Pope Francis’ Homily on the feast of St Ignatius 2013 – Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Pope Francis honours Ignatius, calls us to more faithful life in Christ
Pope Francis’ Homily on the feast of St Ignatius 2013 – Wednesday, 31 July 2013

“In this Eucharist in which we celebrate our Father Ignatius of Loyola, in light of the Readings we have heard, I would like to propose three simple thoughts guided by three expressions: to put Christ and the Church in the centre; to allow ourselves to be conquered by Him in order to serve; to feel the shame of our limitations and our sins, in order to be humble before Him and before the brothers.

The emblem of us Jesuits is a monogram, the acronym of “Jesus, the Saviour of Mankind” (IHS).   Every one of you can tell me – we know that very well!   But this crest continually reminds us of a reality that we must never forget –  the centrality of Christ for each one of us and for the whole Company, the Company that Saint Ignatius wanted to name “of Jesus” to indicate the point of reference.

Moreover, even at the beginning of the Spiritual Exercises he places our Lord Jesus Christ, our Creator and Saviour (Spiritual Exercises, 6) in front of us.   And this leads all of us Jesuits and the whole Company, to be “decentred,” to have “Christ more and more” before us, the “Deus semper maior”, the “intimior intimo meo”, that leads us continually outside ourselves, that brings us to a certain kenosis, a “going beyond our own loves, desires, and interests” (Sp. Ex., 189).
Isn’t it obvious, the question for us?   For all of us? “Is Christ the centre of my life? Do I really put Christ at the centre of my life?”   Because there is always the temptation to want to put ourselves in the centre.   And when a Jesuit puts himself and not Christ in the centre, he goes christ the centre of my life - pope francis - 31 july 2013

In the first Reading, Moses forcefully calls upon the people to love the Lord, to walk in His ways, “because He is your life” (cf. Deut. 30, 16-20).   Christ is our life!   The centrality of Christ corresponds also to the centrality of the Church:  they are two flames that cannot be separated:  I cannot follow Christ except in and with the Church.   And even in this case we Jesuits and the whole Company, are not at the centre, we are, so to speak, “displaced”, we are at the service of Christ and of the Church, the Bride of Christ our Lord, who is our Holy Mother Hierarchical Church (cf. Sp. Ex. 353).

To be men routed and grounded in the Church, that is what Jesus desires of us.   There cannot be parallel or isolated paths for us.   Yes, paths of searching, creative paths, yes, this is important: to go to the peripheries, so many peripheries.   This takes creativity but always in community, in the Church, with this membership that give us the courage to go forward.   To serve Christ is to love this concrete Church and to serve her with generosity and with the spirit of serve christ is to love this concrete church - pope francis - 31 july 2018

“Whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it . . . If anyone is ashamed of me . . .” (Lk 9:23).   And so on.   The shame of the Jesuit.   The invitation that Jesus makes is for us to never be ashamed of Him but to always follow Him with total dedication, trusting Him and entrusting ourselves to Him.   But looking at Jesus, as Saint Ignatius teaches us in the First Week, above all looking at Christ crucified, we have that very human and noble feeling that is the shame of not reaching the highest point;  we look at the wisdom of Christ and at our ignorance;  at His omnipotence and our weakness;  at His justice and our iniquity;  at His goodness and our wickedness (cf. Sp. Ex. 59).

Ask for the grace of shame;  the shame that comes from the constant dialogue of mercy with Him;  the shame that makes us blush before Jesus Christ;  the shame that puts us in tune with the heart of Christ who is made sin for me;  the shame that harmonises our heart in tears and accompanies us in the daily following of “my Lord”.   And this always brings us, as individuals and as a Company, to humility, to living this great virtue.   Humility that makes us understand, each day, that it is not for us to build the Kingdom of God but it is always the grace of God working within us;  humility that pushes us to put our whole being not at the service of ourselves and our own ideas but at the service of Christ and of the Church, like clay pots, fragile, inadequate, insufficient but having within them an immense treasure that we carry and that we communicate (2 Cor. 4:7).ask for the grace of shame - pope francis - 31 july 2018

It is always pleasant for me to think of the sunset of the Jesuit, when a Jesuit finishes his life, when the sun goes down.   And two icons of the sunset of the Jesuit always come to me:  one classical, that of Saint Francis Xavier, looking at China.   Art has painted this sunset so many times, this ‘end’ of Xavier.   Even in literature, in that beautiful peace by Pemàn.   At the end, having nothing but in the sight of the Lord; it does me good to thing about this.   The other sunset, the other icon that comes to me as an example, is that of Padre Arrupe in the last interview in the refugee camp, when he told us – something he himself said – “I say this as if it were my swan song: pray.”   Prayer, the union with Jesus. And, after having said this, he caught the plane and arrived at Rome with the stroke that was the beginning of so long and so exemplary a sunset.   Two sunsets, two icons that all of us would do well to look at, and to go back to these two.   And to ask for the grace that our sunset will be like theirs.

Dear brothers, let us turn again to Our Lady, to her who bore Christ in her womb and accompanied the first steps of the Church.   May she help us to always put Christ and His Church at the centre of our lives and of our ministry.   May she, who was the first and most perfect disciple of her Son help us to allow ourselves to be conquered by Christ in order to follow Him and to serve Him in every situation.   May she that answered the announcement of the Angel with the most profound humility:  “Behold the handmaid of the Lord, be it done unto me according to thy word” (Lk 1:38), make us feel the shame for our inadequacy before the treasure that has been entrusted to us, in order to live the virtue of humility before God.   mary mother of god - pray for us - 10 may 2018

May our journey be accompanied by the paternal intercession of Saint Ignatius and of all the Jesuit saints, who continue to teach us to do all things “ad majorem Dei gloriam.”st ignatius and all jesuit saints pray for us 31 july 2018


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