls Espí
• Blessed Herminia Martínez Amigó de Martínez
• Blessed José Fenollosa Alcaina
• Blessed Maria Carme Fradera Ferragutcasas
• Blessed Maria Magdalena Fradera Ferragutcasas
• Blessed Maria Rosa Fradera Ferragutcasas