NOVENA TO CHRIST KING in preparation for the Liturgical Feast of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe Written by Prince Cardinal Adam Stefan Sapieha, Archbishop of Krakow

in preparation for the Liturgical Feast
of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe
Written by Prince Cardinal Adam Stefan Sapieha, Archbishop of Krakow

Day Five
Under the Patronage of Saint Joseph

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Thy faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Thy love.

Matthew 1:20
. . . the angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, “Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary your wife into your home. For it is through the holy Spirit that this child has been conceived in her.

The total sacrifice, whereby Joseph surrendered his whole existence to the demands of the Messiah’s coming into his home, becomes understandable only in the light of his profound interior life.   It was from this interior life that “very singular commands and consolations came, bringing him also the logic and strength that belong to simple and clear souls and giving him the power of making great decisions-such as the decision to put his liberty immediately at the disposition of the divine designs, to make over to them also his legitimate human calling, his conjugal happiness, to accept the conditions, the responsibility and the burden of a family but, through an incomparable virginal love, to renounce that natural conjugal love that is the foundation and nourishment of the
family.   This submission to God, this readiness of will to dedicate oneself to all that serves Him, is really nothing less than that exercise of devotion which constitutes one expression of the virtue of religionSt Pope John Paul II, The Adhortation Redemptoris custos, 26

Prayer: God of unfathomable kindness, who continuously summonS every person to a life of sainthood.   You have summoned Saint Joseph to accept the role and duties of the Guardian of Jesus Christ, Your Son.   Lend us Your help so that we may see in Saint Joseph a paragon of Christian virtues following His example of fidelity, justice, assuming a humble role and abandoning one’s own aspirations.
Saint Joseph, be mindful of all souls longing to bear unconditional love to Lord Jesus
and His Mother.   May we receive streams of graces through your intercession, so that we may guard the purity of our souls like a treasure to make them a worthy dwelling place for God.   Saint Joseph, protect our children and youth from all impurity that destroys Divine life in their souls.   We implore you to intercede before God on our behalf so that we may, within our powers and cooperating with Christ’s grace, extend the Divine Kingdom on earth.

Prayer to Jesus Christ King of the Universe
by Adam Stefan Cardinal Sapieha (1927)

O Jesus, Lord of our hearts and immortal King of centuries, we hereby solemnly swear to You to stand faithfully by Your throne and by You.   We swear never to blemish Your standard with unbelief, sectarianism or any other apostasy.   We vow to You to persevere in the holy Catholic faith until we die.
May our posterity engrave it on our tombstones that we were never embarrassed because of our faith in You, Jesus the King and Your Gospel.   May You reign in our hearts through grace.   May You reign in our families through family virtues.   May You reign in our schools through genuine Catholic upbringing.
May You reign in our society through justice and concord.   May You reign everywhere, always and forever.   May Your standard be a guide for us all, may Your Kingdom extend to every corner of the earth! Amen

Let us pray. Almighty God, the powerful King of all creation, we humbly beseech You to send the hosts of angels for our protection so that we may serve You with devotion, with no hindrance and in peace.    We beseech You through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. AmenDAY FIVE NOVENA CHRIST THE KING - 21 NOVEMBER


Our Morning Offering – 21 November

Our Morning Offering – 21 November

Prayer to Spend the Day Well
By Blessed James Alberione

Dear and sweet Mother Mary,
keep your holy hand upon me;
guard my mind,
my heart and my senses,
that I may never commit sin.
Sanctify my thoughts,
words and actions,
so that I may please you
and your Jesus, my God,
and reach heaven with you.
Jesus and Mary,
give me your holy blessing;
In the name of the Father,
and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
Amen.prayer to spend the day well no 2 - bl james alberione - 21 nov 2017


Feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Memorials of the Saints – 21 November

Presentation of the Blessed Virgin (Memorial): Commemorates the presentation of the Blessed Virgin as a child in the Temple where, according to tradition, she was educated.
The feast originated in the Orient probably about the 7th century and is found in the constitution of Manuel Comnenus (1166) as a recognised festival.   It was introduced into the Western Church in the 14th century, abolished by Pope Pius V but re-established by Pope Sixtus V in 1585. Its observance by the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus as the day of their origin led to the devotion of Mater Admirabilis.
Among the many masters who have represented this subject are: Alberti, Fra Bartolommeo, Biagio, Agostino, Carracci, Cima da Conegliano, Cossa, Holbein the Elder, Palma, Piombo, Tintoretto and Titian.Presentation of the blessed virgin - headerNov+21+Presentation+of+the+BVM+1presentation-of-the-blessed-virgin-mary-01Presentation of the blessed virgin

Mary Mother of the Church:  Bl Pope Paul VI explicitly proclaimed Mary Mother of the Church and asked that she honoured and invoked with this title by all the Christian people.   The title “Mother of the Church” thus reflects the deep conviction of the Christian faithful, who see in Mary not only the mother of the person of Christ but also of the faithful.   She who is recognised as mother of salvation, life and grace, mother of the saved and mother of the living, is rightly proclaimed Mother of the Church.
Pope Paul VI would have liked the Second Vatican Council itself to have proclaimed “Mary Mother of the Church, that is, of the whole People of God, of the faithful and their Pastors”. He did so himself in his speech at the end of the Council’s third session (21 November 1964), also asking that “henceforth the Blessed Virgin be honoured and invoked with this title by all the Christian people” (AAS 1964, 37).   In this way, my venerable Predecessor explicitly enunciated the doctrine contained in chapter eight of Lumen gentium, hoping that the title of Mary, Mother of the Church, would have an ever more important place in the liturgy and piety of the Christian people. – St Pope John Paul II

mary mother of the church

Our Lady of Quinche: Also known as
• La Pequeñita
• Virgen de Monte del Sol
• Virgin of the Rock
Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the image of a cedar statue in Quinche, Ecuador. About two foot tall, it was carved in 1586 by Don Diego de Robles, an artist who created many other images of Mary.   He carved it on order from the Lumbici Indians, who were unable to pay for it at delivery. Diego traded the statue to the Oyacachi Indians in exchange for a large load of cedar for future projects.
Legend says that the vision of Our Lady appeared in a cave to some of the Oyacachi, promising to the protect their children; the image Diego brought for trade looked just like the lady in the vision.   The Oyacachi asked Diego to stay and help them build a shrine for the statue; he declined and started home.   His horse threw him as they crossed a bridge and Diego was miraculously saved after he had prayed for Our Lady’s intervention;  he understood that this was a sign, went back to the Indian, and built an altar for the statue.
In 1604 the statue was moved to the local village of Quinche and a chapel was built for it. A new sanctuary was built in 1630 where the statue stayed until the church was destroyed in an earthquake in 1869.   The church was re-built and housed the image until moved to another new church in 1928; in 1985 the Vatican proclaimed the chapel to be a national sanctuary of Ecuador.   Many miracles, especially healings, have been associated with the image and there is a huge catalogue of songs in several languages that have been written in devotion over the centuries.
Patronage – Equador.Our Lady of Quinche

St Amelberga of Susteren
St Celsus the Martyr
St Clement the Martyr
St Demetrius of Ostia
St Digain
Bl Eoin O’Mulkern
St Pope Gelasius I
Bl Gelasius O’Cullenan
St Heliodorus of Pamphylia
St Hilary of Vulturno
St Honorius of Ostia
Bl Maria Franciszka Siedliska
St Maurus of Cesena
St Maurus of Porec
St Maurus of Verona
Bl Nicholas Giustiniani
St Rufus of Rome

Martyrs of Asta – 3 saints: Three Christians martyred together for their faith during the persecutions of Diocletian. The only details about them to survive are their names – Eutychius, Honorius and Stephen. They were martyred in c 300 at Asta, Andalusia, Spain.