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Thought for the Day – 24 September – The Memorial of Bl Anton Martin Slomsek (1800-1862)

Thought for the Day – 24 September – The Memorial of Bl Anton Martin Slomsek (1800-1862)

“Teacher and educator, writer and poet, biographer and critic,
lover of his mother tongue and fighter for national equality,
patriot, speaker and preacher, ecumenical worker
and theological teacher of the Slovene people,
priest and bishop.
Slomsek’s personality is like a mosaic,
each stone has its own colour, its own function and size
but all together provide the image of a saint,
that is a person who is open to the breath of the Holy Spirit,
who prophetically understands the signs of the time and responds to them,
who understands how to use all natural and supernatural means
to realise the kingdom of God on earth.”

Dr Franc Kramberger, Bishop of Maribor, Slovenia, 1999

“Only with a sound formation can men and women be prepared to build a world that is open to the perennial values of truth and love.”

St John Paul at the Beatification of Bl Anton (Sunday, 19 September 1999)

Blessed Anton Martin Slomsek, Pray for us!bl-anton-martin-pray-for-us-2-24 sept 2017


Quote/s of the Day – 24 September – Today’s Gospel: Luke 8:16–18 – Speaking of: Living the Light

Quote/s of the Day – 24 September – Today’s Gospel: Luke 8:16–18 – Monday of the Twenty fifth week in Ordinary Time, Year B

“No one after lighting a lamp, covers it with a vessel, or puts it under a bed but puts it on a stand, that those who enter may see the light.”…Luke 8:16

Speaking of:  Living the Light

“Do not have Jesus Christ on your lips
and the world in your heart?”do not have jesus christ on your lips - st ignatius of antioch - 24 sept speaking of living the light

“Christianity is not,
a matter of persuading people
of particular ideas
but of inviting them,
to share in the greatness of Christ.”

“A Christian is not his own master,
since all his time belongs to God.”christianity is not a matter of persuading - a christian is not his own master - st ignatius of antioch - speaking of living the light - 24 sept 2018

“We recognise a tree by its fruit
and we ought to be able to recognise
a Christian by his action.
The fruit of faith should be evident in our lives,
for being a Christian is more than making
sound professions of faith.
It should reveal itself in practical and visible ways.
Indeed it is better to keep quiet about our beliefs
and live them out,
than to talk eloquently about what we believe
but fail to live by it.”we recognise a tree by its fruit - st ignatius of antioch - speaking of living the light - no 2- 24 sept 2018

“Christianity is not a matter of persuading people of particular ideas
but of inviting them to share in the greatness of Christ.
So pray that I may never fall into the trap of impressing people
with clever speech but instead, I may learn to speak with humility,
desiring only to impress people with Christ Himself.”christianity-is-not-a-matter-st-ignatius-of-antioch-17-oct-2017

“Labour together with one another;
strive in company together;
run together; suffer together; sleep together;
and awake together,
as the stewards and associates
and servants of God.
Please Him under whom you fight
and from whom you receive your wages.
Let none of you be found a deserter.
Let your baptism endure as your arms;
your faith as your helmet;
your love as your spear;
your patience as a complete panoply.
Let your works be the charge assigned to you,
that you may receive a worthy recompense.
Be long-suffering, therefore, with one another,
in meekness, as God is towards you.
May I have joy of you for ever!
Give.” … (St Ignatius of Antioch: The Epistles)labour together with one another - st ignatius of antioch - 24 sept 2018 - speaking of living the light

“Pray without ceasing on behalf of other men…
For cannot he that falls, rise again?”

St Ignatius of Antioch (c 35-c 108) Martyr – Father of the Churchpray without ceasing - st ignatius of antioch - 24 sept 2018 - speaking of living the light


One Minute Reflection – 24 September – Today’s Gospel: Luke 8:16–18

One Minute Reflection – 24 September – Today’s Gospel: Luke 8:16–18 – Monday of the Twenty fifth week in Ordinary Time, Year B

“No one after lighting a lamp, covers it with a vessel, or puts it under a bed but puts it on a stand, that those who enter may see the light.”…Luke 8:16

REFLECTION – “Christ,” wrote a Father of the Church, (Saint John Chrysostom), “has left us in this world to be like lamps…, to act like leaven…, to become seed, to bear fruit.”   If our lives were to have this kind of impact, we would not need to open our mouths.  Words would be unnecessary if we could show our works.   There wouldn’t be a single pagan left if we were truly christians.
We should avoid making the mistake of thinking that the apostolate consists, in the witness of a few pious practices.   We are christians, you and I but at the same time and without resolution of continuity, we are citizens and fellow-workers at very clear obligations, which we are to carry out in an exemplary fashion if we want to become holy once and for all.   It is Jesus Christ who urges us: “You are the light of the world. A city set on a mountain cannot be hidden.   Nor do they light a lamp and then set it under a bushel basket;  it is set on a lampstand , where it gives light to all in the house.   Just so, your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father” (Mt 5:14-16)….Saint Josémaria Escriva de Balaguer (1902-1975) Homily in Amigos de Diosno one after lighting a lamp luke 8 16 - christ wrote st john chrysostom - st josemaria - 24 sept 2018

“All of us who have received Baptism, pray that the Holy Spirit help us not to fall into these bad habits that cover the light and that He help us to carry forward, the light we received freely, that light of God that does so much good – the light of friendship, the light of meekness, the light of faith, the light of hope, the light of patience, the light of goodness.”…Pope Francis – Santa Marta, 19 September 2016all of us who have received baptism - pope francis 24 sept 2018

PRAYER – Lord, be the beginning and the end of all that we do, all that we say, in every moment be our Light.   Prompt our actions with Your grace and complete them with Your all-powerful love.   May we always seek Your Face in every circumstance, in every moment, so that Your Light may become our life.   Blessed Anton Martin Slomsek, you lived your life in the Presence of the Holy Face of Christ our Lord, please intercede for us and for all the world.   We make our prayer through Christ, our Lord with the Holy Spirit, one God forever,

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Our Morning Offering – 24 September – Monday of the Twenty-fifth week in Ordinary Time, Year B

Our Morning Offering – 24 September – Monday of the Twenty-fifth week in Ordinary Time, Year B

May We Seek Your Face
By Pope Benedict XVI

Lord Jesus, grant us restless hearts,
hearts which seek Your Face.
Keep us from the blindness of heart
which sees only the surface of things.
Give us the simplicity and purity
which allow us to recognise
Your presence in the World.
When we are not able to accomplish great things,
grants us the courage
which is born of humility and goodness.
Impress Your Face on our hearts.
May we encounter You along the way
and show forth Your image
to the world.
Amenmay we seek your face - pope benedict - lord jesus, grant us restless hearts - 24 sept 2018

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Saint of the Day – 24 September – Blessed Anton Martin Slomsek (1800-1862)

Saint of the Day – 24 September – Blessed Anton Martin Slomsek (1800-1862) – – Bishop, Writer, Poet, Educator, Reformer, Preacher, Founder of schools, a newspaper, Advocate of literacy and the Slovenian culture and language.

bl anton 2
Artist – Joze Kramberger

The dawn of the nineteenth century found the Slovenian schools in a precarious condition – their number was pitifully small and the courses they offered were inadequate and unsatisfactory.   This deplorable state was due to the fact that the Austrian officials endeavoured to suppress the national language and, to achieve this end, introduced foreign teachers thoroughly distasteful to the people, whom in turn they despised.   Moreover, books, magazines, papers and other educational influences were lacking, not because they would not have been gladly welcomed but because they were forbidden by the Government, in its fear of Panslavism.

This situation Bishop Slomsek was compelled to face.   A man of initiative and discernment, the changes he wrought in a short time were wonderful.   In the Constitution of 1848, granting national rights long denied, he found his instrument. Following this measure, though only after many futile attempts, he received official sanction to undertake the reform of the schools.   The first fruits of his labours were a series of excellent text-books, many from his own pen, which proved powerful factors in the growth and development of religious as well as national education.

bl anton slomsek
Artist – Joze Kramberger

The founding of the weekly, “Drobtinice” (Crumbs), was his next step.   Essays and books on a great variety of subjects, embracing practically every question on which his countrymen stood in need of enlightenment, were published in quick succession and his vigorous and incisive style, well adapted to the intelligence of his readers, though not lacking scholarly refinement, made his works exceedingly popular.

His pastorals and sermons constitute a literature of lasting value.   In 1841 he sought to realise a dream of years — the establishment of a society for the spread of Catholic literature.   Unfortunately, the movement was branded as Panslavistic and failed at the time but ten years later this organisation was effected and Druzba sv. Mohora began sending a few instructive books to Catholic homes.   Today, a million educational volumes have been distributed among a million and a half of people.

Although Bl Anton was ardent and active in the interests of his own race, yet he was admired and loved by great men of other nations and his kindness and tact eliminated all bitterness from the controversies in which he was forced to engage.

Patriotism, the education of his people, their temporal and spiritual welfare, were his inspiring motives, as the non-Catholic Makusev remarks:   “Education, based on religion and nationality, was his lofty aim”.

Humility and childlike simplicity marked his life.   His priests, sincerely devoted to him, frequently heard him repeat the words:   “When I was born, my mother laid me on a bed of straw and I desire no better pallet when I die, asking only to be in the state of grace and worthy of salvation”.

Artist – Joze Kramberger


“The new blessed is offered to you as a model of true patriotism.   His projects left a decisive mark on your people’s future and made an important contribution to the achievement of independence.   In turning my gaze to the beloved region of the Balkans, unfortunately scarred in recent years by conflict and violence, extreme forms of nationalism, cruel ethnic cleansing and wars between peoples and cultures, I would like to call everyone’s attention to the witness of this new blessed.   

He shows that it is possible to be sincere patriots and with equal sincerity to coexist and cooperate with people of other nationalities, other cultures and other religions.   May his example and especially his intercession obtain solidarity and genuine peace for all the peoples of this vast area of Europe.”
St Pope John Paul II at the Beatification of Bl Anton Slomsek in Slovenia on Sunday, 19 September 1999





Feast of Our Lady of Ransom & Our Lady of Walsingham & Memorials of the Saints – 24 September

Our Lady of Mercy/Our Lady of Ransom:

Commemorates the foundation of the Mercedarian Order and the apparition of Our Lady of Ransom. In this appearance she carried two bags of coins for use in ransoming Christians imprisoned by Moors.   On 10 August 1218, the Mercedarian Order was legally constituted at Barcelona, Spain by King James of Aragon and was approved by Pope Gregory IX on 17 January 1235.   The Mercedarians celebrated their institution on the Sunday nearest to 1 August because it was on 1 August 1218 that the Blessed Virgin showed Saint Peter Nolasco the white habit of the Order.   This custom was approved by the Congregation of Rites on 4 April 1615.  On 22 February 1696 it was extended to the entire Latin Church and the date changed to 24 September.  St Peter Nolasco (1189-1256) was the Founder of the Mercedarian Order – Memorial 28 January.
Patronages –
• Bahía Blanca, Argentina, archdiocese of
• Barcelona, Spain
• Dominican Republic


Our Lady of Walsingham/Virgin of the Sea:

In 1061 Lady Richeldis de Faverches, lady of the manor near the village of Walsingham, Norfolk, England, was taken in spirit to Nazareth.   There Our Lady asked her to build a replica, in Norfolk, of the Holy House where she had been born, grew up, and received the Annunciation of Christ’s impending birth.   She immediately did, constructing a house 23’6″ by 12’10” according to the plan given her.   Its fame slowly spread, and in 1150 a group of Augustinian Canons built a priory beside it.   Its fame continued to grow, and for centuries it was a point of pilgrimage for all classes, the recipient of many expensive gifts.
In 1534 Walsingham became one of the first houses to sign the Oath of Supremacy, recognising Henry VIII as head of the Church in England.   Dissenters were executed and in 1538 the House was stripped of its valuables, its statue of the Virgin taken to London, England to be burned, its buildings used as farm sheds for the next three centuries.
In 1896 Charlotte Boyd purchased the old Slipper Chapel and donated it to Downside Abbey.  In 1897 Pope Leo XIII re-founded the ancient shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, and pilgrimages were permitted to resume.   The statue of Our Lady was re-enshrined in 1922, beginning an era of cooperation at the shrine between Catholics and Anglicans.   In 1981 construction began on the Chapel of Reconciliation, a cooperative effort between the two confessions and located near the shrine.   The feast of Our Lady of Walsingham was reinstated in 2000.
In 2012 the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter for Anglicans joining the Church was given its patron as the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title Our Lady of Walsingham.
Patronages –
• England
• East Anglia, England, diocese of
• Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint PeterBVM_Walsingham

St Anathalon of Milan
St Andochius of Autun
St Anthony Gonzalez
Bl Anton Martin Slomsek (1800-1862)
Biographical details here:

St Chuniald
Bl Colomba Matylda Gabriel
St Coprio
St Erinhard
St Felix of Autun
St Gerard Sagredo
St Geremarus
St Gislar
St Isarnus of Toulouse
St Lupus of Lyons
St Pacificus of Severino
St Paphnutius of Egypt
Bl Robert Hardesty
St Rusticus of Clermont
St. Rupert of Salzburg
St Terence of Persaro
St Thyrsus of Autun
St Ysarn of Saint Victor
Bl William Spenser

Martyrs of Chalcedon – (49 saints): Forty-nine Christian choir singers of the church in Chalcedon in Asia Minor who were martyred together in their persecutions of Diocletian in 304.

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War:
• Blessed Antonio Pancorbo López
• Blessed Esteban García y García
• Blessed José María Ferrándiz Hernández
• Blessed Juan Francisco Joya Corralero
• Blessed Luis de Erdoiza Zamalloa
• Blessed Manuel Gómez Contioso
• Blessed Melchor Rodríguez Villastrigo
• Blessed Pascual Ferrer Botella
• Blessed Rafael Rodríguez Mesa
• Blessed Santiago Arriaga Arrien