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NOVENA to St Padre Pio/St Pius of Pietrelcina – DAY ONE – 14 September

NOVENA to St Padre Pio/St Pius of Pietrelcina – DAY ONE – 14 September

St Padre Pio you have said:

“Jesus keeps nothing for Himself of what is done for love of Him and He will repay us very lavishly.
Don’t let us make our happiness depend on enjoying wonderful health, 
or else we should be just like those foolish worldly people to whom it is not given to know the secrets of heaven…. 
Continue to love Jesus and make an effort to love Him more and more, 
without wanting to know anything else, He alone will steer us to the haven of salvation.”

Let us Pray:

Gracious God,
You generously blessed Your servant, Padre Pio, with the gifts of the Spirit.
You marked his body with the five wounds of Christ Crucified,
as a powerful witness to the saving Passion and Death of Your Son
and as a stirring inspiration to many people of Your infinite mercy, forgiveness and love.
In the confessional, Padre Pio laboured endlessly for the salvation of souls.
Through his powerful intercession, many who suffered were healed of sickness and disease.
Endowed with the gift of discernment, he could read people’s hearts.
With dignity and intense devotion, he celebrated daily Mass,
inviting countless men and women to a greater union with Jesus Christ,
in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.
Through the intercession of Saint Pio,
we confidently beseech You to to grant us the grace of
………………… (state your petition here).
Help us to imitate his example of prayerful holiness and compassion,
so that we, too, may faithfully follow the Risen Lord
and one day rejoice in the Kingdom,
where You live and reign forever and ever.



Thought for the Day – 14 September – Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Thought for the Day – 14 September – Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross14-sept-exaltation-of-the-holy-cross 2017

Excerpt – Pope Benedict XVI

 Angelus, 17 September 2006

“But what does exalting the Cross mean?   Is it not maybe scandalous to venerate a shameful form of execution?   The Apostle Paul says: “We proclaim Christ crucified, a stumbling block to Jews and folly to Gentiles” (I Cor 1: 23). Christians, however, do not exalt just any cross but the Cross which Jesus sanctified with His sacrifice, the fruit and testimony of immense love.   Christ on the Cross pours out His Blood to set humanity free from the slavery of sin and death.1-corinthians-1-23-24 - we proclaim christ crucified = 14 sept 2017

Therefore, from being a sign of malediction, the Cross was transformed into a sign of blessing, from a symbol of death into a symbol par excellence of the Love that overcomes hatred and violence and generates immortal life.   “O Crux, ave spes unica! O Cross, our only hope!”.   Thus sings the liturgy.

The Evangelist recounts – Mary was standing by the Cross (cf. Jn 19: 25-27).   Her sorrow is united with that of her So  n. It is a sorrow full of faith and love.   The Virgin on Calvary participates in the saving power of the suffering of Christ, joining her “fiat”, her “yes”, to that of her Son.

Dear brothers and sisters, spiritually united to Our Lady of Sorrows, let us also renew our “yes” to God who chose the Way of the Cross in order to save us.   This is a great mystery which continues and will continue to take place until the end of the world and which also asks for our collaboration.

May Mary help us to take up our cross every day and follow Jesus faithfully on the path of obedience, sacrifice and love.”mother of sorrows pray for us - may mary help us - pope benedict - 14 sept 2018

We adore You Christ and we bless You,

for by Your holy Cross You have redeemed the world.

we adore you o christ - 14 sept 2018



Quote/s of the Day – 14 September – Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Quote/s of the Day – 14 September – Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

“In the Cross is salvation;
in the Cross is life;
in the Cross is protection against our enemies;
in the Cross is infusion of heavenly sweetness;
in the Cross is strength of mind;
in the Cross is joy of spirit;
in the Cross is excellence of virtue;
in the Cross is perfection of holiness.
There is no salvation of soul,
nor hope of eternal life,
save in the Cross.”

Thomas à Kempis (1380-1471) The Inner Lifein-the-cross-is-salvation-thomas-a-kempis=14 sept 2017

“The road is narrow.
He who wishes to travel it more easily
must cast off all things and use the cross as his cane.
In other words, he must be truly resolved
to suffer willingly for the love of God in all things.”

St John of the Cross (1542-1591) Doctor of the Churcheven-though-i-should-die-matthew-26-35-and-the-road-is-narrow-st-john-of-the-cross-9-july-2018

The everlasting God has in His wisdom
foreseen from eternity the cross He now
presents to you as a gift from His inmost heart.
The cross He now sends you
He has considered
with His all-knowing eyes,
understood with His divine mind,
tested with His wise justice,
warmed with loving arms
and weighed with His own hands
to see that it is not one inch too large
nor one ounce too heavy for you.
He has blessed it with His holy name,
anointed it with His grace,
perfumed it with His consolation,
taken one last glance at you and your courage
and then sent it to you from heaven,
a special greeting from God to you,
an alms of the all-merciful love of God.

St Francis de Sales (1567-1622) Doctor of the Churchthe everlasting god has in his wisdom - st francis de sales - 14 sept 2018

Camillus wanted to have on his habit the Sign of the Cross
in order ‘to demonstrate that this is a religion of the Cross…
so that those who want to follow our way of life will get ready…
to follow Jesus Christ unto death’.
He wanted it to be dark red
‘because more like the true wood of the most holy Cross
on which the Redeemer of the World died and was appended’.

St Camillus de Lellis (1550-1614)st-camillus-wanted-to-have-on-his-habit-14-july-2018

“Oh cherished cross!
Through thee my most bitter trials
are replete with graces!”

St Paul of the Cross (1694-1775)oh-cherished-cross-st-paul-of-the-cross-14 sept 2017

“Everything is a reminder of the Cross.
We ourselves are made in the shape of a cross.”

St John Vianney (1786-1859)everything is a reminder of the cross - st john vianney - 14 sept 2018

“Let us not forget,
that Jesus not only suffered
but also rose in glory;
so, too, we go to the glory
of the Resurrection,
by way of suffering
and the Cross.”

St Maximillian Kolbe (1894 -1941)let-us-not-forget-st-max-kolbe-14-aug-2018

“There is line from the illuminator of the St John’s Bible that states:
“We have to love our way out of this.”
There is nothing wimpy or namby-pamby
or blind about this conviction.
When we love extravagantly,
we are not purposely blinding ourselves to moral realities—
just the contrary.

Love is not a sentiment, but “a harsh and dreadful thing,”
as Dostoevsky said.

This is just what Jesus shows on His terrible cross.
And this is just what we, His followers, must imitate.
Taking up the cross means, not just being willing to suffer
but being willing to suffer as He did,
absorbing violence and hatred through our forgiveness and nonviolence.”

Bishop Robert Barronlove-is-not-a-sentiment-robert-barron-3-aug-2018

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One Minute Reflection – 14 September – Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

One Minute Reflection – 14 September – Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

“…And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of man be lifted up, that whoever believes in him may have eternal life.”...John 3:14-15and as moses lifted up - john 3 - 14-15 - 14 sept 2018

REFLECTION – “From now on, through the cross, all shadows have been dispelled and the truth arises, as the apostle John says:  “The old order has passed away; all things are new” (Rv 21:4-5).   Death has been stripped of prey, hell’s captives liberated;  man is set free;  the Lord reigns;  creation rejoices.   The cross is victorious and all nations, races, languages and peoples (Rv 7:9) come to adore him.   Together, in the cross we find our joy, exclaiming with blessed Paul:  “May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Gal 6:14).   The cross gives light to the whole universe;  it casts out darkness and gathers nations together in charity into one Church, one faith, one baptism, from West and East, from the North and from the seas.   It stands at the very centre of the world, set up on Calvary.
Armed with the cross, the Apostles go out to preach and gather together in adoration of it the whole universe, treading under foot every hostile power.   Through it the martyrs have bravely confessed the faith, fearless of tyrants’ cunning.   Having taken it upon themselves, monks have joyfully made solitude their home.
When Christ returns, this cross will first appear in heaven, the Great King’s precious sceptre, living, true and holy.   “Then,” says the Lord, “the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven” (Mt 24:30).   We will see it escorted by angels, illuminating the earth from one end of the universe to the other, brighter than the sun, proclaiming the Day of the Lord.”…Homily attributed to Saint Ephrem (306-373) Father & Doctor of the Churchthe cross gives light - st ephrem - 14 sept 2018

PRAYER – O God, who willed that your Only Begotten Son should undergo the Cross to save the human race, grant, we pray, that we, who have known his mystery on earth, may merit the grace of His redemption in heaven.
For you placed the salvation of the human race on the wood of the Cross, so that, where death arose, life might again spring forth and the evil one, who conquered on a tree, might likewise on a tree be conquered through Christ.   O cross, you are the glorious sign of victory.   Through your power may we share in the triumph of Christ Jesus.
We adore You Christ and we praise You, for by Your holy Cross You have redeemed the world. Ameno-cross-you-are-the-glorious-sign-of-victory-feast-of-the-exaltation-of-the-holy-cross


Our Morning Offering – 14 September – Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Our Morning Offering – 14 September – Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Breviary Hymn
O Cross of Christ
By St Flavian Bishop (Died 449 – Memorial 18 February), from Day’s Psalter 1562

O Cross of Christ, immortal tree
On which our Saviour died,
The world is sheltered by your arms
That bore the Crucified.

From bitter death and barren wood
the tree of life is made;
Its branches bear unfailing fruit
And leaves that never fade.

O faithful Cross, you stand unmoved
While ages run their course;
Foundation of the universe,
Creation’s minding force.

Give glory to the risen Christ
And to His Cross give praise,
The sign of God’s unfailing love,
The hope of all our days.o cross of christ - 14 sept exaltation of the holy cross - 14 sept 2018 breviary hymn

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Saint of the Day – 14 September – St Albert of Jerusalem (1149-1214)

Saint of the Day – 14 September – St Albert of Jerusalem (1149-1214) also known as St Albert of Vercelli – Bishop, Canon Lawyer, Diplomat and Peacemaker and is regarded as a Co-Founder of the Carmelite Order.   He was Bishop of Bobbio and Bishop of Vercelli and served as mediator and diplomat under Pope Clement III.   Pope Innocent III appointed him Patriarch of Jerusalem in 1204 or 1205.   In Jerusalem, he contributed the Carmelite Rule of St Albert to the newly-founded Carmelite Order.Albert_01

Saint Albert was born towards the middle of the 12th century in Castel Gualtieri in Emilia, Italy.   He entered the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross at Mortara, Pavia and became Prior there in 1180.   In 1184, he was named bishop of Bobbio and the following year he was transferred to Vercelli which he governed for twenty years.    During this period, he undertook diplomatic missions of national and international importance with rare prudence and firmness – in 1194, he effected a peace between Pavia and Milan and, five years later, also between Parma and Piacenza.


In 1191, he celebrated a diocesan synod which proved of great value for its disciplinary provisions which continued to serve as a model until modern times.   He was also involved in a large amount of legislative work for various religious orders – he wrote the statutes for the canons of Biella and was among the advisers who drew up the Rule of the Humiliates.

In 1205, Albert was appointed Patriarch of Jerusalem and a little later nominated Papal Legate for the ecclesiastical province of Jerusalem.   He arrived in Palestine early in 1206 and lived in Acre because, at that time, Jerusalem was occupied by the Saracens.   In Palestine, Albert was involved in various peace initiatives, not only among Christians but also between the Christians and non-Christians and he carried out his duties with great energy.albert of jerusalem

During his stay in Acre he gathered together the hermits on Mount Carmel and gave them a Rule.  On 14 September 1214, during a procession, he was stabbed to death by the Master of the Hospital of the Holy Spirit, whom Albert had reprimanded and deposed for his evil life, while taking part in a procession on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

He is honoured by the Carmelites on 17 September.albert


Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and Memorials of the Saints -14 September

Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Feast)
About this great Feast:

St Aelia Flaccilla
St Albert of Jerusalem (1149-1215)
St Caerealis
Bl Claude Laplace
St Cormac of Cashel
St Crescentian of Carthage
St Crescentius of Rome
St Generalis of Carthage
St Giulia Crostarosa
St Jean Gabriel Taurin du Fresse
St Maternus of Cologne
Bl Notburga
Bl Pedro Bruch Cotacáns
St Rosula of Carthage
St Sallustia
St Victor of Carthage