Lenten Preparation Novena to the Holy Face – Fourth Day – 20 February

Lenten Preparation Novena to the Holy Face
Fourth Day – 20 February

day four lenten novena to the holy face 20 feb 2020


O Most Holy and Blessed Trinity,
through the intercession of Holy Mary,
whose soul was pierced through
by a sword of sorrow
at the sight of the passion of her Divine Son,
we ask Your help,
in making a perfect Novena of Reparation with Jesus,
united with all His sorrows, love and total abandonment.
We now implore all the Angels and Saints
to intercede for us as we pray this Holy Novena
to the Most Holy Face of Jesus
and for the glory of the most Holy Trinity,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


(Console Holy Face and recite Daily Preparatory Prayer)

Psalm 51,8-9
Indeed you love truth in the heart,
then in the secret of my heart, teach me Wisdom.
O purify me, then I shall be clean,
O wash me. I shall be whiter than snow.

O Lord Jesus, who has said,
learn of Me for I am meek and gentle of heart
and who did manifest upon Thy Holy Face,
the sentiments of Thy divine heart,
grant that we may love
to come frequently
and meditate upon Thy divine features.
We may read there Thy gentleness
and Thy humility
and learn how to form our hearts
in the practice of these two virtues,
which Thou desires to see shine in Thy servants.
Mary our Mother and Saint Joseph help us.
Through the merits of your precious blood and your Holy Face,
O Jesus, grant us our petition………………
Pardon and mercy.

Prayer in Honour of the Dolours of the Blessed Virgin

mary and st john at the cross crucifixion

O Most Holy and afflicted Virgin, Queen of Martyrs!
Who stood beneath the cross,
witnessing the agony of your dying Son,
look down with a mother’s tenderness and pity on us,
as we kneel before you
to venerate your Dolours
and place our requests,
with filial confidence,
in the sanctuary of your wounded heart.
Present them on our behalf to Jesus,
through the merits of His most sacred Passion and Death,
together with your sufferings at the foot of the cross
and through the united efficacy of both,
obtain the favour which we humbly ask.
To whom shall we go in our wants and miseries,
if not to you. O Mother of Mercy,
who having so deeply drunk of the chalice of your Son,
graciously alleviate the sufferings of those
who still sigh in this land of exile.

Prayer for the Souls in Purgatory

prayer for the souls in purgatory by the passion of christ 20 feb 2020

My Jesus, by the sorrows You suffered
in Your agony in the garden,
in your scourging and crowning with thorns,
on the way to Calvary,
in your crucifixion and death,
have mercy on the souls in Purgatory
and especially on those, that are most forsaken.
Deliver them from the dire torments they endure.
Call them and admit them
to your most sweet embrace in Paradise.

Pray one (1) Our Father, three (3) Hail Marys, one (1) Glory Be.

O Bleeding Face, O Face Divine, be every adoration Thine (Three times)


Thought for the Day – 20 February – The Five Tribunals

Thought for the Day – 20 February – Meditations with Antonio Cardinal Bacci (1881-1971)

The Five Tribunals

the five tribunals of justice - bacci 20 feb 2020

“We can distinguish five courts of justice, each of which, passes sentence on us.
(1) The first, is the tribunal of public opinion, of which some people are so afraid.
(2) Then, there is our own conscience, which shows, us what we are and what we ought to be.
(3) The third, is the tribunal of Penance, and
(4) the fourth is the civil court.
(5) Lastly, there is the judgement seat of God, before which, we shall have to appear one day with all our sins and our few merits.

Public opinion can be deceived by subterfuge and hyprocisy.
Conscience can be ignored, or, it can become warped or deadened.
The tribunal of Penance, can be misused and we can remain obdurate in our sins.
Civil authority can sometimes be evaded, it is also open to deception and corruption.
But, the tribunal of God is different.
We shall be alone before Him – fraud and deceit will be useless.
There will be no excuses, no defence.
Everything will be clear and His judgement, will be just and unchangeable.
Let us reflect on this while we have time.
Let us adopt the necessary remedies, for soon, there will be no more time!”

Antonio Cardinal Bacci


Quote/s of the Day – 20 February – “You are the Christ.”

Quote/s of the Day – 20 February – Thursday of the Sixth Week in Ordinary Time, Year A, Gospel: Mark 8:27-33 and The Memorial of Sts Francisco (1908-1919) and Jacinta (1910-1920) – “The Shepherds of Fatima”

And he asked them,
“But who do you say that I am?”
Peter answered him,
“You are the Christ.”

Mark 8:29mark 8 29 - but who do you say - you are the christ - 20 feb 2020

“We were burning in that light,
which is God and we were not consumed.
What is God like?
It is impossible to say.
In fact, we will never be able to tell people”

St Francisco Marto of Fatima (1908-1919)we were burning in that light which is god - st francisco of fatima 20 feb 2020


One Minute Reflection – 20 February – ‘Do not be a friend to Jesus in times of peace alone…’

One Minute Reflection – 20 February – Thursday of the Sixth Week in Ordinary Time, Year A, Readings: James 2:1-9, Psalm 34:2-7,Mark 8:27-33 and the Memorial of Saint Eucherius of Orléans (c 687-743)

“Then Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him” … Mark 8:32

REFLECTION – “We should not be ashamed of the cross of the Saviour but rather make it our glory.
“The message of the cross is a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles” but for us it is salvation.   For those who are perishing it is foolishness but for us who are being saved it is the power of God” (cf. 1 Cor 1:18-24).
For it is no mere man who died but the Son of God, God made man.
In Moses’ days the lamb caused the destroying angel to pass over (cf. Ex 12:23) and has not “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world” (Jn 1:29) set us even more free from our sins?

Not by force did He lose His life, not by might was He sacrificed but by His own will.
Hear what he said: “I have power to lay down my life and I have power to take it up again” (Jn 10:18). (…)
He came to His Passion of set will, happy in His exploit, laughing at His victory, satisfied to be saving us.
He was not ashamed of the cross because He was saving the whole earth.   It was not some poor man who was suffering but God made man who entered the combat to win the prize of patience. (…)

Do not rejoice in the cross only in times of peace, preserve the same faith in times of persecution.
Do not be a friend to Jesus in times of peace alone, only to become His enemy in times of war.
You are now receiving forgiveness for your sins and the spiritual gifts lavishly bestowed by your king so, when war breaks out, fight valiantly for your king.
Jesus has been crucified for you, He who was without sin. (…)
It is not you who bestowed this grace on Him, for you first of all received it.
But you offer thanks to Him who paid the price by being crucified for you on Golgotha.” … St Cyril of Jerusalem (315-387)) – Father and Doctor of the Church – Baptismal catecheses nos. 13, 3.6.23mark 8 32 then peter took him aside - do not rejoice in the cross only in times of peace - st cyril jerusalem 20 feb 2020

PRAYER – Lord of heaven and earth, by Your grace You have brought our hearts and mind to seek and hope in Your saving love, in Your only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.   May we, who like Peter, our father in faith, declare, ‘You are the Christ!’, remain ever in His steps, carrying the cross behind Him.   We thank You for the blessing of St Eucherius of Orléans, grant that, through his intercession, we may, like him, constantly follow the Light of Christ and so rise to eternal life.   We make our prayer through our Lord Jesus, in unity with the Holy Spirit, one God forever, amenst eucherius of orleans pray for us 20 feb 2020

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Our Morning Offering – 20 February – Every Day I Need You, Lord

Our Morning Offering – 20 February – Thursday of the Sixth Week in Ordinary Time, Year A

Every Day I Need You, Lord
By St Pope John XXIII

Every day I need You, Lord
but today especially,
I need some extra strength
to face whatever is to come.
This day, more than any other day,
I need to feel You near me
to strengthen my courage
and to overcome any fear.
By myself, I cannot meet
the challenge of the hour.
We are frail human creatures
and we need a higher power
to sustain us in all that life may bring.
And so, dear Lord,
hold my trembling hand.
Be with me, Lord, this day
and stretch out,
Your powerful arm to help me.
May Your love be upon me
as I place all my hope in You.
Amenevery day i need you lord - st pope john XXIII 20 feb 2020

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Saint of the Day – 20 February – Saint Eucherius of Orléans (c 687-743)

Saint of the Day – 20 February – Saint Eucherius of Orléans (c 687-743) Bishop Orléans, Benedictine Monk, Confessor – born at Orleans, France and died on 20 February 743 at the monastery of Sint-Tuiden in Belgium of natural eucherius

St Eucherius was born in Orleans, France.   He was very pious in his youth as he received a Christian upbringing and he was also highly educated.

A sentence from Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians made a big impression on him – “This world as we see it is passing away” (1 Corinthians 7:31).   It made Eucherius realise that our lives on this earth are very short and that heaven and hell last forever.   He decided to seek the joys of heaven by living for God alone.

In 714, St Eucherius left his rich home and entered a Benedictine abbey as a monk.  There, he spent seven years in close union with God.   After the death of his uncle, the bishop of Orleans, the people asked for Eucherius to take his place.

Eucherius was then only twenty-five and he was very humble.   He did not want to leave his beloved abbey.   With tears, he begged to be allowed to remain alone with God in the monastery.   But finally, he gave in for love of obedience.   Eucherius became a holy, wise bishop and did much good to his priests and eucherius of orleans

A powerful man Charles Martel sold some of the Church’s property to support his wars. Because Bishop Eucherius told him that was wrong, when Charles won the war, he had Eucherius taken prisoner.

He was sent away to Cologne in Germany.   The people there greeted him with joy and he was given the job of distributing the governor’s alms.   Later he was transferred to a fort near Liege.406px-Sint-EUCHERIUS Truiden,_OLV-kerk,_schatkamer08

But the governor in whose charge Martel had placed the Bishop was touched by Eucherius’ meekness toward his enemies.   Some time later, the governor quietly released the bishop from prison and sent him to a monastery.   Here, the saint spent all his time peacefully in prayer until his death in 743.

518px-ST EUCHERIUS Sint-Truiden,_OLV-kerk,_schatkamer12
Death of Saint Eucherius, stained glass window in the treasury of Our Lady Church, Sint-Truiden

Archbishop Hincmar of Reims reported to a Council of Quierzy in 858, a vision that Bishop Eucherius of Orléans had seen during the reign of King Pepin III over a century before.   While at prayer, Eucherius had been taken up and shown, among other things, the sufferings of those in hell, among whom he saw Charles Martel.   When the vision ended, he called St Boniface and Fulrad, Abbot of Saint-Denis and sent to them to see whether Charles was in his tomb.   When the two opened the tomb a dragon rushed out and they found the tomb’s interior blackened as though burned.   These two signs were taken as evidence that the vision had been accurate and that Charles had been condemned to hell for his despoliation of Church property.

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Memorials of the Saints – 20 February

St Amata of Assisi
St Bolcan of Derken
St Colgan
St Eleutherius of Tournai
St Eucherius of Orleans OSB (c 687-743)
St Falco of Maastricht
St Francisco Marto (1908-1919)
St Jacinta Marto (1910-1920)
Today (2020) is the Fourth Anniversary of their Canonisation:

St Leo of Catania
St Nemesius of Cyprus
St Pothamius of Cyprus
St Serapion of Alexandria
St Silvanus of Emesa
Bl Stanislawa/Julia Rodzinska OP (1899-1945) Martyr
St Valerius of Courserans
St Wulfric of Haselbury
St Zenobius of Antioch